We Be Movers 'n' Shit

Well, we finally decided to give up on the little house that couldn’t and are moving back to the old apartment. You’d think I’d be disappointed but given the bad luck attached to this house I’d have to say I’m relieved.

Yesterday, we became big burly moving machines and got most of the really heavy and difficult stuff over to the apartment and today is the final big push. Looks like though we will be without the modern conveniences of internet, phone and cable (what the heck will we do with ourselves?) for the rest of the weekend.

We are hoping against hope that we somehow magically have internet since the service was never turned off but we really don’t know. So, if you don’t see me around for a little bit, don’t panic. LOL. Okay, just don’t think anything is wrong, how about that?

If by some miracle we do have internet, I’ll be around tomorrow. If not, I’ll see you as soon as we get turned on. Meanwhile, I need to get on my big, burly mover dude duds and my awesome giant mover gloves – now, where is that dolly?????

Have a good weekend folks. 🙂