The Tea Party “Downgrade”???

Yup, that’s the new buzz. It’s the Tea Party’s fault that Standard and Poor’s downgraded the U.S. triple A credit rating to a double A rating. Excuse me? I mean it’s laughable to hear the very people who have driven this country to the brink of bankruptcy calling out the Tea Party for having their credit rating downgraded.

If I’m not mistaken it is Tea Party activists and supporters who want the reckless spending to end. It’s the Tea Party who wants to cut spending, reform laws, return the country to it’s Constitutional charter – and this is what caused a down grade in credit rating. I think perhaps those on the Hill who hold this belief should go out into the private sector, apply for and get a few hundred credit cards. Then proceed to charge them all to the max. Then he or she should refuse to pay those credit card bills while insisting that each of the credit card companies increase their spending limits because there is yet more that he or she wants to buy – must buy. Then after about 6 months of this, he or she should pull his or her credit report and see whether their credit rating has changed.

You see it’s elementary Watson, when you rob Peter to pay Paul, eventually both Peter and Paul catch up to you.

Once again, the libbies think by throwing around what they believe to be a snappy catch phrase that they will get the public on their side. That the public (meaning you and me) are just a bunch of dumb bunnies who believe everything they hear on t.v. and especially what the libbies say because they are after all for the ‘little guy’ given the fact that they are all bagillionaires and have more tax shelters than Carter has pills – I suppose that makes sense.

The reason and the only reason that the libbies and even some of the pubbies vilify the Tea Party is because it scares them. Because the Tea Party isn’t some corporation or radical underground group – the Tea Party is simply a lot of very concerned American citizens who believe in the Constitution and the wisdom of the framers – but most of all believe in America. And they are paying attention. And they are urging their friends and family members to pay attention too. And dang nab it, it’s working. It’s a career politician’s nightmare – and electorate who pays attention and knows their constitutional rights. God forbid, these wiley characters should keep them from conducting business as usual in their back rooms with their special handshakes and winks and nods. God forbid, they should be dragged kicking and screaming to actually doing their jobs and following the rule of law.

Well congrats to the Tea Party, you have successfully scared the bageebers out of people who thought they were bullet proof. But really congrats to the American people, they can call us hobbits, or terrorists, extremists, down-graders, or even nosy Nancie’s – makes no difference to me. And personally, I think tea tastes a whole lot better than Kool Aid.

Eventually they may figure out that public servants serve at the pleasure of the governed – the people – you and me in other words. Until then, I say party on Tea people, party on.

Writer Chick
Copyright 2011