Hello, my name is Anita Rodgers aka Annie, aka Writer Chick, and I believe that everyone has a story to tell. Whether that story is meant for the world at large or a small special audience doesn’t matter. Somewhere there is someone who needs that story. There is someone for whom the story will ring true. So I try to encourage everyone to release their story.

But not every story is told with words. Some are made of images, photographs, or paintings. Some are made of music. Some are made of simple acts of kindness quietly dispensed with little notice. But each one matters. Each belongs somewhere in the world. And I encourage you to set your story free in the world and let it find those who need it.

I also believe that the world needs all the creative people it can get. We are the dreamers. We are the ones who see what isn’t yet there. What could be. The what ifs.  If you create, it’s important to own that. To understand that you are NOT an impostor. You are NOT a poser.  That your place in the world is to create and it matters.

My blog has a long history and has had many iterations but in the end, I am only trying to help people. Whether to entertain with a story, to offer a laugh, to pass on some knowledge I’ve gained, or to offer food for thought – I love to help people.

My stories take the form of mysteries and thrillers because, well, who doesn’t like a good mystery? But at their core, my stories are about people and my attempt to explore and understand the human condition. Those things that make us come to life. Those things that make us care about each other. Those things that make us who we are.

I thank you sincerely for reading and visiting and hope you find something here that brightens your day.

10 (Possibly) Fun facts about me:

  • I was born on St. Patrick’s Day
  • The Scotti Fitzgerald Mystery Series was inspired by my many years of ‘slinging burgers’ in diners, restaurants, and dinner houses. I never worked for a guy named Manny but I did work in a diner that looked a lot like his.
  • I grow great tomatoes
  • My signature dish is roast beef vegetable soup
  • Harry Bosch is my favorite fictional character
  • I write poetry (sometimes)
  • I know how to two-step & line dance (sort of)
  • I started reading when I was four
  • I have an enormous collection of Christmas movies (some even on VHS)
  • You cannot trust me alone with a plate of cookies
  • My motto is, “Stay Humble”

And I live in a small California town with Lily the dog and Bitzy the cat – and a few million nuts and twigs.


Make yourself at home, look around, read, comment, or just say hi. If you’d like to get in touch, email me at: arodgersfreelance@gmail.com

If you like this blog and I haven’t scared you off yet, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and BookBub – or sign up for my newsletter to get updates on new releases, upcoming books, special content, and free stories.



50 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Annie.

    I am Steve Mercado’s cousin, Sharon. Yesterday, of course, was extremely difficult. Steve’s wife, Joviana, was down at the site with their two boys reading some of the names and she said his name in loving tribute to him from her and their children.

    You captured some of the essense of my wonderful cousin and reading your blog brought a smile to my face. Thanks for doing such a good job.

    Sharon, I’m happy that my humble blog could bring a smile to your face on what must be a very difficult week. I was happy to do the tribute and would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WC,
    Would you like to be a co-contributor at my blogs? We are looking for some top-notch writers like yourself. Drop me an email.

    Hey Bosun,
    Long time no talk. Okay, I’ll drop you an email.


  3. WC,
    I used to be addicted to diet coke too!! I’d start the day with coffee, drink DC all morning and afternoon and then end up with splitting headaches. Somehow, I cracked the addiction and now drink way too much caffeine-free diet soda.

    I still start with coffee, of course, but the DC is for special occasions calling for alertness and energy. 🙂

    LOL FP,
    I know just what you mean. I don’t get headaches but a funny kind of dullness and weird taste in my mouth if I drink too much. Yet, I still can’t give it up. The coffee I’ve weaned down to a couple of cups in the morning – and I can live with that. If only I could give up starch and sugar then I’d be doing okay.

    Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again.



  4. I also have a ‘serious’ addiction to diet coke. In fact, I wrote a poem about it.

    Far out! I’d love to see that poem – I’d probably tape it to my computer! 😉


  5. 24,000 hits WC???? WA-WA-WEE-WA!!! Very cool girl! WILD

    Aw Wild Heidi, thanks for coming by. And yeah, 24,000 hits! Can you believe it? I know I can’t.
    love ya,


  6. Oh-oh, it just dawned on me that I have a lot of reading to do. I’ve known you’ve been around, I’ve dropped in less then can be considered polite as I am mostly hanging out on a mutual friend’s websites leaving my comments there. But I just read your “cream boogers” and am now frantic thinking that there have to be so many more treasures in the millions of posts that you left in this blog.
    Ok, I can see loosing my job over this but money isn’t everything, treasures are……

    LOL Spaz you are too cute. No worries – no need to miss work – this stuff will be waiting here whenever you feel like reading it. LOL – glad you liked Cream Boogers – one of my fav posts and actually my very first blog adventure.


  7. aaahaa, that explains it…you’ve been writing since you’re 10… no wonder i enjoy reading you so much… awesome… don’t know how much use i am but you’ve got yourself a fan..

    I am always happy to have a fan. Thank you for all of your reading and commenting – nothing makes a blogger/writer happier than that.


  8. Thanks for the Climate Change/Global Warming Hat Tip. I’ve added you to my blogroll if you don’t mind.

    Happy to do the HT (and always try to do so) – and of course I don’t mind being added to your blogroll – thanks so much.

    PS: You have a handle, name, moniker…that you like to be called?


  9. Fritz is too Germanic and Lionel smacks of English Aristocracy. You can call me Alexander, as in Alexander Hamilton, founder of the Federalist Party, and one of two leading authors of the Federalist Papers (which, as everyone should know, was the precursor to the U.S. Constitution).

    LOL – okay Alexander…can I call you Alex for short? Or is it too soon for nicknames? 😉


  10. How about you just call me Ham? Of course, that may cause some issues with our Islamic friends, who can’t associate with pork products.

    Oh, well, why not? Just call me Ham…

    Cool, I like it. I will call you Ham. Thanks Ham. See ya later Ham. Nice talking to you Ham. Yup, it works. 😉


  11. I too wrote my first novel at a young age. I think I was nine. However, unlike your apparent ability to create quality reads, mine was a treatise on vegetable avoidance. It was about 20 pages long, and to this day I am amazed at the inane thoughts of my young self. One can see the extreme distaste I had for anything green and leafy, and I won’t even get started on the putridity of cooked vegetables. I was actually pretty funny then. Wheras now, well, not so much….

    I think a novel about vegetable avoidance has real possibilities. In fact, I thought that was hysterical. Oh, you are plenty funny my dear. I love your humor.


  12. I’m reading “Raymond Chandler Speaks” lately — have you read it?

    Great stuff about the craft of writing.

    Hi Om,
    No, I’ve never read that book. I’d be delighted to read what he had to say on writing. There has never been a writer like him, though many have tried. He was/is a true original. Thanks for the tip.


  13. Great blog, just surfed on and enjoyed reading. You really have a way with words – makes the reader think. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Hey Bella,
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my humble abode. I took a little tour at your place and you’re a riot. Stop by any time.


  14. Hi Annie,
    What an outstanding blog…keep up the great work…love ya…Marli

    Hey Marlene!
    Thanks for coming by and checking it out. I hope you’ll come back. Let me know when you’ve got one up.


  15. Hi Annie.
    Yes….Indeed a great blog. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. You make me smile 🙂 and I love all the pics to. I’m so going to enjoy reading you. And Hey!! Annie, thanks for your help and time in supplying me with the information I need concerning the pics.
    Peace and Love
    Di 🙂

    Hey Di,
    Glad to have helped. And glad you get a smile from the blog – that is I guess it’s intention. It seems to have worked out that way anyway.


  16. I just realized I’m not one of the gang – I’m broken hearted now :/

    I’m sorry honey, I thought I’d added you already. Of course you’re part of the gang. 🙂 Just my oxygen starved brain playing tricks on me. Sowwy.


  17. Hi,
    It was great pleasure to read your blog. Thank you.
    Plus, as I remind that nothing happens by chance, your blog – our meeting- becomes doubly precious, challenging.
    We need the solitude to catch the sunbeam and to hear its talk- to enjoy the aroma of the spiritual world, but it is impossible to enter this world of sacred dream alone – we need one other to share the light that embraces us and leads forward. Conception of the spiritual oneness of the humanity in the diversity of its outward shapes is the obligatory road stick.
    In other words, I hope our meeting will help me to stand up and to move from my loneliness.

    Hi Tomas,
    What a lovely way to put it. I’m glad you enjoyed coming here and hope you’ll come back to visit again. I agree, sharing the light seems to be key.


  18. WC…..I’m down here behind the Orange Curtain in Yorba Linda! Shoulda known you were a Cali girl ! My fav. music is blues, I’m working on kicking my smoking monkey in the ass and out the door, and I’ve been writing (first, poetry) since I could put a pencil to that wide-lined stuff they made us write on in 2nd or 3rd grade.

    How wonderful about your book. I’ve got about 20 chapters in a first attempt…but I wonder sometimes if I’m not spilling too much of my seed here in the Blogworld…working a full time job and finding quality “inspired” time to write is a challenge.

    I hope all the best for you and that you get your book published SOON! You’re so very talented, and a blessing to everyone who reads you!

    Hey Grace,
    We’re practically neighbors. Seems you and I have some very similar things going on in our lives. I worry about spilling my creative juices too much in blogging too – but then I’m so compulsive I can’t stop blogging either. Even (and sometimes especially) when I have nothing to say. 😉

    Aw, you’re sweet. I could so easily say the same about you – so talented and a blessing – a-yup.


  19. WC, I’m here to tell you that I’ve stopped blogging for a while. I thought you’d want to know so you could take me off of your blogroll. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and I will still be stopping by to see what’s going on…I LOVE YOUR BLOG ANNIE and I will be by to read all of your thoughts and feelings! I will let you know if and when I get a new address, until then, I’ll be back for sure!!!
    Thanks. ~Bella

    Oh Bella,
    No more blogging for a while? 😦

    It’s been a pleasure knowing you too girl, and stay in touch, you have my email – use it. And you’d better give me your new blog addie, as soon as you get it.


  20. Hi Annie
    Thank you . The emails that I had gotten said something related to my website and mention of y name so she took your work,called it her own and then claimed that I stole it from her? Ha! ha! Ha! ha! I will find her blog I am not keeping my mouth shut anymore. Annie are you in Chicago? I haven’t started a blog roll yet I just joined under Angela to find Lea and put my cyberfoot up her fanny.Stay in touch and have a happy holiday!

    Hey AngelaPetite,
    It seems this young lady likes to cause trouble and those types of folks are best left ignored. They are only happy when they can get a rise out of you, so don’t let her.

    Nope, I’m not in Chicago (although I’m originally from Detroit) – I’m in L.A.

    I hope you enjoy your new blogging adventure, it has brought me lots of smiles over the last year to blog and I’ve made many wonderful friends.

    You have a very Merry Christmas Angela, I hope you find peace in love in this wonderful season.



  21. Thanks for kind comment on my Winter Solstice post on Nuke’s. I admire your dedication to writing and wish I had pursued a similar course when I was a teen. I had such wonderful english teachers.
    I’ve bookmarked your blog and will peruse it regularly. It will have a positive effect on me.
    I have a poetry site that gets no traffic at all if your interested…
    Hasta Luego

    Hi Beto & welcome! Your poem was outstanding and you don’t usually see such literary stuff at Nuke’s. As to pursuing writing – heck, I’m no spring chicken – and I think writers are like wine, they get better with time. Don’t you agree?

    I just dropped by your sight – even made a comment.


    PS: I have another site that no one visits too – oh well, we do what we love.


  22. I just popped in here via a link referral from another excellent blog (ChrisWondra.com) while aimlessly surfing on a painfully slow day at the office and am amazed at the scope and quality of the writing represented here. I look forward to returning and poking around some more.

    Hi Darren,
    I’m truly flattered by your kind words. Please feel free to stop by any ol’ time you like.


  23. Thank you, so very refreshing to type in my search the words ‘boo hoo hillary’ (after seeing today’s embarrassing display by Hillary Clinton) an find such a well expressed article.

    Hello Bky,
    I hope you don’t mind, but I moved this comment to the Hillary post and responded to it there.

    If you like posts about Hillary, make no mistake, I’m likely to do several more before it’s all over.


  24. Dearest Annie, WC, all y’all – another year gone by, and we still haven’t hooked up – what’s up with that?! Yeah, I’ve been bad, got the lump of coal … again … still haven’t finished the book, started the blog, nor commented on yours in months, but still here, still plugging away, and still a faithful reader.

    Hey hey Crisco!!!
    I was just a thinkin’ about y’all. I miss you to be sure. You better email me and give a better update than that, my friend. Seriously, let me know what’s doing, eh?


  25. Hello!:)…firstly i would like to thank you for your comment,i must confess that you are a really impressive person..and secondly i guess i have to answer at your question…i think i would like to be someone else because i am a weak person,too sensible and it’s better for me to adopt another attitude…

    Hey Dealing,
    First, thanks for the nice compliment – but I’m less impressive once you get to know me. 😆

    And secondly, hey we can all improve ourselves and try to be the best us we can be – but honey, being yourself and true to yourself is a good thing. I promise.


  26. Hello darling,

    I am new to this blog business and in the eternal hunt for information (this time about what I believe are called “Splogs”, I discovered you. Reasons for everything as usual. Besides that, when one discovers a pieces of one’s own writing, sitting in one’s own spam, what exactly does it mean? It appears that someone “half-inched” someone else’s writing and it taking credit for it, but if you click on it, low and behold you are back at your very own port of call. Confusing for a new girl who wants to learn. Do you mind an email back explaining what you can? I can read a smart chick at 10 paces and would really value the help from you.


    Miss Kitty

    Hello Miss Kitty, nice to meet you. As to splogging and the many ins and outs, I’d suggest you check the wordpress forums. Just click on the wordpress link and find the forum link and then type in what you want to know about. I’m sure you’ll find a bountiful selection of info. However, if you have a specific question, feel free to email me.


  27. May Happy Birthday wishes bring you many surprising moments filled with laughter, smiles and adventure, Annie. Big hug from up North! S.

    Hey Spaz,
    Thanks, hon. I had this big ol’ Irish post I did but it didn’t publish like it was supposed to, so I had to fix that. Me and the technological bang heads once again. 😉


  28. WC: You have a great blog here and I noticed you’re also a fellow Heinlein fan! 🙂 Thanks for the add to your blogroll; I have returned the favor.

    Hey JOS,
    Thanks and back atcha. I saw that we had many things in common as well. Old, classic movies for one thing – personally can’t get enough of them. How do you feel about Hitchcock? 😉


  29. WC: I love Hitchcock films–my favorite is “Rear Window”. Have you ever see the Mel Brooks Hitchcock spoof “High Anxiety”? A must see for every Hitchcock fan!

    Me too! Close seconds are, Vertigo & Strangers on a Train. Never saw the Brooks movie, I had no idea it was a spoof on that. I’ll have to check it out, thanks for the tip.


  30. Well, I keep meeting up with you on everyone else’s blogs so I thought I would come over and say hi. I know so many people on your blogroll. My sister is an unpublished writer but she is working on it. I was never a writer until I started blogging. I guess I’m still not a writer, I’m a blogger. My brother owned a used book store for 17 years. Now he just sells on E-Bay. As a matter of fact I picked him up yesterday to give him a ride to the Doctor’s office and he had an old Raymond Chandler book with him–The Lady in the Lake. I have been seriously thinking about writing a book and believe it or not it would be a non fiction book about my son’s drug addiction to heroin and crack and my enabling him. He was a recovering addict for the last 1 1/2 but I have my doubts lately. I haven’t seen him since Christmas and he was fine but even talking on the phone with him I can tell something’s up. He and I went through so much together I think it would make a good book and it would be true. Not like Frey’s book “A Million Little pieces”. I’ll be back. I like your page.

    Hi Joan,
    And why have we never met? Your story about your son does indeed sound like it would make a riveting book. If it’s in you to write it, then I say, go for it. Some stories simply must be told. I have another friend who writes memoirs and they are so very touching. I’m of the mind that most bloggers are writers – but that’s just me.

    Thanks for your kind words and I think I’ll go visit you now.


  31. Jade on 05 Jul 2008 at 7:25 pm

    ayn rand, dean kootnz and nelson demille, OMG! who knew – adore them –

    LOL Jade, I knew we were soul mates as soon as I read the fridge poem.

    BTW, I wanted to ask you about the red/jade envelopes message in your header. You make jewelry? Tell me more.


  32. Jade on 12 Jul 2008 at 1:10 am

    Making jewelry, mainly unique chokers is another passion of mine, the pieces are simple, elegant
    one-of-a-kind pieces, like my poems very non- fussy. I use red, most often and green envelopes
    for positive karma. The chokers are made with ribbon, usually for the warmer months and velvet for winter, and I add
    an interesting pendent or finding to tease the throat and the eye.

    Ooh, I want me some of those. Email me with your catalogue, will you?



  33. Di on 17 Jul 2008 at 2:00 am

    Hi Annie, I’m Diane.

    Just felt I need to introduce myself again in a kinda more of a friendship blogger way.

    You’ve had quite a few emails of me this week in conection to new post ‘ The differences between Female and Male bloggers ‘

    The questions were a bit hard for me and I found myself telling you little storys and disclosing more about Diane really. I don’t think anything I said was actualy in relevence to the question’s you were asking.

    It’s been so inspiring nice,free,easy,entertaining,encouraging and loving to come here and sit and read stuff that I don’t usualy read.

    I’ve known you for a year now in blog life.So lovely to have met you. I would have loved to read your first novel. I’m sure you can understand why.

    Thank-you for the question’s which brought me to sharing some stuff that I’ve not shared with you before.

    Smiles & Love dear Annie from the heart
    Di X

    Di, you’re such kind and gentle soul, I’m always so happy when you visit. You say the nicest things and they always brighten my day. I’m glad we’ve met in blogland too. It wouldn’t seem quite so fun or so sunny without you. I’m honored that you wanted to share your thoughts and yourself with me. Thank you.

    Annie xo


  34. Bosun on 09 Dec 2008 at 6:41 pm

    Your site improves every time I visit. You are soooooo talented. Merry Christmas.

    Well hey Bosun! How the heck are you? Glad you are enjoying the site – it’s been fun trying new things. Merry Christmas to you and your family – have a safe and happy holiday, my friend.


  35. i just found your blog. i was doing a search on can you get drunk on food? he he he. my boyfriend and i get drunk on food all the time . . .

    Hey Lucinda,
    I have a feeling that maybe a person could get pulled over for being drunk on linguini, especially if there is wine sauce involved. 😉 I just love your email addie. Too cute.



  36. Love a good blog, and yours is so fun. Yeah, I’m still reading False Witness and it’s still good – almost halfway, now. Been so busy these past two weeks I barely have time for anything – besides, my wife has been hogging the Kindle, but it’s hers, so I should just shut up about it. I have to go for a series of labs tomorrow, so I’ll be grabbing the Kindle and probably get some reading done, and may even finish it – if they take their sweet time as usual. It’s so hard to put down, but I manage because I have to. I’m really promoting my book and have even done a radio interview with a friend in LA who has a weekly cable radio show on Sunday nights called Niteside. I even plugged False Witness as Michelle will attest to as she listened in. If you’re interested, you can go to my site and get the info, or ask Michelle. They will be replaying it this Sat & Sun on CRN 1 and 6. Love most of your posts I’ve read and find you quite witty. And I know smoking is stupid and killing us, but I can’t and don’t really want to stop. It’s just so damn good and you can’t live forever and quality of life is important, so there…

    Hey John
    Thanks for your nice words – I really do appreciate them. I just haven’t had the time to blog like I used to and I miss it. Right now though I’m building a freelance writing career and it entails lots of long hours and being velcro’d to the computer. (Oy, my eyes).

    Yes Michelle mentioned that you ended up giving a shout out to False Witness and wow, thanks so much! I’d love to hear the show but I may need more info on the call numbers.

    Yeah smoking is bad for you and yet….a guilty pleasure, eh?



  37. Annie, have you ever checked out findadeath.com. It’s my friend Scott Michael’s site and he runs the Tragical Mystery Tour and the Dearly Departed Tour, in Hollywood. He’s been on TV several times and has even hosted a program on Fox about famous/infamous Hollywood murders. He also has written a book on the Rocky Horror Picture Show in England, and was given Rocky’s actual shooting script by the actor himself. His sie is wonderful and you can get lost there for hours. Just wanted to give you the heads up on this since you live in LA…

    Hey John,
    No, I never have heard of that site, love the satire though. Sounds like my kind of guy though. Yes, I’m in the LA area but live in a small town away from the fray – not much happening here. LOL.



  38. I know every inch of LA – lived there for 57 years, and drove for a living my last 12 years there – and its surrounding areas, so what little out of the way town are we talking here? or at least how far from Wilshire Blvd – either end?

    Oh, so you’re a native, eh? Well, I’m a ways from Wilshire – 25 minutes or more. I don’t want to say the name of the town but we’re near the Angeles Crest National Forest. Beautiful up here, actually. In fact, all that rain resulted in some seriously snowcapped mountains which I can see from my front porch. 🙂


  39. Say no more, I know where you are. I grew up close to there – about 8 miles from you and I noticed a lot from your book that was very familiar – 71%, btw. There is a restaurant in Montrose – on the southwest corner of Verdugo and Honolulu, called El Charro. I had my first taco – ever – there in 1958 and I always go there for taco Tuesday when we visit LA. I’m in Glendale, AZ now, but those tacos are the absolute best on the planet – and on Tuesdays, they’re a buck and a quarter; last time I ate five – which is no mean feat. The only problem I have with your book is, it always makes me hungry…

    Hmmm…you know that place is still around. Tuesday night is taco night, eh? I may have to check that out. It’s funny that the book makes you hungry, others have told me the save thing. I guess when I decided to make cooking a major talent of Libbie’s it would be inevitable. Sorry. 🙂


  40. Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

    Hi Zilvinas,
    Are you saying my blog is on Yahoo News? Really? I had no idea. I’ve never done anything to get there, so I’m afraid I have no suggestions. Thanks for coming by though – hope you’ll come back.
    Writer Chick


  41. Thank you for your belief in and promotion of abundance. I agree. The more we acknoledge our own wonderful abilities and creativity, the better off we will be.

    Hi Cathie and welcome. I love to promote abundance, although I admit I do not always practice what I preach. I do know however, that when I am in the abundance zone the world is a much happier and interesting place. Thanks for dropping by.


  42. My Grandmother served homemade roast beef vegetable soup but we only had it on rainy days in the fall. November was a popular month.

    The moment I saw that on your list I knew I had to comment. 🙂


    1. Hi Bryan,
      Isn’t it amazing how food connects us to our memories and the people we love? Nice to know there are other roast beef veggie soup makers out there too. Though I have to admit I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t discover it. LOL.



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