Small it Down

Small it down. Don’t take it all in. Shut out the things that scream and flap, they aren’t yours. You don’t have to have it all just because you feel it all. It ain’t all yours, no matter what you think. Most of it isn’t, actually. Most of it is just what is. What you can do nothing about. What climbs into your dreams because you leave the windows open and a never ending supply of catfood on the back porch.

Larger than life is good, but you can choke on it. Better to take the small bites and digest slowly, see if it agrees with you. Other people’s plates always look better, smell better, seem fuller and more appetising. But it’s not yours and you have to give it back sooner than later, so why poise your fork in the first place?

Small it down, thin the herd, find the tags addressed to you. Those are the things that belong in your mailbox, the correspondence you need to answer. Learn to listen better, not bigger. Think quieter, not louder. Speak thougthfully, not endlessly.

Prospect the mine on your own property, find the gold that pulses in those veins – they open for you freely and without much cost. Sell the goods from the stores of your imagination and put the faery wings on the clearance table. Inventory is only good if it’s good, not ample.

Small it down. Make it whisper, so it speaks only to you. Make it flutter slowly and catch every frame. Know it as it knows you. Is you. Small it down.