The Giving of Thanks…

Well boys and girls I am back or should I say I have arrived. We got in early evening last night after we had logged in more than 3000 miles between here and L.A. I will try to regale you with individual stories of the road but some of the highlights include: a windstorm (including tumbleweeds) in the New Mexico high desert, dark county road under construction and getting lost, unbelievable gas prices, mcdonald’s coffee and how to pry your cat off a motel 6 bed.

But for now, I’ll say thanks to my buds Michael, Moe, Panther, Teens & Evyl for their great guest posts- for all of you and my friends and family for your good wishes and prayers for our safe journey (which is was/is) and to the universe in general for making this a special thanksgiving for me and for giving me something for which I feel truly grateful.

And of course no Thanksgiving would be complete without a few toons, eh?

Have a great one – see you guys on the other side of the weekend.:)