8 thoughts on “Let's Party – a Kelly Update

  1. I’ve gotta tell you Annie, I consider all your readers/friends part of my family that this thank you party was for. I can’t tell you how awesome I think they all are. They have got to know they are fully a part of why I am still here and doing so well. Thank you so much for sharing the video with everyone! I want them to feel like they were there too. I’ll figure out how to get pizza to all of them too. 😉

    Thank you everyone!!!

    Hey Kel,
    I know you do and I’m glad – and I wish all of us could have been there and partied with you. I was thrilled to share the vid with everyone – you’re my hero.

    Much love,


  2. Without personally having met this incredible person, I have to say simply ‘thank you’. You show through example that with determination, character, love and soul, you can control your future. What a horrific experience to have come through and yet – there is a warm, loving, comforting smile plastered on your face. Whilst the rest of us may sit around and bemoan our everyday pitfalls and obstacles, you my friend, are living life to the fullest and loving every footstep along the way! Thank you for leaving the rest of us a path to TRY to live up to and follow.

    I’ll second that. And you just very aptly explained why Kelly is my hero.
    Annie 🙂


  3. Hi Annieo and Kelly.

    Crying ~ All the way through. Truly a miracle ~ Kelly is such a special person who is truly loved. Thank you for sharing your party and letting us all come. This is my favourite party of the year, I’ve had a lovely time with all you wonderful people and its been nice to put some faces to the prayer ring that we were all part of.

    Kelly you’re such a beautiful woman who has touched my heart immensly.Thank you for sharing your journey with us and what a lovely song ~ I love this song, never heard it before ~ OMG ! The pictures of the crash and the coma..Aww !! Phew ! So emotional here. RIGHT ! I’m going back to the party.

    Thank you special wonderful ladies you’re both a shining example to me, so very bright and sparkly.
    Love Di.

    And PS. Don’t all the American Men in uniforms look very handsome and big ~ I like them. Hehe !!

    Hi Di,
    I knew you especially would love the video. I’m so glad you got a chance to ‘meet’ Kelly and go to her party. She loved having you there. The faces are all bright and shiny, aren’t they? Men in uniforms, yup, can’t be beat. 😉


  4. Oh Kelly let me give you a very real cyber hug. Your so huggable.

    ((((((~~ XX Kelly XX ~~)))))) and for Annie. ((((((~~ XX Annie XX~~))))))

    Back atch, baby! 🙂


  5. Thanks so much for sharing some happy news. Kelly has been through so much yet she looks amazing! This video is so full of smiles and love that it is simply heartwarming. Did I spy you in some of those photos, Annie?
    .-= teeni´s last blog ..Late Again, Sorry, and the Winner is… =-.

    She really has been through so much but her heart and her spirit still shines – perhaps even more than it did. No, I’m afraid I wasn’t in any of these photos as the party took place in Seattle. I was there in spirit, however. 😉


  6. Just sending love and smiles to you all. All my very best wishes Kelly and Annie. Kelly your truly a miracle,
    With Love
    I love this song.

    Hi Sweetie,
    Kelly is doing great. She is getting her eye surgery in a couple of weeks and hopefully won’t be seeing double anymore. Which I know will really boost her progress. Fingers crossed and prayers said.



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