Are We Society Bots?


After the nearly 10,000 spam hits I’ve gotten on this blog, I’ve started thinking about this whole spam-bot thing. This isn’t another post complaining about spam, though it’s tempting, it’s really about how maybe the weird little things in life actually mirror who we are. Bear with me and we’ll see if I can make my point.

I’ve noticed with the spam that there seem to be trends. For example, one week it’s all sicko stuff, the next week it will be apparently from Russian or Yugoslavian guys, the next week from real estate people and this week I’ve gotten almost 2,000 spam hit from the drug planet. Every kind of drug you can imagine, which I dare not specify lest, they send another 2,000 my way. But it’s not the numbers or even the spam that interests me – it’s the trends. It’s the type of message they are spewing all over the place.

We live in a modern and technologically -savvy world. Heck, there is a gadget for everything, even a special clip for your potato chip bag, every method under the sun for your love-making preferences and a drug for everything that ails us. Still, we’re all restless, can’t seem to find our purpose in life, our soulmates, happiness, nirvana, whatever you want to call it. We’re still as screwed up as we were 30 years ago – maybe more so. Now doesn’t that give you pause?

Don’t you have to wonder that if none of this stuff is really floating our boats, if none of it is solving our woes, if none of this is tickling our fancy, then there must be some other reason for it all? I’m not going to go into any conspiracy theories here, because there are spambots for that too, so why would I take the time. But, I will say that if none of this stuff is solving our problems then it must be solving someone else’s. Right? I mean, no company keeps doing something just for the heck of it. They don’t advertise things to death because they aren’t selling it. So, if you put aside the ‘reasons’ they say they are selling it – to make you feel better, so you won’t hurt anymore, because you deserve the best, I’m okay, you’re okay, blah, blah – then you have to look at who/what it might behoove.

I think the spam bots are trying to tell us something and that that something is that we will not find our answers in pill bottles, blue videos, dates with Blonde Russian girls or real estate seminars. That no matter how many pills, vids, seminar, get rich quick schemes, promises of true love and so on are promoted that the answers lie somewhere else.

We’ve become convenience junkies – from junk food to remote controls. Why walk when you can drive the two blocks to the grocery store? Why cook when Micky D’s is down the street? Why talk to your family at the dinner table when you could be eating KFC in front of the big screen t.v.? Why be responsible when there is always someone else you can blame and make responsible for you?

We’ve become prisoners of our own laziness and apathy. We’ve stopped caring about each other and given in to a preference for living in our own little worlds, where companies and advertisers will gleefully supply us with everything we think we need or want. Hell, it’s all just money to them. And they are probably just as wound up in this silly string as everyone else.

Yep, we’re the little society bots who get up every morning, fire up our computers, check our emails, stop by Starbuck’s to get our fix, crank up our sound systems in the car and dial the cell phone and the heck with everyone else. You think I’m kidding but I’m not. I find it really sad and i worry, that we’ll someday all end up as Borgs or some odd configuration of man and machine all because we bought into the idea that life should be easy, that we are entitled to every little thing our hearts desire and that we shouldn’t really have to work too hard for it. Shouldn’t have to stand on line, shouldn’t have to be polite to our neighbors or care if some fellow is stranded on the side of the road.

Yep, we be society bots n’ shit. But I’m kind of hoping that the people out there who still think – give this some thought. Otherwise, we may soon find ourselves impelling through space into a bigger universe where we are the bots spamming the bigger guy’s computers.


8 thoughts on “Are We Society Bots?

  1. Today’s society is the epitome of laziness. It’s true. I mean…we are to the point where we clap, just to turn on a light, or we drive around for thirty minutes looking for a great parking spot– walking wouldn’t kill us; it would do us good, actually.

    Hey Kenz,
    You know, sometimes, I even halfway wish for a power outage – so that people will have to rely upon themselves for a short time and relearn that they are in fact, self-reliant. Although the havoc that one small power outage wreaks makes that idea unviable. 😉


  2. To find a philosophical dissertation on Spam is to be commended.
    Not many spot the trends in the Akismet bin only to try and make some logical sense of it.
    And I wholeheartedly agree with you, Annie.
    Until we open our eyes to achieve an understanding of the actual worth of the simple things that make this life worth living, we are all truly on automatic.
    It’s frightening.
    We be society bots n’ shit.

    Here, here, Mikey. We are in fact, slaves to our own modern conveniences. Weird, huh? Instead of taking advantage of all the freedom those conveniences have provided, we choose to become subject to them. Oy.


  3. Hi kenzielee,
    The parking lot at the Wal*Mart where I do most of my shopping is dangerous enough to make every ten feet closer to the entrance worth fighting for
    Hi WC,
    We had one bout of spam devoted to child porn. That, I have to say, was the worst. Speaking of spam, in four short months, we’ve had 1,397 blocked.
    I also find I must say, “Bring back MST3K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    the Grit

    Hi Grit,
    No idea what MST2K is – but otay. I’ve had over 11,000 spam blocked in the last nine months. And it seems to rise expotentially as time goes on. Can’t figure that one.


  4. ~m is right. This is a great analsysis of convenience and I do agree with most of your points. I just wonder how you came up with the laziness analogy.

    Hmm, well I guess if the post doesn’t explain it then I haven’t done such a good job of analysing it.

    I guess my point is, that now that we’ve got all these great conveniences we’ve become more addicted to them than at cause over them. We have come to rely on them more than we rely on our own ingeniuty and brain power. For example, I become nearly homicidal when I’m without computer and internet connection – forgetting of course that there was life before such things and I got on just fine before them and could do the same now. Make sense?


  5. Hi k,

    That, it would appear, is my calling in life 🙂

    As to the parking lot issue, last year I saw an elderly woman actually hit a police officer with her car, and continue on as if nothing had happened. Fortunately, the officer, being on foot at the time, was able to roll with the impact enough not to be harmed. He was also able to chase down his assailant, force her to stop, and slap her in handcuffs.

    How does the theme song to Monk start, “It’s a jungle out there?” All too true I fear.

    the Grit


  6. Great one, and most of above comments say it all.
    The thing I always laugh about is how we can’t spend enough on life simplifying gadgets but then spend time and money to more or less successfully hang out in the gym. Too this day I have never seen an overweight Amish person.

    Nope you never do see an overweight Amish – it’s something to think about. 😉


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