I’m a Thinker, You’re a Thinker…

Red of Dr. Pepper is Good for the Soul has been named as a “Thinking Blogger.” Congrats my dear, and well deserved. Nobody  cuts through the chaff like you.

She has named five more bloggers as thinkers, and generously included me in her group. How flattered am I? Plenty!

The rules of the meme are simple:

1. If you get tagged, write a post, with links, to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote. (I’m not sure I did this part right. Me and technology – oy! But I did get the picture right. 🙂 )

Red already tagged Michael of Smoke & Mirrors and Evyl of From Evyl With Love, (dang, she beat me to the punch) two of the most thinkingest blogs out there. And please do believe all she has to say about them – they are magical.

And now onto my five…they are all wonderful and worth the read:

Never Goodbye by Popsgirl is a heartfelt journal of her experience with her father’s descent into dementia. It is always warm, often funny and poignant. You could never walk away without feeling changed somehow by reading her stories of her charismatic father.

Summer’s Child by Mckenzie is one young woman’s journey of bearing her soul and sharing true insight with her readers. She embraces her pain and her joy equally, wearing her scars as proudly as her triumphs.

Brit and Grit by Brit & Grit (natch) It’s funny, it’s whacky, it’s always something new. There is a refreshing sting of satire that runs rampant through this blog. Something for everyone.

Spasmically Perfect  by Spaz (to her friends) is like that first warm and fragrant breeze on a summer evening. Her writing is gentle, often profound and always refreshing.

Nanny’s Nook by Anonomum is one woman’s rage against the machine. She is biting, funny as hell and shoots straight from the hip. There is no one like her, a true original.

Hope you liked the picture as much as I did – I simply couldn’t resist…it’s dangerous for me to take myself too seriously. 😉  Now, what are you waiting for, go – read.


 Addendum: You know, much as I liked the idea of this meme, I found it limiting at the same time. For me, all the blogs on my blogroll offer something and certainly they offer food for thought. It felt a little wrong to exclude all but five. Know what I mean? I love everyone on my blogroll, even if I don’t get around to visiting all the time – it takes a lot to maintain a blog and do it well. And there isn’t anyone on my blogroll who doesn’t do that. So screw it, I’m nominating all of you.

Of course this will probably mean that they’ll take my thinking award away from me – but oh well – my mantle is full of awards anyway. LOL. 😆

8 thoughts on “I’m a Thinker, You’re a Thinker…

  1. You are too cute! Scary thought, calling me thinker.


    Well you’d better get used to it – there are others depending on you. 😉 No pressure there, eh?


  2. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the mention.
    I’m a bit meme’d out right now but may post something at a later date.
    I’m familiar with PopsGirl, Spas & Nanny but have yet to visit the other two blogs you mentioned.
    I will take care of that after I get some sleep.
    These 18+ hour days just kill me.
    Thanks again, Annie.

    Oh you silly boy – no thanks needed. You know that, doncha?

    I know I think this is the last meme I’m going to do for a while – especially since in the case of this one, we’re all going to end up choosing each other. LOL. How’s that for irony?

    Yes, do get some sleep. I know how you feel. Those ballbusting days can really hoit. 😉


  3. dammit, does this mean I gotta do it twice?? I don’t think that much!!

    Aw, quite yer griping! 😆 And yes, you have to think twice or maybe even thrice…hard to say. 😆


  4. I still cracks me up to hear my blog referred to as a thinking blog. If you only knew how little thinking actually runs through my head when I post. I am going to do this tomorrow but you stole Nanny’s Nook from me. She always comes up with some good shit. I am not surprised to see you get accolades of this sort. You da’ bomb!!!

    Aw, thanks honey. You’re aces with me too. I don’t care if you think or not (and of course, we all know you do) – I love your sass.


  5. Thinker awards? Not sure I get the whole idea, will have revisit this once I get home. All I understand at this point is that you put my name up on your thinker awards list and for that I say ‘thank you’ Annie.
    More then the award I love the ‘like that first warm and fragrant breeze on a summer evening’. Wow. Meanwhile we are still getting freakin snow flurries here …… brrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

    Aw, poor Spaz. Sorry about the snow. You must be pretty far north. We, on the other hand are having beautiful spring weather. My tomato plants are already popping out little tomaters. Yum, yum.

    And of course you are a thinker…what else?


  6. We got a cold front too. Sucked. I love tomatoes or as we say ” dah mate urs”. When I lived in the Keys, I had a tomato plant. My neighbor gave it to me. She moved away and the plant eventually died, but we’re still friends.

    That’s nice that you’re still friends with the dah mate urs plant. Do you go to the vegetable cementary to visit with it? 😆


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