A Day to Remember

Memorial Day is that first big picnic and three day outting holiday of the year in the states. And I have many fond memories of the family gatherings at local parks, the smell of burgers and hot dogs on the grill – juicy watermelon dripping down my chin, mom’s macaroni salad and of course the waiting for nightfall so we could light our sprinklers. It’s all part and parcel of this holiday.

Though, I would ask, that we all take a moment of silence to thank God for those who have spilled blood and given their lives so we can celebrate this holiday. And to say a prayer of thanks and Godspeed to all our troops worldwide – who carry on the tradition of standing the watch.

It’s days like these that I wish I had the wherewithall to send a home made bbq to Iraq and Afghanistan – with vat’s of mom’s special macaroni salad on ice. Unfortunately, I haven’t so…I offer the recipe instead. I suppose it is possible that one or two of our troops might find the recipe and be able to convince somebody to make it for them???

Okay –

2lbs of large elbow macaroni

1/2 small brown onion, minced fine

3 stalks minced celery

1 very small jar of pimentos

2 large dill pickles, minced fine (are you sensing a trend here?)

3 large hard cooked eggs minced fine

1/4 cup of dill pickle juice

3 TBS yellow mustard


1 can of tuna (optional)

1-2 cups of whole egg mayo (depending on how dry or wet you like your mac salad)

Cook elbow macaroni and drain and rinse. Place in large bowl in fridge and let completely cool. Once mac is cooled pull out of fridge and set aside (it works well if you make the mac the night before and leave in fridge over night – cooled mac does not absorb the liquids as much and keep the salad much more moist). Take mayo, mustard, pickle juice and mix in separate bowl, set aside.

To the mac, add the celery, onion, egg, pimentos, pickles and tuna (if you are using) and toss thoroughly. Then again, put in fridge for about an hour. This lets the flavors marry and seep into the mac first.

Then pull out of fridge and add ‘sauce’, again tossing thoroughly. Sprinkle with paprika on top, cover with plastic wrap and keep cool until ready to serve. If you find that the mac has absorbed the liquid too much and is a little dry, just add a little water to bring it back up. Quite yummy.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.


12 thoughts on “A Day to Remember

  1. Looks delicious, will give it a go πŸ™‚
    CJ and I had his siblings and their young children over for a bbq today and I rang my mum in the morning asking her for her rice salad recipe that I’ve always loved. These recipes that get passed down just take you straight back to happy memories, don’t they?

    Rice salad, that’s sounds interesting – never had anything like that. Yes, the recipes, especially for the comfort foods really do bring the memories back.


  2. I am sure many would enjoy a heapin’ helpin’ of that salad. Have a great weekend. And I will remember what it is really about.

    It might go well with your beer can chicken, buddy. You have a great weekend too.


  3. Mmmmm . . . that sounds good. Annie, I have just one question. Are brown onions the same as yellow onions? Your recipe for meatloaf also had brown onion in it and I wasn’t sure what you meant. I have a recipe page on my blog. I hope you will look at it sometime.

    We are having such beautiful weekend weather. I hope you are too.

    Hey Windy,
    You know, you’re right – a brown onion really is a yellow onion – I think it’s because the skin is brown that I call them that. I had no idea you had a recipe page – I definitely will check it out. I love finding new recipes. Thanks!


  4. Nice post and the salad looks awesome. I hope someone overseas takes you up on the recipe. How cool would that be?
    btw- how do you light a sprinkler? :mrgreen:
    I know, I’m a wiseass . . .
    Have an awesome Memorial Day, kiddo.

    Actually, it’s very tricky to light a sprinkler – especially when it should have said sparkler. Oy!


  5. i am afraid of sparklers. 😦

    Memorial Day is such a special day.
    We would go to the local parade.

    My dad was a veteran, my grandfather, two uncles served. Service, and those lost to Service, were respected and honored in my growing up.

    That salad sounds yummy, and i will try it. R has to work Monday but is off on the actual day so that’s when i will do my grill magic. Tomorrow, i’m hoping to see an installation in neighboring Ashland- small flags on the front lawn of SOU representing those who’ve fallen in Iraq. It has garnered quite a bit of controversy. i’d just like the girls and i to get an idea of the sacrifice.

    I can understand why – I’ve stepped or sat on enough hot ones to be a bit shy of them myself – although, it never stopped me from lighting more.

    Yes, I guess the flags do garner some controversy – but I always ask myself why. It is a symbol of our country and our unity – it always flummoxes me when I see the bad reaction.

    I seriously wonder if it’s that people just don’t have enough in their lives to care about, that they strike out in this way.

    Try the salad, I think you’ll like it. Happy Memorial Day my friend.


  6. Nice post Annie–good memories–the same for me too as a kid–picnics, sparklers and swimming pools opened for the summer. Now as an adult, this day has taken on a much deeper meaning — honoring our troops and remembrances of loved ones who have passed on. I’m glad the day balances the sober tribute with prospects of summer fun . And yummy mac salad. You make it so well. Thanks for sharing the family recipe–now the secret is out. πŸ™‚

    ~ PG

    LOL – now you can have K add a southern aspect to it and you’ll have a recipe all your own. πŸ˜‰


  7. Hi WC,

    Happy Memorial Day! We did our celebrating yesterday as our son had to leave early this morning. As you probably could guess, I did BBQ, smoking an 8 pound Boston butt on the grill for 12 hours, using apple wood to produce the smoke. The pork was rubbed with paprika, hot sauce, and olive oil before cooking, and it was turned and sprayed every half hour. Turning it 90 degrees and upside down insures even cooking, and the spray keeps it moist inside while encouraging both the development of a nice bark (a hard outside crust) and the infiltration of the meat by the wood smoke. The formula for said spray is empty a bottle of good beer in a plant mister, then fill it up with good quality apple cider vinegar.

    While this makes a most excellent center piece for a feast, it does have two drawbacks. I consumed enough so that I can hardly move today, and it’ll take at least two more showers before I don’t smell like apples πŸ™‚

    the Grit

    Hey Grit!
    It’s official – if we ever become neighbors, you are the bbq dude in chief! Dang that sounds good and no wonder you ate too much. Good tips. Thanks!


  8. Congrats on your new home. It suits you.

    I have been remiss in not coming around more. I’ve not been “a blogging” to many sites lately. I’m working again..full time. And that means a fulltime writing gig–I know, I know–I’m lucky and I’m meeting with management this week to talk about going back on the air.

    Might as well…can’t dance.

    You take care, WC. Have a stellar week.

    Yes, I’d say you’re lucky – though I understand the pressure and so on. Let me know if I can help out, eh? Have keyboard, will travel. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for coming by and checking it out. And do let me know if you go on the air – I’d like to see/hear that.


  9. well, i’m not a troop and i’m not american but i do like a good mac salad and this looks yummy so thanks πŸ™‚ i really like your new space ~ a wonderful showcase for your writing … xo

    Hi D!
    Thanks for coming by to check the place out. Try the mac salad, it is yummy!


  10. Mom’s recipe looks delish!
    Happy Memorial Day, WC
    Nice place you got here. Congrats.

    Hey Nuke!
    Thanks for stopping by! Yup, it’s a good recipe – give it a whirl, I think you’ll like it.


  11. Bout time! If you ever need any site help let me know….

    Quick note, the theme is kinda dark and hard to read…

    Hey, like your new handle – lol.

    Yeah, it’s dark, but you’ll get used to it. We’re still playing around with it. And I may just give you a holler on some stuff – hope you mean it. LOL. πŸ˜‰


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