The Pets That Peeve


Everybody has funny, little things that bug them. Not things that they hate or really change their lives in any significant way – just stuff that drives them quietly up the wall. Usually too, it’s things that you’d be too embarrassed to say out loud. So you put up with them. Oh, but sometimes, sometimes you feel like you’re going to come out of your own skin they bug you so much. Here are mine:

  1. People who wiggle their toes or waggle their feet, or pick at their feet, especially while you’re eating or watching t.v. It just plain grosses me out. In my opinion, most people do not have attractive feet, especially men. They often have weird toenails that are scary colors. And yes, after you’ve had those puppies in sneakers and socks all day they do stink when you decide to air them out.
  2. People who pick at their food as though they are looking for a secret weapon under there. It’s food, damn it. Eat it or toss it, but for God sakes please stopping treating it like a frog in science class.
  3. People who eat with their mouths open. Now how do they expect that food to stay in there? And why do they think I want to see what it looks like after it’s been mashed around inside their mouth? If you’re not trying to catch flies, shut your trap.
  4. Men who ask you out on a date and then want to know where you want to go or what you want to do. For crying out loud, be a man. Be decisive. Show me you’re a take-charge kind of guy. If you can’t decide where we’re going on a date, what would make you think I’d have the slightest belief that you know where you’re going?
  5. People who talk during the movie. Now why would anyone go to the trouble of driving to the theater, paying $10 plus to see a movie and then proceed to talk about their mother-in-law once the movie starts? That also goes for people who answer their cell phones, kick the seats and eat their popcorn loud enough for people down the block to hear it.
  6. Belly shirts. I’ve been waiting for them to go out of style, yet they still seem to persist. First of all, outside of a 12 year old who has successfully mastered anorexia, who looks good in them? That would be nobody. Not to mention the fact that it’s always women who are way too old, compelled to show off what they think are their bad-ass abs or chicks who have several rolls of fat to expose. Cover up for cripes sake.
  7. Dreadlocks. Sorry, I know it’s like an ethnic thing and we must never attack anything like that – but come on – it looks like somebody took wallpaper paste, mixed a mess of cat hair in there and attached it to their head. It ain’t pretty – please learn how to use a comb, a brush, a pic or to braid your hair.
  8. Ugly shoes. There are too many designs to zero in on one particular type, but man the last decade has produced some bad ones. Who ever convinced anyone that shit kickers looked good with sundresses? Or stilletto heels that can take your eye out is sexy? And don’t get me started on sandals with sox and bermuda shorts. Like I said, most people don’t have pretty feet to begin with, you should at least give them a fighting chance by dressing them nicely.
  9. Hoodies under suit coats. It’s like oh, I have my gym clothes on but if I put on this snazzy jacket no one will notice. Think again. A suit coat goes with a suit. If you can’t afford one, stick with the sweats.
  10. Fat children. I don’t mean chubby or even plump I mean, tipping the scales at 200 plus. Now of course I know there are some kids out there who have a physical situation that causes them to have weight problems but it seems like every other kid out there is fat, fat, fat. And mom and dad keep taking them through the drive-thru, parking them in front of big screen tv’s, chauffering them everywhere and stick Ipods in their ears. Kids need to get out and do something besides parking their butts in a chair and playing video games.
  11. Bad tippers. It’s just low class. Some people seem to think that somebody who can feed and see to the needs of 20-40 people at a time only deserve disrespect, humiliation and then the final insult of little or no tip. I’ve got news for  you, somebody who can wait tables and do it well, is one helluva an organized multi-tasker. I used to eat out with a friend who would pay for the tab with her credit card and we’d all give her the cash we were going to kick in for our part of the check – then I discovered she was pocketing most of the money that was intended for the waitress as a tip. After that, I asked for a separate check. If somebody waits on you, is pleasant, brings you what you want and  you are a happy camper afterward, then tip them for cripes sake.
  12. Stupid people. They are everywhere. They stand at the fast food counter, reading the menu just not able to decide what piece of processed food they want that day. At the bank, they will knock you on  your butt to get in line ahead of you and then start filling out their deposit slip while standing on line. At the grocery store, they don’t have enough money to cover their groceries and dig through their purse looking for loose change and looking at the cashier as though they should be offering them a five spot. They hold everybody up in traffic by double parking, stopping, turning, cutting you off, whatever, then flip you off for being in their way.

Okay, time to get my blood pressure checked now. 😉 What are your peeves?


24 thoughts on “The Pets That Peeve

  1. Hmph…1.) Someone trying to tie me down to make plans. I have a hard time committing to a certain date or time. I don’t feel good if I have a dental appointment hanging out there let alone someone trying to mark up my calendar w/ nonsense! I like to fly by the seat of my pants 🙂
    2.) People (my co-workers) who CAN NEVER be wrong. Be ‘effn wrong sometimes, you’re human after all. So quick to point fingers and it makes me sick. Get a life!
    3.) Know-it-alls. Their opinion is the only correct one- give me a break. Try to see outside of the tunnel you’re in people! You might even learn something along the way? NAH!
    4.) Kids wearing “Urban Street Wear” with their crack-a-lack hanging out- their pants waist band down on their thighs. Nasty, I don’t wanna see that!
    That’s not a bad start, eh? Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Oh yeah, the ones who can never be wrong – I have 6 employees like that. It’s perfectly charming isn’t it? And then they ask you what your problem is. Grrrrrr. And yeah, don’t want to be seeing anybodys butts either. Way too much info for me. 😉


  2. 1) People who chat on their cell phone while driving. Unless you have a woman in labor in your vehicle or someone is seriously bleeding to death, you have no business driving and talking on your cell phone at the same time. They’ve proven it’s as bad as DRUNK DRIVING!
    2) The lack of proper grammar and intelligent vocabulary on the internet. It drives me insane when I find a myspace graphic, for example, that says “Your great!”
    3) People cannot or will not discipline their children. They let them listen to their iPods throughout dinner at a restaurant, ignoring the waitress. They let them scream in public and sass their elders. They feed their children “diet” products… Diet Coke or NutraSweet in their iced tea. Seriously? <i>Seriously?</i> Grow a spine, smack your child’s ass and set them straight! Learn to have some discipline in your life so you can pass it on to your children. Goodness…

    Hey MS,
    Hello and welcome to the rant. I have huge buttons on the cell phone stuff. Seriously, can’t you just pay attention while you’re driving? If not for your safety, then ours? And the kids out of control drives me nuts too. Years ago, when I waited tables, it never ceased to amaze me how many parents just let their children run wild. I had so many close calls with full trays and coffee pots and little children zipping around the corner that I started telling parents with children from the start to please keep their kids in their seats because hot coffee equals 3rd degree burns on tender skin. It worked most of the time and they often gave me that hunted look. 😉


  3. Hey there, I am back…..
    Once more glad to see you are up to documenting some important Q&As….. I can’t come up with much other then what I noted on Michael’s blog earlier, people who feel the need to wear shades when the sun has long left the earth or indoors…. unless one has an eye disease, wanting to blind me with sheer stupidity dressed up as coolness just doesn’t do it for me.
    And another one that really gets me going, is people who need to spit on the street. The noisier the worse….. come on, the only time I felt I had to do that was after running 2km and it was an emergency as I was going to suffocate.
    Oh and while on street behaviour, don’t toss garbage onto the street, especially not into nice parks…. just because your mother isn’t there to slap you, doesn’t mean I won’t.
    Re your fat children comment, you might want to check out this one:

    Hey Spaz!
    WB! yes, I am always documenting the important issues of the day. Oh the shades inside and or at night. Yep, that is very lame-ass. I never really noticed people spitting in the street but yeah, that is gross. And nobody likes a litterbug – not even me. 😉


  4. I had to do a post on this., since I get going once I get started, and didn’t want to write forever….

    LOL Jess, I can only imagine what I’m gonna find when I get over there. 😆


  5. 1. I hate gum chewing. I HATE even more when people chew gum like they are a horse, and I can hear it, and ew!
    2. People who are unpunctual. I understand that things happen and that we are all late every so often– but a person who is constantly late drives me mad. I think it shows a lack of respect for other people.
    heart. jane.

    Hey Jane,
    I have to confess, I love chewing gum – but I try not to snap and pop it in people’s ears. And once I feel like I’m chomping I toss it. The not punctual thing is rude, isn’t it? Like we have all day to just sit around and wait for them to waltz in. What is up with that?


  6. The smacking, crunching in the movies, we share that one. i thought i should do a pet peeve list, but sheesh! i don’t have that kind of time!

    Oooh, that must mean it’d be quite the list. I think you could do a poem about it – or something so ‘you’ and it would probably be hysterical.


  7. You don’t like dreadlocks? Well, that’s okay. I’m sure I like them enough for both of us. 😉
    I agree with all of your other pet peeves, though. It’s nasty when people pick at their feet!
    1. Guys who ask for a date before bothering to ask for my name. Always an automatic no. “Great! I’ll pick you up as seven. Oh, by the way, what’s your name?” I don’t think so.
    2. School classes that kill a love for the arts in people rather than helping them to gain a fuller appreciate them.
    3. Complete strangers who share WAY too many details about their person life. Some things I just don’t want to know.
    4. Lady’s with hair most people would kill for who cut it off at a moment’s notice.
    5. Parents who scream and swear at their kids in public for no apparent reason.
    6. College students with 4.0’s who openly admit to not remembering or learning anything.
    7. People who critique books before having read them.
    8. Move goers who continually ask, “What happens next?”

    Hey Kelsey,
    I love number 3, 6 & 8 – am totally with you on those. You really love dreadlocks? What’s the attraction? I must know.


  8. Hi WC,
    You inspire me. So much so, that a simple comment was not enough, <a href=”″ rel=”nofollow”>Pet Peeves</a>
    Many thanks for the topic; I feel much better now.
    the Grit

    Ah gee whiz, Grit – I’m touched that I inspire you. I read the post, it’s hysterical and I can imagine you reciting it with the most dead serious of dead serious faces. Great!


  9. hey girlie! great post! i have a few of my own.
    1. people touching my laundry. no one can do it MY way so leave it alone!
    2. messing up my eggs. i will not eat them if they have one ounce of snottiness, YUCK!
    3. Sunday drivers. it’s NOT SUNDAY!! move your ass!
    4. people that stop completely before making a turn, like onto a side street. Slow down, sure, but stop? WHY??
    5. The guy who sits behind me and does the Mr. Myagi thing with his hands literally every 5-15 seconds. I swear he’s gonna rub the skin off his hands. He did it while i was typing this. I’m getting a twitchy eye over the crap, but don’t want to say anything because he’s Forrest Gump-esque and i don’t want to hurt his feelings but OMG i’m gonna freakin lose it over that.
    that’s all for now! have a great one!

    Hey Reggie!
    😆 The touching your laundry one had me on the floor. That is too funny. And I know just what you mean. HOw many cashmere sweaters have been ruined by well meaning and clueless boyfriends. Yoiks.


  10. Oh, the possibilities.
    Feet do have a cheesy smell, don’t they?
    Is it blue cheese?
    As a guy, I think that’s kinda neat.
    My toenails have yet to discolor but I’ve seen some that look not unlike the inside of an oyster shell. Yikes!
    And belly shirts? Seems that only fat women wear them. I always wonder if they stood in front of the mirror before going out and said (to themselves), “Goddam, woman. You look fine!”
    Dreads are just plain disgusting and though I’ve never gotten close enough, I’d have to say they might smell like funky toenails.
    Really funny post, Annie. {laughing as I type this}
    I’ll leave you with my biggest pet peeve: assclowns that feel the need to use their cell phones on the train.
    Someday you will read about me slugging out of these douchebags. Truth.
    Oh, and stupid people?
    I had a man of Asian persuasion ask me one day on the way to the train, “Where Chinatown?”
    I said, “You’re supposed to tell me!”

    Hey Mikey!
    I’m thinking more like limberger (sp). Eeeoooowwww. I think the thing with belly shirts and fat chicks is that they are just stuffing themselves into a few of their ‘skinny clothes’ and calling them belly shirts – icky either way.

    You know I was thinking about cell phones today. I saw some idiot, jogging on the side of a very curvy road, in the parking lane, talking on his fricking cell phone. Now, I had to wonder, who/what could be so important that he had to call someone while jogging on a treacherous, hairpin turn, road? The answer: nothing. I realized today that the actual appeal of cell phones is not the convenience, nor the sense of having one in case of emergencies but rather, it enables even the nerdiest nerd to feel important. It’s about status and nothing more. I have one. We all do. But I use it when I can devote my attention to it, not while standing on line or riding an elevator. Jeesh! 😆


  11. I have so many. Hypocrites are one. Especially the parents….the whole ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ and the ones who scream at their kids to stop yelling or say ‘Stop f$%^in swearin!’ You know what I mean. And bad drivers. I’ve nearly been hit about 5 times in the last week because of people cutting in front of me, or coming into my lane…I can’t stand noisy eaters either. The ones that sound like they have construction going on in their mouths..usually those same ones that you don’t like that eat with their mouths open. There is a rather “SILLY” person that a member of my family married that does’s horrible, you need earmuffs…
    I could go on and on, but I won’t.
    I’m here! Finally! So sorry it’s taken me a while. I will be back tomorrow…god willing 🙂
    Miss ya!
    Cheers, Kelly

    Hey Kel,
    So good to see you around again. 😉

    Yep the ones who cut you off in traffic get my blood boiling too. And the parents screaming at the kids are worse than whatever the kids are doing. If you think of anymore, feel free to come back. It’s rant day at the ol’ ranch-house today. 😆


  12. I’ve come to this place several times today, wanting to write something, but not knowing how to word it so it doesn’t piss anyone. I have my pet peeves, Ive even done an entry about them on my own blog, but a few would be …
    1. Yelling and beating kids in public. If you’re gonna beat them at least take them to the restroom, or your car. I don’t want to hear it, nor see it.
    2. When watching TV/movie and the person next to me asks me what’s going to happen next. And I have yet to see it myself, and I sure aint no psychic.
    3. When folks think that fat girls can’t and shouldn’t wear belly shirts. Not that I wear them, but if I wanted to, my fat ass would be in one.
    That’s it for now. I have many, but those are what came to mind first.

    Hey Red,
    I’m with you on the yelling/beating children in public. What is up with that? I surely don’t want to see it and they’re kids for cripes sake – if their behavior is bad, maybe you should consider changing or improving what you’re teaching them.???

    As to the belly shirts…you’re supposed to put your ass in them? Oh, no wonder I was so confused. 😆


  13. I’ve sure got quite a few but I need time to think about them.
    The one that jumps to my mind is people telling me what I “need” to do. I say, “Look at yourself and what you “need” to do then do it and leave me alone.

    Here, here, Ruby – doncha just love the folks who know what’s best for you – but never practice it themselves? Sounds like a good post topic.


  14. Oh, I think I might suffer from Miss Nice Syndrome! Sigh, it’s a terrible affliction. I love stupid people, have inordinate amounts of tolerance for them and a deep desire to help them as they whack into me in the shopping centre. I love feet and want to hug fat kids so they feel better about themselves! BUT, I do hate the whole chewing gum with the mouth open thing, and don’t get me started on UGLY shoes!!

    Oh dear…I think for the little bit that I know you, Simonne, I’m not surprised by the terminal niceness that you suffer from. Hang out here long enough and you’ll get some cynical dna you can spread around. I’d love to see your post on shoes. Now that would be a hoot.


  15. Oh,I feel so much better after reading your post.I thought I was the only one who got mad at my fellow beings. At least if I end up down there for my evil thoughts I should have some good company.

    I know I should be thankfull to all the farmers here, but why do they have to get their tractors on the road just at the time when most people are hurrying to,or coming from work? On our narrow roads, it holds you up for hours.
    ( b) Fertilize their fields with goodness knows what of obnoxious smelling excretia on a warm Friday evening when I would like to sit in the garden. It stinks for a mile.

    2. People who can’t stand in line while waiting in the ski lift but like to push themselves forward 0ver the tops of my new skis.

    3. People who decide to put their seat right back the moment I sit behind them on a flight.

    My list is never ending. I’ll try and think better of them all and hope maybe they won’t be so attracted to me. Up till now it hasn’t worked.


    Hi Diru & welcome to my little dive. We get construction workers driving their equipment on the roads out here too – and yup, right at morning traffic or evening traffic – just when they can be assured of causing the most upset. Fertilizer is pretty stinky – but I don’t live in a farm region so I don’t have to suffer through that. Try planting some night blooming jasmine or fruit trees, the evening air will make them open and float their fragrance. It may not completely rid the stinky smell but it will help.

    I have a much longer list than I posted – but I had to stop at some point. Rants are good for the soul – I highly recommend them.


  16. Perhaps I SHOULD try the post on shoes… I really do feel quite strongly about it you know! Oh dear, maybe I should hang out here a bit more for some healthy doses of cynicism!

    Oh you must definitely should! I would love, love, love to see that post. Sometimes silly posts are the best.


  17. Well, I can’t speak for the rest of the dread-lovers in the world (I’m sure there aren’t very many outside of Jamaica), but I like dreadlocks, as odd as this may sound, because they make me feel at home.
    I grew up in Olympia, WA, which thanks to three good sized colleges and a whole lot of trees, has the highest estimated concentration of hippies per capita anywhere in the USA.
    Evergreen Stage College not only attracts all of the hippies in Washington State, but hippies from all over the country regularly go on their Education Pilgrimage to attend school in Olympia. Once in Olympia, they end up getting married to a fellow hippie student, raise a hippie family on nothing but granola, shop at the food co-op, listen to Bob Marley and The Grateful Dead, and send their kids to Evergreen. It’s sort of like the hippie version of The Great Salt Lake – all of the salt from everywhere goes in, but it never comes out again.
    As a kid and teenager, going downtown always meant seeing hippies (or “greeners” as the locals call them) everywhere. It’s a part of the funky, little city’s culture, and I loved it more than I loved the city itself. I loved the individuality and earthiness of their clothes and hair, how “Save Tibet” bumper stickers were plastered on all of their old, rusty cars like they’d all joined the same club, and the yearly city events that catered to their love for trees, protests and art (although, I could probably do without “Hemp Fest”).
    Besides the fact that I’ve grown up listening to the king of Reggie, Anne Lamott has dreads, and Jamaicans are gorgeous people, I think dreads (specifically shorter ones) are the coolest thing someone can do with that mop on top of their skull. The best part about them, though, is that to me, dreadlocks make me feel at home now that I fine myself living in a hippieless town where the closest it has to its own sense of culture and style is when the locals wear their pajamas to the grocery store.

    Hey Kelsey,
    Well that explains it. 😉 It must have been a real culture shock to have moved to such a different place. LOL – so now I know why you love the dreads.


  18. Maybe I should have just written a post in reply to your question since it ended up being so long. You never know what will get someone to talk! lol

    No worries.


  19. Hm … let’s see:
    1) People who are ALWAYS late for everything and keep me waiting as if I have nothing better to do than just sit around and twiddle my fingers waiting for them.
    2) Guys who walk around holding up their low-slung pants by grabbing their crotch. Oh, please. :-/
    3) People who don’t get their cats fixed.
    4) Small children left to run wild in places like stores and restaurants. C’mon, folks. Not everyone thinks your kids are as cute as you do. Hold that kid’s little hand and keep ’em out of trouble! (Guess my peeve is actually with the parents and not necessarily with the child.)
    5) Parents who scream at and humiliate and swear at and spank their children in public. Use a little self-control when controlling your kids, mom and dad.
    6) People who pick their nose while driving. Yes, I can see you in your car. And yes, I know you’re not scratching an itch up there.
    7) People who bring their music to the park and play it so loudly that EVERYONE in the entire park can hear it, too. Do you ever stop the noise long enough to listen to the birds or the crickets or the wind blowing through the trees? Sigh …
    9) People who wear their pajamas to the grocery store. C’mon. Throw on a pair of sweat pants, at least.

    Hey Debi,
    This was a fabulous and hysterical list. Yep, I can see them picking their noses too. Do they really think tinted windows hide the deed? #2 LMHO. #7 – I think you nailed a good point – people don’t ever seem to want to turn off the noise. Darn shame too because there is so much to hear.


  20. I am a foot wiggler. But I totally agree with the belly shirt/muffin top assessment.

    Ah, the truth is out – Evyl is a foot wiggler. No worries..your secret is safe with me. 😉


  21. People who kick your seats in a movie/a plane/etc…
    People who eat with their mouths open…uh yuck!
    People who lie…not white ones, bold face you know their is absolutely no question they are lying to you…liars.
    People who do not know how to compromise and just let a situation get so escalated because they refuse to see any side but their own.
    TAILGATERS….who pass you within an inch of your bumper, cuz the guy in the left lane isn’t going quite fast enough for them either!!
    People who do not listen to you and hear only what they want to hear.
    Geez i could go on and on, but i’ll stop now…

    Oh yeah…bald-faced liars – I forgot about them. Absolutely!


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