I’ve had the pleasure of encountering some great women writers  in my travels and two lovely ladies have endeavored to participate in a weekly writer’s circle – Theme Friday.   Jess and Christine are both amazing writers in their own right and I am honored to co-create with them every week.

The Concept is simple – pick a theme and  each writer does her take on the prompt (in whatever form desired –  poetry, fiction, prose, etc.) and then naturally link to each other’s posts on Fridays

It’s been some time since we’ve done a Theme Friday, but it was such a fun experiment in writing and sistah-hood, that I’ve kept this page up, so those who might enjoy reading, can. Feel free to click on any of the links below to see what Theme Friday was all about.

As always, thanks for reading and joining us in this fictional exploration.

Park Bench Independence Apologies Car keys Swimming Pool Laundry Scalliwag
You I want Expectations Sixteen Keeping Autumn Bad penny Ask Her Enchanted
Awake In the Mirror At Last Commuter Connections Beach-house Pen A memory
Saturday The Sea Shoes Secrets Maybes Note to Self Green Fire Change Fresh
Broke Fallow Judgment Now If I Ruled the World One Dark Night November Moon
Clanging Spoons Suppressed Miscellaneous Easy Snowflake Christmas Eve Anew
Deadline Bruised-Ugly Anywhere But Here Rainbow Do the Right Thing
Be my Fucking Valentine Faith The Test Fat Lady A Piece of Work Shiny Things Spring
Murder California Sick Day Teapot Walking Oh Mother

What do you think?

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