Just When You Thought…

Well, just when I thought that perhaps winter had closed its frosty arms and decided to take a very long nap – the bristled, icy breath returned. Yup, it’s snowing again. Damn! It’s pretty but that’s about all I can say about it that’s good. Even the dog didn’t want to stay out this morning any longer than it took to have a pee (very unusual for nanook dawg, lean, mean adventure creature).

So, I’m doubling up on coffee and probably going to put off doing the grocery shopping. Unless it does all melt the way the weather man says it will. This is such an odd problem to have – I’m not used to letting weather really dictate my plans but there you have it. How do people spend a lifetime in this stuff?

The worse part is I will have to wear the ugly-ass hat if I do decide to venture out today and the ugly purple coat – basically my bag lady outfit. What is it about cold weather that destroys one’s fashion sense? Survival over style? Must be.

At least there may be some photo ops – snow does make for a nice pic, eh? Gotta go, my ass needs to thaw and I have to catch the heater while I can.