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Welcome back to another Weird Wednesday – our good buddy Grit has decided to join us in our mad weirdness, which is good cuz I’ve got no idea where Weird Mick has gotten to. So be sure to check out Weird Grit and I’m sure he’ll have something quite strange for you.

We’re kicking off with our Weird Video for this week. Who knew monkeys could be drunks like the rest of us?

Moving on to Weird Products:


Who doesn’t need some butt bleach?

rockymoutainsoysters  Perhaps you’re craving something tasty? How about some Rocky Mountain Oysters, aka deep fried bull testicles? Yummy!



And for those of us who don’t like coffee but need the caffiene, why not some super charged sunflower seeds? You’ll be chomping through the shells on these babies in moments flat.

Our Weird Art takes on the mantle of fashion and art:


Finally, an outfit that hangs itself up. I’m sure this is going to be a killer trend among fashionistas!


And is that art or a giant woman pointing you toward the local Micky Dee’s?

Well, so ends another Weird Wednesday – be sure to check out my partners in crime and oh, really seriously, if you find something weird, send it to me.

Weird Chick

Weird Chick 4

ugliest-boxer, fun, weird, stuff

It’s Weird Wednesday and I have once again, scanned the internet for the latest and weridest stuff available. First up is our pick for Weird News – the winner of the ugliest dog contest – pictured above. Click on the pic for the full story.

Weird Art:


Wow, talk about being a prisoner of your own mind!

Weird Food:

cobra_whiskey_tallCommon Cobra & Vine Snake Wine

This special whiskey is infused with a real farm raised Cobra snake, Vine Snake, ginseng roots and herbal seed pods. The whiskey is steeped for several months, which then imparts a unique flavour into the whiskey, it is quite an acquired taste. The story is that this is used in SE Asia as a very strong Aphrodisiac; and it also has many medical uses, such as the treatment of back and muscle pain. Every bottle is unique in its own way so therefore the item purchased may differ slightly in looks but not size.

giantbug_pasteGiant Bug Chilli Paste – Extra Hot!

If you’re looking for that unique extra hot dipping paste then this is the one for you. It is made from Crushed Giant Waterbug a.k.a.Water Scorpion (Thai name : Malaengda, used mainly for it’s special aroma), Shrimp paste, garlic, salt, Thai chilli powder and sugar and it makes an excellent dipping paste for edible insects, sticky rice, vegetables, tortilla chips or anything else that takes your fancy. Be warned this paste is pretty hot!

For more fascinating food items, click on the cobra wine to visit this unique website.

And finally …

Weird Vid:

Weird Chick 3


Weird Wednesday has rolled around once again I have scavenged the internet to bring the best and the brightest of the weirdest. And if you click on the pic above, you’ll get shot over to a nice little article about Tim Burton’s soon to be released version of Alice in Wonderland. And yeah, that is Johnny Depp is his own colorful delicious weirdness.

In the News…

This poor guy got a little high and tried to do the javelyn moose jump over a couple of Japanese cars. In part, the article states:


Witnesses appear uncertain as to whether the moose was tranquilized before or after it fell on to both cars, causing $3,000 in damages. Car owners Chris Hair and Cassi Elton were told by Utah Division of Risk Management they would receive no compensation for the damage, as there was no negligence on the part of animal control officers.

Click on the moose to get the full scoop.

Whacky vid #1 from a classic source:

Whacky vid #2 that also incorporates our nominee for weird food of the week – this is a can’t miss, folks.

Weird Art – is it Live or Memorex?


And finally…

Weird Products which I believe speak for themselves


What child doesn’t want their own babydoll to shave? Seriously?


And what pretty girl doesn’t want to preserve her pearly whites by using Blow Guard – yes folks, that really is the name and shit, I just had to post this.

And so ends another weird Wednesday – we hope you had fun and may you stay forever weird.

Weird Chick 2


Welcome back to Weird Wednesdays. I have plenty of weirdness for you to enjoy this week. Like that fella up there in the picture. How many people do you think he’d feed, considering he has those extra claws and all?

And speaking of weird animals, this vid is just full of them:

Weird Real Scary PicsClick here for more blooper videos

Our Favorite Weird Products:


The Road Bag is quite the innovation and here’s the description:
When nature calls and squeals … roadbag

We’ve all been there – situations in which we would give anything for a little relief. roadbag® is the answer to this problem.

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or attending an open-air festival, on a camping trip or in a small plane – roadbag®, the go-anywhere urinal, offers relief no matter where you are.


Ever want your own personal tank? Have no fear, Amazon delivers:

The JL421 Badonkadonk is a completely unique, extremely rare land vehicle and battle tank. Designed with versatility in mind, the Donk can transport cargo or a crew of five internally or on the roof, and can be piloted from within the armored shell or from an exposed standing position through the hatch, thanks to special one-way steel mesh armor windows and a control stick that pivots up and down to allow piloting from the standing or seated positions.

Our Favorite Weird News Story

Man accused of spitting on officer’s Egg McMuffin

Click on the link to read the story, it realizes our worst fears about fast food places.

Our Favorite Weird Structures:


I had to wonder if this was just after a major earthquake. I mean, who would do this on purpose?

Our Favorite Weird Art:


Jeez, I love art too but no point in losing your head over it.