I didn’t write today because…

Whether you are a freelance writer, a fiction writer or both you probably have times when you don’t get a lot of writing done. Because let’s face it, life gets in the way and most of us harbor a certain amount of guilt in being writers— because we do it at home and often in pajamas, maybe it just doesn’t seem like real work.  But the guilt goes both ways, we also can feel guilty for not writing. For not getting in our precious writing time because if we don’t, how are we ever going to write that best seller or become one of the top copywriters in the country, or the next awesome indie writer?

 Excuses, excuses…

I don’t know about you but I have a whole list of ‘reasons’ why I didn’t write today. (Not that anyone is keeping track of my writing schedule but me.) Perhaps like you, my inner taskmaster demands explanations for these writing lapses and I’ve developed a list that you may find helpful too:

I didn’t write today because…

  • It’s just too damn hot.
  • It’s just too damn cold.
  • My doctor told me I am allergic to blank pages
  • My dog had a weird eye thing and I had to figure out why.
  • I had to catch up on Facebook.
  • I got paid today and needed to buy things.
  • I looked fat in my jeans.
  • I’m too damn tired.
  • My mind is a sieve.
  • I started my diet and couldn’t focus.
  • I needed to work out because my ass has gotten too damn fat from all the writing.
  • There was a new episode of Master Chef that I had to see.
  • I had to go to Starbuck’s and eavesdrop on conversations because I forgot how to write dialogue.
  • Writing is hard.
  • My story idea needed to percolate more.
  • My character is going through a mid-life crisis and I thought I should let her work it out on her own.
  • I have writer’s cramp.
  • I have writer’s block.
  • An editor was mean to me.
  • An agent turned me down.
  • Zelda talked me into going to a Zumba class.
  • I deserve a break for finishing that short story.
  • I was looking for a real job.

What’s your excuse for not writing?

How about you, what’s your favorite excuse for not writing? Leave it in the comments and let’s all have a good laugh and then get back to that blank page, eh?


Writer Chick

Copyright 2012



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