Been doing a lot of thinking lately. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes that’s annoying. Right now, it’s annoying. I’m not really in a thinking mood, you know?

I’d really rather just bum around, enjoy Spring, the sunshine, the birds, the flowers, my ever expanding garden – but….

My darn mind won’t turn off. Everything I see, seems to have some deeper meaning in it. Or maybe it’s all just too serious right now. I’d love to find that goofy, ain’t life a joke flow again. I could stand riding it all the way to the end.

Isn’t it funny how things come in waves? Maybe in life, but definitely as a writer. No matter how much I try to direct my mind and my attention onto a specific mind-set it simply won’t cooperate. It just wants to ponder and think and consider and all that really boring stuff.

What a bother. A mind that refuses to stop thinking. Damn my mind. Damn it all to hell.

I need to find an adventure.Something stupid and ridiculous. Something that I shouldn’t even consider doing. Something that is way beyond excusable for a woman of my age. Do you think they’ll do a spin-off called “Ancient Idol”?



5 thoughts on “Thinking…

  1. My mind hasn’t stopped for days now and yet still I seem to have nothing to say!! Its driving me nuts!

    Well apparently, we have the same malady – since I was driven to the same place. In fact, I think I see you over there drinking coffee. *Waving* Hi, Kel! 😉


  2. I hear ya.
    I’ve been up since 2AM.
    Going to be a long day…

    Oh no, not a good omen, eh? Long day for sure. Hang tough, buddy.


  3. its an eleven! the universe
    calling you where it will.

    sucks doesnt it? lol

    Sorry Aeileen, you lost me (which isn’t hard to do) – what’s an eleven? Is this some sort of numerology thing? Yeah, it does suck – but still, please explain about the eleven part. Thanks.


  4. Oh my, I just got out of this. Maybe I gave it to you with my incessant, nagging emails about the meaning of life as a writer. It will pass. And then it will come again. Writing about it helps though, yes?

    I wonder if writing about it does help. It might be better just to ignore it like a bad driver or the pimply faced kid at the MacDonald’s counter. Just one of life’s many annoyances. 😉


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