If a Giant… by Teeni

If a giant reached out to touch a freshly mown field of grass, would it feel the same to him as velvet would feel to a normal sized person?

Yes, it’s an odd little pondering, I admit. But in recent years, thoughts like this have begun rolling around in my mind more often. Like marbles in a wooden labyrinth, they roll tentatively from one end of my brain to the other, desperately avoiding the holes that will send them into oblivion, where they will be forever misplaced in my faulty memory banks. Some of these ideas survive, fortunately, because I try to write them down before they escape me. They want to be more than just ideas, I think. They want to grow and if I let them, I think they will become much more.

I don’t know if there are more of these wonderings in my head now or if I am just more aware of them. So many things have changed for me in such a short time. I have no idea where to lay the blame. Could it be one of the many medical diagnoses or the treatments I’ve endured? Or is it just normal wisdom coming with old age?

I’ll probably never know how or why things happened the way they did. But I do know that my brain doesn’t work the way it used to. I don’t have the attention span I used to have and my memory stinks. But other things have changed as well. I feel more creative. I’m much more reflective. I can laugh at myself more. I learn in smaller pieces but I make it interesting and try to apply things. I enjoy it. I have ideas. I entertain them and let them linger in my mind, no matter how silly they may be. Ideas and creativity are extremely important. So I don’t stifle mine anymore or shoot them down. They may not all go somewhere but that’s okay.

Everything begins with an idea. And I’m beginning to think that it is healthy to just soak in your creative ideas at times. It is important to free your mind from stresses and periodically just let it wander … and wonder, learning odd things here and there as it goes. I think it helps keep your mind young, fresh, and alive. And you shouldn’t have to schedule a weekend away to do it. Take a few minutes at a time. Learn to relax, breathe deeply. Allow your mind to switch into a lower, slower and calmer gear. Ideas great and small will begin to form without much coaxing, if you will only allow them to. Open up and let them form. They may take you someplace big in life. Or they may just remain interesting, entertaining little ideas.

The question at the beginning of the post occurred to me when my husband and I were driving in the car, most likely on our way home from a food shopping trip – a very mundane task, I know. But I look at things a lot differently now. In the passenger seat beside my handsome man, I looked over and saw a field of freshly mown grass with a little hill in the middle of it. It looked like a giant palm could have fit there like a long-lost puzzle piece. I tried to picture how it would feel if I were fifty times my current size. I visualized stretching out my enormous arm and placing my gargantuan hand right in the middle of that sweet smelling field. Individual blades of grass would be miniscule compared to my oversized hand. Would I even feel them at all? Would they register in my consciousness? I think they would. I think they would feel like a carpet of cool, soft velvet. I might even pass my hand back and forth a little bit to “pet” the grass, “fluffing” up any blades that had been bent over and immersing myself in its sensation, the reaction it evoked from me.

Maybe this one wasn’t my million-dollar idea. But I let the idea grow. And it did. It turned into this post.

Always wonder.

Always learn.

Always love.

Always laugh.

Always live.

Thanks for letting me get a little creative and expressive over here, Annie. Hugs to you and to anyone reading – thanks for your time!


24 thoughts on “If a Giant… by Teeni

  1. The more I get to chat with you, read your posts, and comments at other people’s blogs- I see we have a lot in common.

    What an inspiring piece, it’s easy to see why Annie asked you to be a guest here, you have awesome insight and this is written beautifully!



  2. Peter – Oops, yeah, gotta get some action too. 😉

    JQ – Thanks for such kind words – I can’t imagine being compared to a more wonderful person so if you think we are alike, I am extremely flattered!

    Michael – I wish I had learned to let my mind wander this way a lot sooner in life but heck, you gotta take what you get when you get it. LOL. I’m glad to hear your mind works in a similar way. That gives me a lot of hope. Thanks so much, beautiful man.


  3. Teeni your post has opened my mind a little bit wider. I am already a day dreamer-they call it ADD now a days, that is one of the issues I must deal with.

    I often wonder what a giant would think of the world we live in, just as I wonder what ants and other insects think of when we trample over them.

    I need to work on the Always living part…I need to expand my horizons and live, live , live.

    Thanks Teeni for this great post…


  4. Teeni- I know how old you are so this does not surprise me- that your are so creative. When I was a teenager I thought I was hot stuff creatively. Now I know I was an idiot ( I know I read my old journals and cringed)! Suddenly in my mid 30’s and moving forward I find myself to be more creative and inspired by the things around me. The older I get the more ideas I have, the more I pursue these little projects or even new ways of thinking. Besides the downside of an aging body- there are perks to growing older… appreciation and wonder comes back. I feel like I am reliving my childhood most days but only better.

    You are right that it is healthy to soak in creativity- sometimes when I am stuck writing my children’s books- I just think… I imagine being the size of a fly or whatever. It’s not wasted time to daydream.

    Great post!


  5. What a fantastic piece, Teeni! Very inspirational, and just what I needed to read at the moment. Your mind must be a very interesting place to be, you have such great ideas and I love your creativity. The fact that you let your thoughts wander and don’t stifle that “inner child” just shows what an amazing person you are! Love ya!


  6. If he were naked and rolling around then it might feel like velvet sheets until the dead grass caused chafing.

    I love how your mind works. I give free rein to mine as well. It can be dangerous to keep it bottled up.


  7. Hannah – Thank you Hannah! Just when I feel like someone’s gonna tell me to grow up and act my age, you go and say the nicest things! Love you!

    Hay – Thank you so much! I am glad you think it’s good – that means a lot to me! Love to you too!

    Evyl – LOL! I love how your mind works too! It’s always surprising me! You really did rock that guest post over here you know! And I think you are right about bottling up – could be dangerous! 🙂


  8. This was beautifully written Teeni, I was visualizing being that giant touching the grass…I bet it would feel all soft and velvety.

    It’s good to let our minds wander and let them be creative. Good for you for letting it go 🙂


  9. This was a very thought provoking piece, and inspiring. I think you’re having some beautiful thoughts, Teeni, and I love that you’re sharing them with us.


  10. Oh gosh, you write so well! What a wonderful text 🙂 Sometimes I just feel a flow of creativitiy but I’ve no time to spend it like I’d like 😀 I think people who are too stressed have to find an activity where they know they’ll relax. I’ll do crafts others might run. It always depends on your mood. Of course I’m still stressed but at least I know what can I do to relax


  11. Debo – I hear you! My attention wanders from one thing to another very easily. I’m trying to work on little ways to make it work FOR me though. And yeah, the living, or action, part can be more difficult to get motivated about, and you can’t always be doing or you will run yourself down, but we have to do things we want to do and get them done so we can enjoy our life and not regret having not tried.

    Michelle – “reliving my childhood but only better” – that is a wonderful way of looking at it and I’m saving that one for a future tagline! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in my experiences and for the wonderful comment. 🙂

    Kami – Thanks! I’m so glad you could “see” it! 🙂

    Wendy – Thank you!!! 🙂

    Katie – Glad you enjoyed it and mwah right back at ya! 🙂

    Cath – Thank you so much! And yes, we all get too stressed at times. Thank goodness for creative outlets. I’m enjoying seeing yours at your blog!

    CuriousC – Aw, you are too kind! *blushes and gives you a thank you hug* 🙂


  12. WOW. This post is really amazing. And the question you asked at the beginning – it shows you have a perspective on life that is perfect for a writer, and one that I really wish I had!

    I like what you wrote about letting creative ideas “soak” for awhile. I’m doing that right now with a script that I need to change up. I’ve just let it float around in my mind for a few months, hoping for some new ideas & creative turns.

    Great post.


  13. Dube – WOW right back! I am so very flattered by your comment. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words! I wish you well with the script and that you find your new ideas and creative turns!


  14. Thank you Diva! I wasn’t planning on fleshing out this particular idea but I have entertained the thought of writing children’s books.

    Thanks BeadDen! That is very kind of you!

    Thank you, Chip! I totally agree with that and I’m thankful that for the last couple of years, I have had the time to focus more on the inner voice.

    I think some of your comments got stuck in moderation so I didn’t see them right away but I appreciate all the kind words. Thank you, all! 🙂


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