So You Think You Can Dance – Who is going to win?

Well with excitement and anxiety I watched part one of the finale last night. I have to admit, I wasn’t crazy about the disco number. Aside from the fact that I hate disco, the dancers (two of my faves) seemed pretty uncomfortable with it. Of course I think they both, especially Melanie redeemed themselves later on.

And to my shock, Sasha actually received her first criticism of the season – on two numbers.  Although in her defense, I have to say (and in fact for all the dancers) most of the routines were hideous. Not the dancers but the choreography. The boot dance at the end? What was that? And lil C – he usually comes up with some awesome stuff but that one was I don’t even know what it was. Even the number ‘tailored’ for Sasha seemed too Sonya weird for me.

Compared to last season and the numbers performed on the finale, this finale disappointed.

I’m not sure what the problem was aside from choreographers – most of whom, I’m sorry but should be replaced – the dancers all just seemed exhausted.  Maybe four numbers plus a solo is a lot to ask of one dancer in a show.

Although I will say that except for the disco number, the rest of Melanie’s numbers were great and I loved them. Sasha did well I thought in the number with Melanie and the Sonya number (even though I didn’t care for the routine) and her solo was stronger than ones past.

Marko got robbed in my opinion, the disco, the boot number and the broadway number with Sasha were more like penalties than dance routines – even though I thought he did the best he could in the broadway number. The only number that was a gift to him was with last year’s winner, Lauren – and it was pretty darn good I thought.

Tadd – I feel sorry for him, they put Sasha (who is already four inches taller than him) in heels for that ridiculous chacha number, the hip hop number was blah, and that boot number…oy! But he did great with Melanie in the wronged woman number. In fact, he and Melanie partner quite well together.

Sasha – I think it was a shock for the judges that she didn’t come out on top last night. Her Sonya number was tailor made for her so if she had messed that up there would have been no excuse. The broadway and chacha numbers definitely did her no favors – although the broadway was better than that chacha thing. The number with Melanie I thought was her best – for once she wasn’t the warrior princess and was just a dancer beautifully expressing the concept, the music and the joy of dancing.

Though I must say I think that the judges did everything in their power to manipulate a girl on girl showdown. I think the boys are knocked and it’s between Melanie and Sasha. Personally I think Melanie did better and should win but admittedly she has been my favorite from day one. I won’t like it if Sasha wins but she is a fierce competitor and I have to give her props for that.

Who do you think will win?


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And she won!!!!!! Yippee and congratulations to the amazing Miss Melanie!