Why I Write This Blog

Not long ago, one of my fellow bloggers, Alex, offered to send me a list of questions to re-evaluate my blog – from the standpoint of what my goals were concerning it. I have to say that the questions were damn good and they covered a lot of ground – and frankly, I’m still grappling with the answers to many of those questions. However…

One thing I have realized or perhaps, re-realized is that there were a lot reasons I started it, a lot reasons I continued it, considered getting rid of it, went to self-hosting, and have kept at it – but beneath all those many reasons which are all valid in their right there is one over-riding reason that I write this blog. In a word – Communication.

I am very big on communication, I always have been and I always will be. I believe that it is not guns, wars, politicians, psychobabble, any kind of β€˜ism’, social programs, tax dollars, medications, et.al. that is the universal solvent or solution – but rather it is communication. Not talks or summits or deals, or any of the crap that comes out of officials leaders’ mouths or people running to become official leaders, but real, live communication. Where people actually sit down and discuss an issue or topic, listening and then responding in a way that shows they have been listening and originating new thoughts, ideas, and solutions to the dialogue toward the end of reaching a real and true understanding. If people, no matter who they were, what they were or where they were did that, so many of the problems in the world would not exist. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there are a lot of great true communicators in the world or not enough of them to make the difference needed.

Sure there is a lot of talk, a lot of dialogue but not really much communication. Honest to goodness communication, where understanding is the ultimate goal. Anybody can talk. Not everyone can communicate. I don’t know why this is but I do know that it’s true. How many times have you experienced having a conversation with someone and then realizing that they really either weren’t listening or they weren’t understanding what you were saying? We all have. And it’s frustrating to feel like you have something to say that you want to be understood by another and know that it isn’t.

I talk about a lot things here – from the ridiculous to the profound. Big questions and little questions. Some of it is absolutely intended to make you laugh, brighten your day in some small way. Maybe make going to or sitting in that cubicle a little better. A small act, true, but one that can’t hurt. Some of it is to make you think – whether about current events, social issues, political actions, belief systems or just maybe even another point of view to consider. Some of it is to make you feel, Theme Fridays come to mind – I like the idea of enticing you into a different world where surprising and even happy things can happen, to enchant you, inspire you, or even make you cry – hey every woman knows that a good cry can be better than a bottle of Prozac any ol’ day. But ultimately, no matter what I write here my intention is to get you to talk – to exchange talk with me. To communicate.

The purpose of this blog is create dialogue of me with you, you with me, you with others – the whole nine yards. It is why I welcome each and every person who makes a comment, why I respond to each and every comment, why I link to you guys in my posts – and I kind of think, it’s why you come here. I am all about the communication, bringing people together to have communication and spreading the seeds of communication out there. I have often referred to this blog as my big kitchen table where there is always a place for anyone who comes by, where everyone is welcome and there is always a big pot of hot coffee brewing and usually cookies or something to nibble on. The more the merrier, as far as I’m concerned. I think of you all (no matter how well I do or don’t know you) as part of the gang, part of the family – we may not agree, we may even bicker from time to time but we’re still all for one and one for all to coin a terrible cliche.

So in the end, this blog is not about stats, or being a power blog, or selling crap, or writing pillar articles or forcing my views on anyone about anything. It is just about getting people talking to each other and reaching for that little bit of extra understanding while they are also reaching for that next doughnut.

As always, I thank you for reading, I thank you for visiting and I really really thank you for communicating and playing this game with me.

12 thoughts on “Why I Write This Blog

  1. And this is why I keep coming back. I love a good entry, and you keep delivering. Because you are a fantastic writer and a great communicator. I get you because you’re able to tell me who you are exactly. Thanks, thanks for being like that.

    Matthew Dryden´s last blog post..Dullness Prevails / Worst Entry Ever

    Hey Matthew,
    Thanks for the great comment! I hope you always feel welcome here in the gabfest. πŸ™‚


  2. Annie,

    Thank you for having us all at your kitchen table. I’m not the best at coming regularly and frequently, however, I do come back for catch-up every so often and am always delighted, amazed, sometimes saddened, and always feeling welcomed to either stand as a wallflower and ‘listen in’ or stand up and say my bit.

    Thank you Annie for wanting to start/continue a dialogue with all of us.


    Daisy´s last blog post..Clothes Fit for a Freak

    No thanks needed, my friend – you were one of my great ‘discoveries’ and I’m always happy to see your face around here. πŸ™‚


  3. From my kitchen table to yours “Hear hear!” Sometimes change happens not from some celebrity or politican making a grand stand, but from one person saying something to another person that totally rings true for them.

    Urban Panther´s last blog post..Through someone else’s eyes

    Hey Panther,
    Absolutely – in fact, I tend to think that more change occurs around the kitchen table than any summit or political talks. πŸ˜‰


  4. Hiya,

    I love playing the communicating game now, I was a bystander for a while to. I just looked at the pictures. I never really read anything, I couldn’t. I sensed the unity though before I began to engage and feel the unity for myself.

    You sure do bring people together with your communication skills. Like you said communication is more than just words, we all have words, the world is words. I like the unspoken words here.

    The words that you don’t read. Its a feeling. I feel here on this blog.I learn here on this blog, I think here on this blog, I cry yes here on this blog. I quess I use those pesky words to.

    Do you know what I love about you and this blog dear Annie, I love the fact that you feel the people who you read and I’ve noticed sometimes that you write stuff for people’s pain. You write for others, I quess thats because your a Writer Chic.

    Love the picture and this blog and all your readers and comments are great. I love this kitchen table- coffee, two with milk.

    Love Di

    Hey Di,
    Coffee coming right up. Would you like a biscuit with that? πŸ˜‰ Thank sweetie, you’re a doll.


  5. Hi Annie,

    I like your blog because it reminds me of past good times in my life. Well, some of my past good times as I have yet to see you feature drunken naked parties. Not that I would mind, should the desire to do so overwhelm you.

    the Grit

    the Grit´s last blog post..The Walking Dead Vote

    Well Grit,
    That is the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me – thanks, darlin’ I may be past the drunken naked parties but I’m sure Evyl may be up for a few. πŸ˜‰


  6. I like your kitchen table concept.

    I love that blogging gives me glimpses into other people’s worlds, I love that it lets me have connections with people far away that I might never ordinarily have known, the way it brings people together, the strong sense of community that develops amoung those who haunt similar places. Communication is a powerful thing.

    I’ll have a hot chocolate with my cookie thanks πŸ˜‰

    Bettina´s last blog post..Screw Up Tuesday

    Hey Bettina,
    Hot chocolate coming right up, the better to have with your eclair, eh? πŸ˜‰

    I agree, communication is a very powerful and wonderful thing. And the internet, specifically the blogosphere has really I think overall brought people together in a very unique way. God bless the blogosphere and it’s many bloggers. πŸ˜‰


  7. I never would have bought a computer of my own in the first place were it not for its communications abilities: way back in the middle 1980s I was making the BBS scene, getting tech advice from CompuServe, and sending actual email. (MCI – remember them? – had a national email service back then. A box cost $35 or so a year, and messages to boxholders were 50 cents. You could even write to someone who didn’t have an MCI box; they’d print it out and drop it in the mail for you, for a buck.)

    It was therefore inevitable that I would be somewhere around when the Big Blog Boom kicked in.

    CGHill´s last blog post..Bluster’s last stand

    Hey CG,
    Wow you were in from the very beginning eh? I do remember MCI and paying for email boxes. Whoa, I’m dating myself. Yikes. πŸ˜‰


  8. That is an excellent reason for a blog. Personally I write my blog as an excuse to solicit nude pics of female readers but to each their own.

    And btw, you never get to old for drunken nude parties.

    Evyl´s last blog post..Marcia Brady Was A Crack Ho

    Hey Darlin’
    Yes we all have our unique reasons for writing our blogs. πŸ˜‰ You may be right about the nude parties but I’ve found as I get older the guest list gets shorter and shorter for them. πŸ˜†


  9. Hey girlfriend!

    When I first found you, I felt at home and connected. You are a gifted writer and communicator.

    I am sorry I am not here daily. I have been very lax in visiting one of my favorite sites for the sheer enjoyment whether it is to ponder, or just enjoy the cup of coffee.

    I feel like right now I have all I can do to post and respond on a fairly regular basis. But ya never know..I may be back over here bugging the cooty out of you on a daily basis..hope soon.

    Big ole hugs to the Best of the West!

    Angie´s last blog post..The Media Lie..Or Silence

    Hey girlfriend!
    You never have to explain why you’re not here all the time. I understand completely and don’t worry about it at all. I know you love me – back atcha. πŸ˜‰
    Big ol’ hugs back to the best poli-blogger I know.


  10. Hey, Stranger!
    I smelled the coffee all the way across the country and had to come by and FINALLY say ‘hi’ again. I’ve missed you – and writing – and that communication thing you wrote about. (I haven’t written in my own blog in over a year!)

    Your excellent and touching post makes me think of Dr. Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, ever hear of them? Actually, I’m thinking of just one of them: ‘quality time/conversation’ (aka: my language πŸ™‚ Some people feel most loved when someone listens to them, really listens, and understands them – just like you said.

    You are quite special, Annie, in what you write and how you make others feel by writing it. No matter how long I stay away, it always feels like I’m coming back to an old friend’s house.

    Stay well, my friend,


    Oh my Gawd, as I live and breathe, my dear, dear friend Debi! Golly, it’s so good to see you! I know you have written in your own blog for a long while and I miss that – your great writing and your insight, please tell me you’re coming back to it. Puleeze.

    No, I never have heard of Chapman but I should check that out. I’m glad you feel that way because you know what? It’s true. We are old friends and the door is always open to you my dear. Always. Don’t be a stranger, okay?



  11. You mention that there aren’t a whole lot of great communicators in the world. I think it’s because we each speak our own language. The words might be the same, but the meanings of those words vary from person to person.

    Without the ability to see right into each others’ heads we exist in a post Tower of Babel world where no one can ever really know what someone else is saying. We exist in our own world with language as the very shaky bridges between each world. Some times they make a connection while other times the bridge breaks and the idea plummets into the abyss between worlds, lost forever.

    We do our best, however. And you, Annie, do it very well.


    Hey Alex!
    Interesting point of view but I wonder if it’s really that way or if in fact, we’ve all sort of bought into this concept of having our own special meaning for words. Words do have universal meanings otherwise dictionaries wouldn’t exist, eh? But I do think maybe that you may be speaking of intention that the intention behind the words can vary or maybe aren’t really revealed through the words. And I’d agree that we tend to have shrunk down into our own worlds rather than reaching out more to others, which I think is part of the problem. We won’t solve our shared problems by receding into ourselves, you know? And I think too that the more we think of others the more we learn about ourselves. πŸ˜‰


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