Women + Blogosphere = Impact – Part III

Okay, now it’s my turn on the hot seat and honestly, I don’t mind one bit. Several of the ladies who participated in this post were curious as to what my answers would be to these questions, so if for nothing else, this is for them:

1. What do you believe is the difference between men and women bloggers – e.g. approach, subject matter, readers, etc.

While there are male bloggers who can do the sensitive thing and female bloggers who can do the kickass thing, I do believe that women bloggers are more personally interested and caring about their blogs, their readers and how whatever topic they are writing about will affect the people who read it. It may be the inborn nurturing nature of women who brings this about – but to me it is very obvious.

2. Do you feel men bloggers have a greater impact in the blog world than women – such as more readers, more loyalty, wider range of topics/interests, greater appeal to male and female readers alike, etc.

I do think that male bloggers are taken more seriously. Regardless of topic. Even the ones who write poetry or prose or the touchy feely stuff – perhaps especially, because you know it’s like a big deal when a man reveals his deepest feelings, right? But not so much when women do? WTF? I mean, seriously – why is this?

3. When you decided to start blogging – did you have a particular effect/impact you wanted to create? If so, what was it? Did it change once you started blogging?

Primarily, I wanted to get writing more regularly, wanted to create something that would demand I give time to writing and quite honestly, I wanted to know if strangers would respond to what I wrote. Has it changed since I started? Yes and no – it certainly does demand I write regularly, lest I have an empty blog with no posts. But I am finding that I have an urge to write more meaningful posts, explore new topics, ideas and approaches. Blazing new blogging frontiers? Probably not, but maybe new writing fronteirs because long before I was a blogger I was a writer and honestly that’s all I really consider myself to be.

4. Regardless of whatever effect you set out to create by blogging, do you feel that you’ve had an impact by being a female blogger? If so, how and/or in what way? Who/what did you impact?

I do believe I’ve had an impact, in many ways. There are people who have flat out told me that something I wrote made them think, change their perspective, help them face a problem they were avoiding, feel good, laugh. It’s very gratifying when someone tells you that you made their day in some way. Writing something that touches another human being and somehow helps them is the stuff that reaches straight down into my guts and grabs ahold tightly. Was the impact brought about because I was a woman? I don’t know – I think that who I am has a lot to do with being a woman because that’s my paradigm and were I a man I’m not sure I would have written many of the posts I have written – so I guess that’s a yes.

5. What contribution to the blog world do you feel women bring to the table that male bloggers do not? Or is there no gender gap between male and female bloggers?

I don’t know if I’d call it a gender gap – I don’t really like that term but there doesn’t seem to be another to replace it – but I will say that women do bring something special to the table – their humanity, appreciation for all the small pieces of beauty in the world and a sense of community that I don’t think is native to most men. Not that men are all uncaring bastids, that’s not true at all (I happen to think men are quite the lovely creatures, actually) – I just think women are more likely to reach out, help, nuture, care, worry about you if don’t post for a week, and just generally, notice the details.

6. Are women bloggers held to a different standard than male bloggers? If so, what is the difference – e.g. what is taboo to a female blogger but okay for a male blogger or vice versa? Inequalities??? Not taken as seriously?

Yeah, I think they are. Particularly when it comes the baudier content. Men can pretty much get as gross as the day is long and people will throng to their blogs and get a hoot out of it. Women though, I think have to approach it a little more carefully, set the stage a bit longer and develop a readership first. And too, I don’t think women are taken as seriously as men with certain topics, like politics for example. I sometimes do political posts and I have had some serious ambushes from readers who really challenged me as though I were an idiot. If I’d been a man posting the very same thing, I don’t believe that those attacks would have come about – there might have been some lively debate but it would have been good hearted instead of mean.

7. If you could change anything in the way female bloggers are regarded in the blog world, what would it be?

I would like to see women bloggers just be thought of as bloggers. That a female power blogger doesn’t have to be a Dooce clone to be that. And honestly, no offense to Dooce, but what’s up with that standard? We have to be rude and outspoken to be taken seriously and be read? The problem I see in general in the blogosphere is that there is way too much pandering to the crowd. Meaning, we spend all this time trying to figure out what will bring in the big stats and start writing to that, rather than writing what means most to us and bringing ‘the crowd’ up to our level. Believe me, I’m as guilty of it as the next blogger and every time I do it, I want to kick myself. We shouldn’t be so seduced by the stat counters and the anylytics programs, unless really it’s just about the attention and frankly you can get more attention getting drunk with B list celebrities than going to all the brain strain that the pandering entails.

8. If you could have your wildest dreams come true as a blogger and create whatever impact you wanted, because you had thousands of undying loyal readers, what would it be?

I have to say, I love to inspire dialogue with people. I love to get people thinking, not necessarily what I think, but just thinking. I believe that a thinking person makes the world a better place. There would be so much less reactionary crap from high school shoot outs, to road rage, going on, if people thought more and were more thoughtful. Also, too, I want a fucking book deal. If the cat guy and the stupid white people guy can get one, then hell, it’s my turn.

9. Anything else that you feel separates female bloggers from male bloggers that you want to expound on?

Just a casual observation that female bloggers seem to be coming into their own and perhaps male bloggers are dwindling. Or maybe there always were more women bloggers but they used to be a lot quieter? Hard to say. It just seems that way to me. But I’m happy to report that I think women have finally found a good use for the internet.

And so concludes our not too scientific women’s study on blogging, bloggers – male & female and all things good and wise. I really had fun with this. I hope you did too. And I wanted to throw out this idea – I would love it if any of you lady bloggers out there had similar ideas for posts such as this and would like to do a cooperative project. So, if anybody has an idea they want to shoot over to me – please feel free. I think that addressing women’s issues, blogging and otherwise are important to our community and a lot fun too. Thanks!

PS: And this is a special p.s. to Gerry – if you can get 14 men bloggers who want to do the same questions, etc. I’ll do a post and give equal time. Never let it be said that I am not an equal opportunity blogger. Or, if the mood strikes you, do it yourself and let me know when the post is up. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Women + Blogosphere = Impact – Part III

  1. i know you’ve definatitely made an impact on me, Annie.

    i love your answers. i’ll be here tomorrow when i’ve more time and am not exhausted to get more specific.

    Until then just know you did a wonderful job with this. Thank you.

    Hey Chica!
    Thanks, darlin’ I think we all did a good job. And it seems made some sort of impact, eh? Good or bad, it’s certainly inspired some dialogue and perhaps some thought as well. Yes, dear girl, do get some sleep, looks like you’ve been burning the midnight oil. 😉


  2. Groovy… This has stimulated more thougts than I can comment – I’ll attempt my own post?

    Feel free, honey. I like the idea that this may have inspired other ideas. I’d like to see wht you come up with.



  3. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Certainly lots of food for thought, and as I mentioned, I definately have a tickle in my brain that I will have to write about sometime soon. I’ll let you know when it’s up.


    Hey Daisy,
    It was my pleasure to do it – and I’m glad you feel inspired to do another post as a little offshoot of this. It’s what I like best about the blogosphere – that one idea seeds another. Definitely do let us know when the post is up.



  4. Hi Annie,

    It’s been very encouraging, very inspiring, very giving and very real.

    Thanks Annie.

    Hey !!

    I wanted to have answers like yours. I just had long drawn out mad story’s. Hehe!!! I quess were all different arn’t we, and thats the simple beauty of bloging as some-one mentioned the differnces and the simalarities.

    Thanks for all your effort and hard work. It was also great to share a bit more of Diane with you.

    Smiles & Shares

    Hey Di,
    I”m so glad you enjoyed it and were a part of it. I love your stories, mad or otherwise. 😉 We all do have our own approach and that’s what makes things so interesting. What one person thinks of another may never have thought of – the interchange of ideas and beliefs is one of the things I find very thrilling about the whole big blogging adventure.

    Love you bunches,


  5. I love this series. It’s such a fantastic way to highlight peeps like us, ones who just want tot write, and be taken seriously.

    You did a good job with this, A.

    Hey mJ,
    It was great and heck it was a shame you were sick cuz I really wanted you in on this – but there is always the future. Yeah, for me, for us, it is all about the writing, eh?



  6. Truly a great series Anna. I woke up this morning thinking my emotional reaction might have obscured that message too.

    Here’s my hypothesis: The filters we wear are entirely learned – these filters are not inborn traits. You find me someone who allows or perpetrates harm against any other, and let me interview their sisters and brothers, parents and teachers. I would suggest that we are not going to find well rounded individuals. And you know what, I would also theorize they were raised by two gender opposite parents. I don’t believe we are born to hate. So, my theory is that we learn, call it what you will, our biases/filters/hate from others and our environment. How many people does it take to condone inequality and injustice in the family; workplace; world? Injustice against women or men or children or animals or …? Just one, exactly one. Because I also believe that things don’t change in this regard all at once, with one mighty blow – it’s the millions of small differences that we individually make with our choices and actions.

    I believe the worst type of intolerance is the subtle kind. And as a strongly held value, I didn’t want to condone my perception of it with silence. And I hear ya, you say you are not subtle! But that’s why I posted my comment … your approach surprised me, and I believe your public space can make a difference in what we learn about each other. And this series on the wonderful differences and unique contributions women are making to the blogosphere is great! And you are a great blogger … you have definitely had an impact on me. Fully aware it’s your space too, and 100% behind and respect for you telling your message how you like, I just wanted to suggest that striking out at others, when trying to raise awareness of great people doing great things, detracts from, and doesn’t enhance that message.

    As someone without a public personal blog, I very much appreciate that you have a comment system and are encouraging dialog. Thank you for the opportunity to write my thoughts in your space – as with any great dialog, I have learned more about myself in the process, and that for me is just priceless.


    this is so odd, because I know I responded to this, this morning and I’m afraid I cannot remember it all in order to recreate it. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed our dialogue and am glad you decided to post your comments. They added much I think to this post and though they surprised me in many ways – it was good to be surprised and to see what I thought about things.

    As I’ve said, you’re welcome to comment any time and I hope that you do and visit again. It’s been a pleasure.



  7. This was a great series! I enjoyed reading all the snippets and your answers, Annie. Would love to see this same survey done by the gentlemen. If Gerry gets it going make sure he includes that Paul guy. I’d be interested in seeing how it comes out and compares with your project.

    LOL Teens, well, I don’t think Gerry is going to get it going – it is a lot of work and I’m not sure the guys are interested. Though I do agree that that Paul guy would be a great participant. He also happens to be a magnificient poet whom you might enjoy.



  8. What an interesting series! I was flattered to be a part of it. And I agree, it would be interesting to see a similar study among male bloggers.

    Yeah, it could be – but so far, no takers on that front. I guess we’ll see. Thanks for participating, 30.


  9. Great answers from you, Annie. Thanks for inviting me to take part in this. I just hope that our country doesn’t get so bogged down by the “politically correct” that we end up losing our freedom of speech. Our country was founded on freedom of speech and I sure hope it stays that way. That’s why I like blogging. I can write what I want and if some one chooses not to like it they don’t have to read it and they don’t have to be rude about it either. I was on Good Reads yesterday and someone made a comment about a book using poor English. I just figured it was someone who didn’t speak English that well, maybe from another country. The next commenter was so rude to this person, insulting her because of her poor English but at the same time not knowing anything about her. If he didn’t like her comment he didn’t have to read it. It takes so little effort to be polite and respectful.

    I will respectfully stop here because sometimes my comments turn into blogs.

    Great job, you are an awesome lady.

    Hugs and Jugs,


    Hey Joanie,
    Hugs & jugs to you too. 😆 Yeah, free speech that is the thing, isnt’ it? I’ve seen it where commenters go after each other on blogs and it ain’t pretty. I felt sorry for the girl you mentioned – hopefully she isn’t all bummed out. I think though we’re pretty safe on the free speech front – that’s one thing that bloggers seem in complete agreement about. Which is quite cool, actually.

    You are an awesome lady yourself my dear and such a riot. 😉


  10. This series was extremely interesting. It seemed to me like the majority of your panel was 30 or older. As interested as I would be to hear men answer your questions, I would be equally interested to hear what a younger generation of bloggers has to say. There seems to be a large community of 20-somthing bloggers out there and I am wondering if age/experience makes a difference in women’s perceptions of themselves and their role in society.

    Hi Sara and welcome to my coffee shop. 😉 I think a couple of the ladies were younger than that – not all of them revealed their ages – I left that up to them. Though I admit, I probably don’t have many 20 something readers so probably don’t visit blogs authored by same, though are a few. I don’t know if their take would be different. It could very well be. I invited approximately 25 women to participate and 14 were able to – It wasn’t any kind of formal study, more an experiment of what if? Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again.


  11. Interesting about crassness. Actually, I have discovered quite a number of really crass male and female bloggers. Personally, I don’t like the style, regardless of your gender. There are very clever ways to be bawdy and suggestive, and crass just doesn’t cut it for me.

    Even though the Urbane Lion and I are seriously trying to build some sort of internet business, I rarely check the stats. And I sure don’t write to incoporate those sure fire key words. The Lion, however, loves the stats, and lectures me on key words. I’m not a stupid business woman, and I will take some of this into consideration, but I certainly won’t let it deter from good writing. I will work hard at our business, very hard in fact, but it will be done with style and good taste, thank you very much. Oh, with a little bawdiness thrown in for good measure.

    Thanks for all this, Annie!

    Hey Panther,
    Yeah, maybe there’s a trend lately. I admit there are a few baudy blogs I enjoy visiting – but I think you have to have a special talent for it. I know I don’t. Not even close. As to the keywords and all that stuff, it makes eyeballs bleed – I’ve given up on trying to somehow align that to a blog and am choosing just to follow my own intuition about it. It could work. LOL.

    I love your site – you’re hysterically funny and classy too. A combination that is hard to beat. So, I’d say just keep on keeping on. 🙂



  12. What i particularly liked about this project is that it highlighted women’s thoughts about women. i personally never thought for a moment that this was meant to put anyone down- women nor men.

    If i may be candid, this is a man’s world. There have been great strides toward equity, but the systemic power is in the hands of men. i know that there a many, many men who eschew that type of power, R being one of them, but it is the way of the world.

    i think, as one of your contributors was quoted in part ii, that recognizing the differences and embracing similarities lead to understanding. i wouldn’t like it if we were all the same. How boring!

    For me, this whole project helped me not only to realize the subtle differences between men and women in regard to how our thoughts, interests and expression are concerned, but also those between women.

    Mostly, i am aware that aside from gender, race or class, we all just want to be heard. And you have helped get some of our voices out there. So thank you again for this.

    Hey Chica,
    Well, since we know each other pretty well, you know this wasn’t about putting anyone down. but yes, it was about the differences – clearly men and women think differently and you only have to read some of the comments here to see that. I realize that this may have hurt some feelings and I feel sad about that because that wasn’t the point. The point was to bring out what those thoughts were, good, bad or indifferent. I didn’t judge them I just found them interesting. I was surprised that in many cases you guys didn’t see a lot of difference in certain things – so we all learned something here I guess. I hope so anyway.

    Thanks for being one of the pieces of this puzzle – seems to be there may be more for us to learn here.



  13. i so very much enjoyed this series … your answers, everyone’s answers, layers of thought adding to my own initial thought. i so enjoy the process of initial reaction/thought and then reading other opinions and having time to sort through new ideas and re-thinking my own thoughts to see where i sit on things. this whole journey was incredibly thought-provoking and for that i thank you 🙂


    Hey D!
    You know, you just pretty much summed up my feelings. As more people say what they think you can see and feel yourself shifting and rethinking and looking at things differently. Which is why stuff like this can be so awesome – because it does have that effect. It gets others (myself included) to open up to other possiblities. Which can’t be bad, right?



  14. A bit too much generalisation up there for me to wholeheartedly agree with you but an interesting set of answers nonetheless.

    Well alrighty then. Thanks.


  15. This was a great survey and it was really interesting to read your answers; what I’m finding in the more and more female blogs I discover is variety and rapier wit. Mind you I probably seek out the more humourous blogs, but it’s nice to read things and think that it’s just “plain funny”, and not necessarily only “funny for a girl”….

    Yup and that’s the point, isn’t it Romi? It should be about what’s there not who’s writing it. Great comment, thanks!


  16. I am relatively new to blogging and was interested in reading your perspective on the topic of women bloggers. In reading some of the more popular blogs, I was perplexed at some of the vulgar language that was used for shock-value and was curious what others thought. It is my hope that my blog will be something that my son can read without embarrassment. I am glad you touched on this topic.

    Hi Carma & welcome to my little dive,
    I will tell you, that you are one funny lady and I can almost promise your son will be able to read your blog without embarrassment. This was an interesting little experiment – one of that wonderful things that has happened is that there are all these new people dropping by to make comments and when I visit their blogs, I’m blown away. And I think, ‘jeez, how come I never saw this blog before?’ I love it.

    I hope you found the post interesting and I hope to see you again.


  17. I must say- you make me want to take off (in a positive way).

    So…like… take off your shoes? take off for parts unknown? get cleared for takeoff???? 😉


  18. Very nice! I completely agreed with this statement: “perhaps especially, because you know it’s like a big deal when a man reveals his deepest feelings, right? But not so much when women do? WTF? I mean, seriously – why is this?…”

    When a woman reveals her feelings in a blog, sometimes it turns people off! Before my current blog, I had one that delved more into my personal life, my struggles with different issues that others could relate to (such as friendships), etc. Then I started dating a guy who bugged me until I took the blog down because it was “too personal” (note: everything was written long before I had even met him). Would someone complain about this to a male blogger? I’m not sure, but I doubt it.

    Wow Dube,
    That is odd – since none of it had to do with him, what was his logic there? The statement that you quoted is a particular bug of mine. Not that I have a problem with men showing their deep feelings, in fact I wish they would do it more – but that there is such a big deal made about it and usually the big deal is made by women – which always kind of floors me. Though I wonder…maybe that comes out of the idea that many women are looking for that ‘deep’ man and maybe whenever they see a glimpse of it they feel compelled to make a big deal of it? I suppose it’s possible.

    Great comments, thanks!



  19. I love the post. Well,you lot seem to be calling it a series. I’ve loved answering the questions, I’ve loved meeting new women,I’ve loved the different intellenges, I’ve loved all the comments and I’ve loved the kinda debate that the comments in their own right inspire.

    I quess I’m a bit of a 1970’s woman. What the fuck does that mean anyway. I was born in 1965. So Yer ! I’m 1970’s.

    Tom and Jerry I’ve liked everything you’ve had to say. OH Sorry ! I mean Paul and Gerry.

    Hehe!!! Well come on you deserved that.

    OH ! Stop it Diane, being naughty. I love being naughty. I hope I never offend any-one with my naughtyness. What am I talking about ? I’ve lost the thread. Hehe!! I need coffee and fags.

    I’m sure to be back with haughtyniness and naughtyiness.
    Smiles & love. Keep sharing it. Thanks annie.

    Hey Sweetie,
    You make me laugh. I think, all kidding aside, Gerry and Paul brought some interesting and valid debate to the table. Part of the idea was to bring to the fore what women thought – I thought men would be interested to know – were it the other way around and someone had done a similar post about men I would have found it fascinating – though it might have surprised me or maybe even offended me a little – but that’s the thing – sometimes, despite all our yammering about being honest and saying what we think – we end up getting hammered for it. Which could be why people don’t often do it. They don’t want to get slammed for what they think. LOL – there’s no winning for losing here.

    Anyway, I tried to be fair and true to the theme of the posts – I hope most people saw that.

    Thanks for being a participant, it wouldn’t have been the same without you.



  20. Good to read your thinking – right, inspire people to dialogue, in a non-judgemental forum,
    and I agree with developing the writing habit,
    the special way writers “see”.

    Hey Jade,
    I’m glad you liked how it all turned out. It was a challenge to write it and respond to the comments, especially the ones that challenged me but I’m glad we did it. You take care. You’re in my thoughts.



  21. Will have to come back to this and read the whole thing over in peace.
    Just wanted to say, that I wonder who many female bloggers write under a male pseudonym in the blogging world.

    Wonder whether they get away with it?


    Hey Spaz,
    It would be interesting to know that – I’m not aware of any but I’m sure it could be happening. Let me know if you find out. 😉


  22. I’d been holding off on reading this series, because it was a daunting task with my schedule, but I finally got around to it. It was a good read, but now my head hurts. 😛 It got my creative juices flowing, if only I could get my fingers to cooperate I’d have it going on. I’m not going to comment on individual topics, because my mind is all over the map here (agreeing, disagreeing, many more thoughts of my own), but I did want to mention a few things, not really know the relevance, but feeling compelled anyway. Almost everyone on my blogroll are women. Most of my favorite reads are women. They make me laugh, make me cry, make me think and keep me coming back. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. :mrgreen:

    Well hello Mr. Parker, and welcome to my crazy little coffee klatch. 😉 You are a men among men if indeed what you say about your blogroll is true. Not that I doubt the veracity of the statement – it just sounded good, you know? I am grateful that you slogged through the whole series, I know it was a whole lotta words to digest – and gladder still that it got your own muse working overtime in your head. For when all is said and done, the true purpose of this series was to make people think – not any particular thing, whatever they wanted but to think nonetheless. And I thank you muchly for that.


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