You Know You’re Self-Employed When…


As most of you guys know, I’ve recently wandered into the universe of self-employment. I have to say it is a universe unto itself and there are lots of things you learn – some quickly and some very slowly. Like how to build a website for instance. 😉

To help those of you who aren’t sure if you are self-employed or not, I have compiled the following list that will tip you off to your current status. You know you’re self-employed when…

1. Finding stuff around your house that you don’t need and can sell to other people who don’t need it, on Ebay, sounds like a brilliant idea.

2. You’re sure that the jumbo, family-sized jar of peanut butter that you purchased at the local box store will fufill your daily protein requirements.

3. Anything that anyone will pay you for falls under the venue of your services.

4. Nobody misses you. There are no calls from work demanding that you return or even wondering where you are.

5. You find that discussing rate increases and layoffs with your mailman fascinating conversation and look forward to it, every day at 3 pm.

6. The goth children slumped at the patio tables at the local Starbuck’s seem like happy and productive people to you.

7. You start dunning Circuit City for that $10 rebate they owe you.

8. You notice that the thrift shop has raised its prices.

9. You look forward to Jerry Springer reruns.

10. A bag of chips and a diet coke strikes you as a mighty fine meal.

11. You wonder if you really can keep up your blond highlights with lemon juice.

12. You are beside yourself with joy when you discover you can borrow videos from the library for free.

13. You realize that your pajamas and your work clothes are one in the same.

14. Your relationship with your computer has been taken to a whole new level.

These are merely a few of the clues that you are self-employed. Feel free to add to the list.