Writer Chick to Hong Kong

In the last several days I have noticed that the same ‘reader’ has visited my site multiple times and viewed anywhere from 10 to 34 pages per visit.  I’ve also noticed some very odd referrals from acne sites, weight sites, insurance sites and so forth.  To say I don’t run in those circles is an understatement.

And I’m getting the idea that Mr. or Ms. Hong Kong (of the Central District) is doing a pretty big cut and paste job of my blog posts.  Either that or they are a real bloggy stalker.  In either case, it makes me quite uncomfortable and I would ask, nicely that if Mr. or Ms. Hong Kong is lifting content to Stop immediately.  I write all the copy on this blog and it is my property. Period.  My blog is not a blog copy co-op for underprivileged or overly challenged bloggers who cannot write and so must steal from others.  If, on the other hand, you are simply a stalker, get help.

It is not beneath me to publish your IP address and every other bit of information that my stats programs provide, as well as find out who you are and file a copyright infringement complaint either.

So Hong Kong, get a life – but do me a favor and write your own, instead of trying to take mine.

Writer Chick

Well Hong Kong, clearly you thought I was kidding – not so much. Here you go:

Domain Name netvigator.com ? (Commercial)
IP Address 203.218.228.# (PCCW Limited)
ISP PCCW Limited
Continent : Asia
Country : Hong Kong (Facts)
City : Central District
Lat/Long : 22.2833, 114.15 (Map)
Language unknown
Operating System Microsoft WinNT
Browser Internet Explorer 8.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/4.0; GTB6.5; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; .NET4.0C)
Javascript disabled
Time of Visit Sep 5 2010 8:04:53 am
Last Page View Sep 5 2010 8:27:56 am
Visit Length 23 minutes 3 seconds
Page Views 20
Referring URL unknown
Visit Entry Page http://writerchick.w…rdpress.com/page/77/
Visit Exit Page https://writerchick.wordpress.com/
Out Click
Time Zone unknown
Visitor’s Time

One Dark Night – Theme Friday

one dark night

One dark night I lost a dear friend. Around a fire, amid laughter and drink. The air held a chill and denied summer stars – the moon remained hidden and watched from the window. Snickering.

The knife ever stealth and glinted so faint that the breath which caught in my throat sang mirthful and gay. But the creature that traveled my spine and whispered warning made my eyes turn in search of the culprit. And I saw. And I denied. And I knew. But could not say. Words would not help me. My voice would not reach.

The deed was done. My fall was complete. I was over. Shattered to ruins. So much dust dancing on air. Vanquished from memory. Relegated to trash on the curbside, waiting for pick up. Betrayal complete.

copyright 2009

What dark night is Christine in?



Would You Put That Spam in a Can?


It used to be that Spam was just a really poor imitation of canned ham. I believe it was developed during World War II when meat was pretty scarce (as were all resources) and people were willing to give mystery meat a try. And heck somebody must have liked it cuz, you know they are still selling it today.

I think I tried it once and that was really enough – sort of like balloons with a bologna-like flavor and a might too much salt – but I have a finnicky palate. Kudos to those who can enjoy a hearty meal of Spam and eggs or Spam samiches or spam-hash. Bless you all.

However, the original Spam is not the topic of this post. Nope…

We are talking about the evil Spam. The type intended to overrun mailboxes, websites and blogs. It is junk mail gone wild. If this stuff was on paper, there would not be one tree left standing on the planet. It can be vicious, gross, mean, annoying and bizarre – but mostly, to me, it is really fucking STUPID! Yeah, stupid. I mean, come on already – do these idiots really think that we think that we just won an Irish Sweepstakes or a UK Super Lotto? Do they not know that we know that one must enter these contests in order to win? Do they really think we are as stupid as they?

They don’t even try to be smart about it. They don’t use demographics or any real marketing tools. It’s just so amazingly stupid it boggles the rational mind. For example, why send viagra ads to females? Sure maybe one or two will want to buy some for their disgusting, decrepit, alcoholic old man – but with all the marital aids on the market these days (many of which can be purchased at Amazon for cripes sake) why bother? And hot nude girl pictures also sent to women – now granted there may be a percentage of women who like that stuff but do you really think you’re hitting your niche market by sending a gajillion links to hot teen sex to a bunch of middle-aged soccer moms who blog on the side? Get real.

Here is a recent list of spam caught on my blog –

MedsMan – he is offering me honey in a lovely nonsensical comment that I supposed was designed to make me so curious I would click on his link and end up on his hideous website.

Stinky – He’s selling sex and cars or maybe it is sex with cars – didn’t really want to follow the link – know what I mean?

JohnB – This one really got me – pictures of Chlamydia AND Hot Mature Babes. Now given that Chlamydia is sexually transmitted disease I can only imagine what the pictures would look like. But really, if I want to see a disease can’t I go to the Discovery Channel or something – with Scientists and lab photos?

752njpgh – Thinks I’m a candidate for viagra.

BadGirl apparently works with Stinky since they hawk the same goods and have the same links.

451yhafft – Kindly offered me amatuer porn – now if I was into porn would I really want to see the amatuer stuff? Couldn’t I do that myself?

Kolia would like to send me some bad nude celebrity photos. Since I’ve seen plenty of bad celebrity photos I’m quite sure I don’t want to see any of them naked.

Kazbert is a GP spammer and is offering directv with a little Disney Channel shopping on the side.

Green simply claims to be a sex teacher – wow they have teachers for that now? I sure hope they don’t get any federal funding for it.

FouFoun – has some cheap airline tickets to Russia. Now I ask you, how many out there want to go to Russia under any circumstance? Cheap tickets or no, I’m gonna pass.

Mr. Carrot works with BadGirl and Stinky – cute names though, eh? Sort of like Porno stuffed animals or something.

Dertaer apparently works with FouFoun to trick people into going to Russia by giving them cheap tickets and lots of black market smokes.

Huss just dropped by to thank me for my site and tell me how much he enjoyed it. Oh sure he did.

Helga Ferg seems to be offering drugs, sex and rock and roll – I’m asking you will the Baby Boomer generation ever get off that anthem? Shouldn’t some of them be dead by now?

Hillary Ferg I’m guessing is Helga’s sisters although she is offering balloon art. Now one could wonder what kind of ‘art’ is on those balloons or maybe just take a pass altogether.

So, there they are folks, the stupid spammers who tried to put stupid spam on my blog and were caught by the spam filter. May they all end up in Spam Hell where they are forced to read their own disgusting crap 24/7 because they are permanently installed in front of a computer screen, have no eyelids and their screams can’t be heard because they are in a hermetically sealed cubicle.


I’ve Been Splogged! Yoiks & Double!!%&*#@$%

It’s official, I have hit the big time – cuz I’ve been splogged. What’s that you ask? Well Wikipedia has a definition here. But near as I can tell it’s when some jamoke either steals your content via feed or blog surfing, posts it on their site and pretends like it was okay with you for them to do that.

Once you get to this splogger site it is loaded with ads, click thru’s and junk to the max. My particular splogger made the mistake of doing a pingback – otherwise I might never have known about it. The comment looked odd, so of course I investigated. To say my head almost exploded when I saw it puts it mildly.

I immediately contacted Support at Word Press hoping they knew what I could do about it. Unfortunately, there really wasn’t much that could be done about it – but tech support did send me to the forum where there is an ongoing discussion on the issue, which you can find here .

Not being the damsel in distress type – whilst waiting for Support to answer my request I returned to the site and posted a comment – can you believe these idiots were stupid enough to allow comments on this – which said, I was on to them and they had no right to take my stuff, post it, link it, mention it, etc. I was firm but not obscene. Although obscenity might not have been a bad idea….

And are you ready for the kicker? The site was called Yoiks Digest Blog! And yep, they had not one, not two, not just three but EVERY post I ever made on this blog with a category of yoiks! And it gets worse, the only posts on the entire blog were mine! Mine! Nobody else’s. No other yoiks posts stolen from any other blog. Nope! Just mine!

I tried to hunt down the hosting site which has the handle of kdblogs.com but to no avail. However during my Goo-gle search and scramble, I did discover there are tons of these blogs and lo and behold they are all digests. So you might wanna check it em out – if only to harass them.

There is a sort of happy ending to this story – when I went back to the digest to see if there was any other information I could find there – the link didn’t work and I got a page telling me the site had been pulled by the webmaster. Nice, eh? Make some noise, maybe just maybe they hear you. Could be that little lock ‘n’ load sound registered all the way through my computer.

PS: Wiki does have some refs in the bottom of their definition of sites that may be able to help you prevent this sort of thing from happening to you. I went to one of the site’s they linked to and from my technical expertise level it will take some study on my part to use their solution. But I do think it’s worth looking into.