Think About our Veterans Today

Today is Veteran’s Day and it is a day dedicated to remembering all those who have stood the watch for our country and fellow citizens.  Many of them gave their very lives, so that we could live free and sleep peacefully at night knowing that we and our loved ones were safe.

Too many others have been discarded by society and are homeless, living in parks panhandling for change and wandering the streets alone.  While elected leaders live in the lap of luxury and argue about whether or not our veterans deserve medical treatment, housing or other benefits – while they and their families suffer.

Thankfully, the private sector cares about our veterans and there are hundreds of organizations and churches that reach out to our veterans to help them find their way home.  This video is a perfect and touching example:


Pray for our veterans today and every day – and if you get a chance reach out and say thanks, and offer a helping hand. You never know what a difference such a simple thing could make to someone who needs it.

God Bless

Writer Chick

To Our Veterans

veteran's day

To all our veterans I would just like to say thank you. Not Happy Veteran’s Day – but thank you. Thank you for answering the call to defend your country, thank you for your sacrifice, thank you to your family and friends for letting you honor your country and your countrymen with your service.  It is not enough, it will never be enough. But thank you.