Scanners – Follow the Money (Millions for Billions)

Well, well, it’s just so hard to keep up with the developing drama of the new airport security measures (we use the term loosely).  This article may be somewhat enlightening about who may or may not be behind such enthusiasm for scanners that have no studies (despite the fact they’ve been developing them for several years) detailing the long term harm they may or may not do.

I wonder who might be on their boards of directors too.  That would be an interesting thing to find out, wouldn’t it?


So, some very connected DC insiders did some very dedicated lobbying and got quite a yield for their efforts.  Just goes to show you, that following the money provides answers every time.



One thought on “Scanners – Follow the Money (Millions for Billions)

  1. All I keep thinking is “is it really necessary”. I know terrorism is a threat, I know that people smuggle stuff all the time, but…. *shakes head* what’s next? Making people submit to drug, gunpowder and explosive residue tests as well? Blood tests? Where does this stop?

    Hey B!
    No, I don’t think it is necessary, except perhaps to make the public think that they need the government more. I heard an interview yesterday (for example) with a private airplane pilot. He explained that people can essentially hire a private plane to go anywhere in the U.S. with no security checks, all the baggage you want, as many guests as you like and within as little as four hours notice. Which of course begs the question, if you can fly privately with virtually no security check what’s up with all the ‘we’re keeping you safe’ biz justification for flying from L.A. to San Francisco.

    If this were about safety they would employ methods that actually work. Israel has been cited recently as having very effective and non-intrustive security measures – but then, they aren’t politically correct so….

    If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – it’s about control. Frightening people into willing giving up their personal freedoms.

    How far? I just heard the other day that people are suggesting we all just submit to background checks that will then be put in the TSA database – like that would be less intrusive? Oy!



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