Mystery Vegetable Theatre – A New Chapter

Last year, some of you may remember that I had a spontaneous combustion of nature and started growing a mystery melon plant. It started out as a mere seedling and became the monster that almost ate my backyard. Unfortunately, in the end – the plant was more impressive than the fruit it bore and yet another experiment in suprise gardening went down the tubes.

This year, I have this:

it’s producing vegetables that look like this:

I decided to cut some up and throw them in the sautee pan to see what they tasted like or in the alternative if they were some sort of rare garden poison, masquerading as yummy veggies. As it turned out, they were quite yummy and I’m still alive. Moe thinks they might be chokoes, which is some sort of Asian squash – they are definitely a squash – and if she wants to call them chokoes, it’s okay with me.

In addition to the mystery squash that appeared in my garden, planted itself and is growing like crazy, yet another spontaneous entry for this year’s mystery vegetable theatre is the giant cherry tomatoes that are coming in. Since planted cherries last year I was pretty sure a plant or two would sprout up and if so, that I’d let it do it’s thing. But this plant is not some leftover dormant seed from last year. This is some super mega cherry tomatoe plant on crack. Take a look:

Yes folks, those really are cherry tomatoes – and they are bigger than golfballs. And they are on the verge of turning, so my mouth is already watering for a big ol’ tomatur samich, which I just know will be delicious.

I have no idea what’s in the soil out here but there must be something forcing these unbelievable veggies out into the sun and eventually on my dinner table. I’d have to say I’m lucky.

Tune in Monday for the Frog Hotel Caper – ooh and check out the new gardening page. 😉