Hi guys,

As you may have heard on the news, there are approximately 12 forest fires going strong here in Southern California. Unfortunately, several of them are rather nearby. The Governor has proclaimed a state of emergency and hopefully, we will have the National Guard and any other help we need to get the fires under control.

A few pictures:

The first one is a map that gives you the general locations of the fires. The others show various views from the fires. So far, 250,000 have been evacuated just from the San Diego area alone. Thousands of acres have been burned and our firefighters fight not just fire but up to 105 mile an hour Santa Ana winds, 0% humidity and dry brush. Hundreds of homes have been lost.

Say a little prayer for us, if you would. I’ll check back soon. I’m hoping against hope that we won’t be evacuated too.



If anyone is interested in helping here are a few links that you can follow:

17 thoughts on “Fire

  1. I’ve been following the news all day, I’ve got brothers living in OC and my wife and kids are in in the Temecula Wine Country area (Just north of Pendleton).

    Will pray for rain. Stay indoors if you can.

    Reminds me of the fires of ’93.

    Hey Ham,
    Prayers for your family going out from me. Stay indoors is a good idea, the air is smoky and hot. I’m hoping for that rain but not too heavy or we’ll end up with mud slides which ain’t too pretty either. God, I just wish it would end. So many people’s lives have really been shaken up. I’m anxious to get to the rebuilding stage.


  2. Yikes! Good luck out there, I would go ahead and get ready for the worse though… but thats the soldier in me talking.

    Yes, you do have to be prepared for the worst. Hopefully it never comes. Thanks.


  3. I’ll keep a prayer out for ya. Fires are so destructive, and it happens just so fast.

    Thanks hon,
    I appreciate it. Yeah, fires are destructive and move so fast sometimes. Freaky.


  4. Chica, i’m thinking of you, as well as my mother and two of my sisters. They are surround by fires- Lake Arrowhead, the Cajon Pass, Devore, Beaumont.

    You are all in my prayers.

    One of my sisters said that schools in the San Bernardino Valley have kept the children indoors due to smoke and ash. i remember there being school closures with the Old Fire. Awful and frightening. Be safe, hun, and get your important things together, just in case you do need to evacuate. i know you know this. i just want to say something helpful, Annie.

    i am praying for rain and relief and safety.

    Hey Darlin’
    I had no idea your family was down that way. Jeez louise, I’ll be saying a lot of prayers for them. Yeah many of the schools are closed and many are being used as evac centers too. Well, I’m home and I’m ready – but it looks like things are starting to turn around. I just pray the firefighters can keep going – they’ve been at it non stop for days and I’ know they are stretched thin, sleep deprived, hungry and exhausted.

    Thanks, sweetie.


  5. It is so scary how somethings are just out of our hands, and it takes such great efforts to gain control. Fire is no joke and I have those people in my thoughts & prayers!!!!

    Be safe – Be Well!

    You’re right, Lucid – things go out of our control very quickly sometimes – and you never see it coming, do you? It all started with the winds and some downed power lines – then a couple of arsonists got in on the act and now it seems like there are fires everywhere. Luckily we have some fantastic firefighters and they are doing their jobs in spades.


  6. I was watching this on the news last night and thinking about you. Joining everyone else with their prayers and thoughts.


    Hey Jennifer,
    Thanks hon – it’s going to be okay. I’m sure it will.


  7. Thinking of you, Annie! I posted on the fire myself, yesterday – and send prayers for your safety. I’m staying home from work today – why drive to Irvine when they’re evacuating the Santiago Fire location? (Didn’t see that one on your map). Our freeways are bad enough as it is…today, I’ll stay off of it as people are trying to make their way to shelters. And over 300,000 evacuating from San Diego, too!

    Keep in touch…let us know how you are doing!

    Hey Gracie,
    I decided to follow your lead and stayed home myself. Of course, I’m probably being paranoid – my boss certainly thinks so – but I don’t care. It feels like the right thing to do.


  8. Oh, Annie – stay safe!!! Thinking and praying for you and my cousin who is out that way.

    Hey Teeni,
    Where is your cousin? I hope not in the San Diego area which is really being hit badly. We’ll just all keep our prayers going.


  9. Talk about a hot flash. Hey, stay safe Annie and I’ll think good thoughts. Hope you can stay put where you are and ride this thing out with no damage. The entire nation has its eyes on California right now.

    Hey Karen,
    Oh, you big nut, you always make me laugh. It is a mucho big hot flash and I’m not the only one having it. I hope we ride it out too. But things look much more hopeful than they did even this morning.


  10. Hi WC,

    Stay safe. I’d send y’all the rain we’re getting if I could.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    Yeah, send us some of that rain – although it might be easier to send it to Georgia – I hear they aren’t doing so hot either (no pun intended). I look forward to it all coming to an end – the fires I mean. Thanks.


  11. Hey, Annie!
    i read in my local paper here in Talent, OR that we’ve sent fireturcks and some crew to help out, as other places have done.

    Firefighters are the awesome.

    And, i’m still praying for you, my family, everyone in danger as well as the firefighters (who are the awesome!)

    Hey Christine,
    Isn’t it amazing how cool firefighters are? They are the awesome. Thank you, Talent, OR for your help and prayers.

    I must say though, our guys are awesome out here – they know their stuff – we’ll get the job done.



  12. Hi Annie – my cousin is in the Long Beach area. Forgive me but I have no idea how close that is or isn’t. But it looked like it was in the area when I saw it on the map.

    Hey Teeni,
    I heard today that there was a bridge that collasped in Long Beach, but I don’t think there are any fire problems there – so hopefully your cousin is doing okay.


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