Super Tuesday

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t absolutely obsessed with politics right now. I am. Poor me, because really the long and short of it is, what will be will be. Not that I’m fatalistic really, but I do realize that all I can control are my own actions – not those of others and I suppose we will see what in fact, the American people really want.

While all of the candidates leave much to be desired, some are much worse than others.

Since most of you know that I am a conservative, it’s not likely I would vote for a liberal and if I were a liberal I would cringe at my choices. Hillary is like coffee, either you love it or you hate it. And while Barack Obama scores high marks in the personality department and the presence department and the intelligence department – he still has a nearly identical platform as Hillary. If you removed the personality factor – in terms of the issues there really isn’t much difference. And while I know that there are those who feel this is a very important election because it may result in either the first woman or the first African-American to hold the office – I honestly don’t believe that is a significant enough reason to vote for either of them. That being said, I would vote for Barack, if he were a conservative – I actually like the guy and think regardless of what happens has a definite future in politics in a big way.

As to my side of the aisle – I haven’t been excited about any of them very much. Except McCain and that is in a bad way. Read this. Frankly, I don’t understand why he isn’t running against Hillary and Barack right now -because if you close your eyes – again one doesn’t see much difference.

But now that the field has thinned considerably for the conservative side I am on board with Romney. While he has things that don’t thrill me – he is intelligent, well mannered, has proven track records in management, turning deficits into surpluses and something else I can’t really put my finger on. There is something about the man that makes me feel he can be trusted in the important issues. I don’t know why – perhaps it is the fact that he is even tempered, seems virtually unflappable and seems presidential. Or maybe it’s something else. At any rate – I can’t vote for McCain, Huckabee is a poor imitation of Clinton and Ron Paul is just to loopy to take seriously. So there you have it.

Who are you pulling the lever for on Tuesday and why? I’d really like to hear people’s thoughts on this if you care to share.


20 thoughts on “Super Tuesday

  1. Well being a person who is a conserative from MA. you know I like Mitt Romney, I loved has as our Govenor, and frankly was disappointed when he decided to run for President, would have liked to kept him for ourselves here, now we got a nut job liberal in Deval Patrick who is going to run the state into the ground.. 😦

    Gee, how’d you end up with this Patrick fellow? Was he the lt. governor or something? Yep, me likey Romney too. πŸ˜‰


  2. WC, there is no one left for you to vote for. 😦 Would you have voted for Thompson? My primary in Virginia is on the 12th.

    Fred Thompson? Are you kidding? Nah – I wouldn’t have voted for him. I’m voting for Romney. Now why is it you say I have no one left to vote for? Do you know something I don’t? πŸ˜‰

    I already know you be loving you some Barack Obama – yes?


  3. I already filled the box for Obama. I’m an independent so I could have voted for a Republican or Democrat. The Republicans are real snoozers to me. Romney has pandered to the early states so much he’s had to switch his positions to many times. McCain is a grumpy old man, but at least he’s honest and he doesn’t tow the (republican) party line!!

    It’s easy to be cynical during these election cycles. But Barack Obama has tried to get people to put this cynicism aside. Get involved. Do something to make government work. This means small things…help to Get Out The Vote for your candidate – contribute cash to your candidate (don’t just let the rich folks do it), volunteer some time, know your issues, etc.

    I think if enough people believe that we can actually make a difference I think that we can!

    The differences between the democrats are minuscule. They want a universal healthcare system of some type.
    What’s wrong with that?
    They want healthcare to be cheaper.
    They want to wrap up that mess in Iraq.
    They want to restore America’s standing in the world. America is more than Guantenemo Bay or Abuh Graib prison. I don’t think they reflect us as Americans.

    I’ll spare you the labels of liberal or conservative.

    I don’t think those terms define us anymore. Some of us are liberal socially, conservative in other issues. As for me, I hunt, I own guns, I drive a truck, I work for a defense company, I have served my country and I am an independent, which means that I bow to no party. I want government that works for the people.

    And if I have to pay extra, in time, in taxes, in peace of mind, knowing my children have a future, so be it.

    By the way, I will vote for McCain if Hillary is the democratic nominee. I don’t agree with him on a lot of issues, but at least he’s truthful. And it’s going to be status quo…screw it…let it be status quo.


    Hey Phil,
    Interesting point of view. You lost me a little on this : But Barack Obama has tried to get people to put this cynicism aside. Get involved. Do something to make government work. This means small things…help to Get Out The Vote for your candidate – contribute cash to your candidate (don’t just let the rich folks do it), volunteer some time, know your issues, etc.

    As I don’t really see how any of this is new, nor do I see how it enables anyone to set their cynicism aside – but okay….

    As to what’s wrong with universal health care? Hmmm…one word Medicare. Which is our current government sponsored healthcare system. Having worked for a doctor quite recently, I’m here to tell you that in a word it sucks. Aside from the regulation and hoops that doctors have to jump through for it – it also pays approximately 25 cents on the dollar – which will not be an incentive for any new aspiring doctors to join the medical community. After paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for their education and training, the wage they are likely to get through a gov’t sponsored healthcare system won’t begin to be able to repay all those student loans, etc. Consequently, there will be fewer doctors and longer waits for patients who need to see those doctors. Also, if you think private industry insurance companies are ruthless in their denial of claims, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

    More affordable? How so? You don’t think that we’re just going to have another 5-8% increase in our payroll taxes in order to pay for it? If not, I can’t imagine why you don’t think so. It will have to be paid for and since the government gets all their money from us, then I think that means we’re going to pay for it.

    As to the mess in Iraq – okay, I know a lot of people think it was a mistake and is a waste of money, etc. But you have to admit we haven’t been attacked since 9/11 – despite the fact that a vast majority of Americans believed we would be. And 9/11 cost us vastly more than the war in Iraq has – so even if their is the slightest chance that by our going there that we have prevented another 9/11 or something worse, perhaps the tradeoff isn’t all that bad.

    As to America’s standing in the world? With whom? Personally, I believe that no matter what we do, there will always be those who will get a kick out of complaining about us. Yet, every year, countless people are willing to risk their very lives in order to come here and live here. I think that says more about our world standing than any diplomat, pundit, UN spokesperson or politician ever could.

    As to McCain – there is so little difference between he and Hillary that I think it hardly matters. And he isn’t truthful in my opinion – nor is he a Republican for that matter.

    Believing in principles and supporting a party doesn’t make one a slave to it, it makes one a member of it. At least in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing your views.



  4. In the primary I’m voting for Ron Paul. I take him very seriously. In November I don’t know who I’ll vote for.

    I thought you had no one left to vote for because lately you’ve written a lot of criticisms of the candidates, but I didn’t see any positive posts about a candidate that you liked. So I thought you didn’t like any of them.

    I believe in the same things that P has written (EXCEPT FOR HIS ASSERTION THAT MCCAIN IS TRUTHFUL. HE LIES! HE LIES!), but I came to a different conclusion about who to support. Go figure.

    Hey Windy,
    I understand that you want to cast your vote on principle and I can admire that. But I’m afraid I can’t see him as anything more than a spoiler. While some of his ideas are good – and by being on the road and promoting has raised awareness of those issues and maybe ultimately they will be taken up at some point – he hasn’t a chance to win the nomination and if by some grace of God he got it, his numbers just don’t show he would be voted in by the general electorate. Which brings us back to Hillary or Barack (although I still think Hillary will manage to pull it out).

    I guess we’ll see come November, which way the cards have fallen.


  5. Hi Annie, it’s me Lumpy, formerly known as “Bella” — As usual, great writing and GREAT PICTURE! I am always amazed how you come up with the coolest pics! I’m go’n Mitt all the way. I find myself being swayed by his thoughts on several issues. He seems a good match for what I believe in. Issues like (ending) illegal immigration, protecting our country, and how the US needs to become more energy independent. Hillary and her side kick Bill just make my skin crawl. I wont even waste my time writing about those two nut cases. Anyway, I enjoy your blog, it’s a β€œthinking blog” – you constantly challenge one to THINK! Missed you! ~Lumpy

    I’m so glad you are back. But do I have to call you Lumpy? You’re so pretty and sweet – lumpy just doesn’t sound quite right.

    Romney is doing very well out here – I’m hoping he hands McCain his hat in the big ol’ state of California. That would be schweet.



  6. you say you WOULD vote for Obama if you were not Republican. why stick to party lines just because you’ve a designation on your voter card? why not vote for Obama if you feel like it?
    romney is a joke, to me.
    (in fact all conservatives are.)
    as far as intelligence? a few days ago Romney referred to Asia as a country.
    so there’s that.
    in the end, all politicians are swine, though.
    it’s why i don’t vote anymore.
    because you close your eyes and they’re all the same.

    Hey (S)wine –
    No…I said I would vote for a Obama if he was a Republican. Meaning, that I can see his appeal – energetic, young, nice looking, smart. Unfortunately, his positions on the issues make him unsupportable to me.

    And I don’t ‘stick to party lines’ I happen to align with the principles of conservatism, which is why I call myself a conservative. No one is holding a gun to my head or guilting me into it.

    Oh poor Romney misspoke, he must have been tired with all the traveling and campaigning he’s been doing – and I have a feeling a few other candidates have also misspoken during this arduous time.

    I’m surprised you don’t vote anymore though, since you seem to have very strong opinions about it.



  7. I’m going for Romney myself. A few reasons beyond that he’s the best conservative out there right now:
    Speaking to your undefined feeling regarding him.
    Regarding the alternatives – while I didn’t mention Obama in there, the same applies. While I agree his idealism is heartening, he’s still living in the fantasy of liberalism (see the next link).
    Hillary and Obama both are bad news because the very concept of liberalism in it’s current iteration is destructive to individuals, groups, societies, nations, and worlds.
    And because it’s important now.

    Apologies for all the shameless plugs and links, but it was easier than rewriting and condensing everything.

    Okay Matt,
    I’ll let the links stay – πŸ˜‰ but I demand a cut of the take. πŸ˜†


  8. I’m a registered Independent in a caucus state (Colo) so I’m stuck being an observer until November. I hope I’ll have a chance to vote for Obama because he makes me believe he might actually make a difference (I refuse to say “change”)in Washington and the world. If that sounds superficial, so be it. Cherry-picking on issues leaves me all over the map, like P said, so that doesn’t help much.

    Romney has changed (oops, sorry ’bout that) his position so often, I don’t know where he stands anymore — and don’t trust him to be there next week. And an article I just read in the last few days painted a very grim financial picture for that Mass. health plan he’s so proud of.

    McCain is so angry, even explosive, that I worry about his being too trigger-happy when diplomacy is called for. (And I want us out of Iraq now, not 100 years from now.)

    As for the Clintons… been there, done that. (And her health care plan flopped even then.)

    Hey 30
    Yeah, it’s a bummer that you have to sit out the primary and I can understand how you would feel that way about Obama – especially compared to Hillary who comes nowhere near to having his vitality. Perhaps you will get your wish and be able to cast a vote for him.

    As to Romney changing positions – not so much – perhaps you’ve been listening to the mainstream media who is jonesing to force McCain on the conservatives. Anyway, there you have it.



  9. Well, I might have gone overboard with my McCain support. πŸ™‚ I’m not certain of why I dislike Hillary, but it has nothing to do with policy, but down in my gut, ( inside where even I don’t know why things are the way they are ) I don’t trust her.

    I hope everyone gets out tomorrow and participates. The caucus’s look fun. It’s democracy, alive, in all it’s slopiness.


    Well Phil,
    On that I think we can both agree – there is something that Hillary does to one’s guts that just doesn’t feel good, huh? πŸ˜‰


  10. Well, since Iowa was the first to vote (and we all read how Miss WC thinks about THAT πŸ˜› ) I’ll be enjoying an evening of MSNBC getting the “scoop” every 5 seconds. *sitting on the edge of my seat to see if y’all vote for the right one*

    Wow, I had no idea MSNBC was even still on the air. πŸ˜†


  11. I don’t vote because in the end it’s pretty much the same thing. The issues debated in this election are the same as they’ve been for the last 30 years. Maybe even longer. As far as the
    security issue, I refuse to be bullied into thinking we’re safer now. It’s a bunch of rubbish. You and I are not safe from some fucko strapping on a bomb and walking into your local mall. THAT’S terrorism to me. Small-scale stuff (remember the sniper in DC a few yrs. ago and how he paralyzed the entire area?) will always resonate with people more than the organized Twin Towers attack or the embassy in Kenya/compound in Beirut in ’83/etc.

    Not voting is also a choice and I refuse to fall for the bullshit that people throw at me; the typical: NOT voting means you’re extending a vote to Republicans/Democrats. Or not voting doesn’t entitle me to any say. Sure it does. I still pay taxes. People seem to forget that THAT is what entitles me to criticise/support. Paying taxes, not voting. As long as I pay, I have a say in government. Even if it’s by withholding my vote. I am sick of the “lesser of the two evils” mentality. It’s not unfair that I demand quality and SOME kind of integrity and honesty from our politicians, and my choice is to NOT vote anymore for any of these parasites with their canned answers and staff-fed platforms.

    Having worked in “the business” for over a decade inside the Beltway, and finally having shunned the stupid “cocktail circuit” of which many of these scum are part, I can honestly tell you that there is no real fundamental difference. Not if you hear the backroom talk and deals being made “off-air.” Taking a bit of liberty to twist a popular literary quote (and invoke Orwell’s ghost) here: Garbage is garbage….and no garbage is cleaner or more equal than other garbage.

    Hey (S)wine,
    First of all, I wasn’t trying to bully you into anything. Clearly, we both have our own opinions and don’t agree. And it’s true, one may never truly be able to get away from serial killers – until/unless somebody figures out how to reverse psychosis.

    I also wasn’t criticizing you for not voting, I simply stated that it surprised me because you had strong opinions about it and generally speaking, those who have, tend to vote.

    As to your experience in the beltway, I can’t really speak to that, since I have no similar experience.

    But I will say this – there will always be plenty to complain about and be pissed off about and it’s not restricted to politics. Hell, there are probably 20 things right now that I could go off on – but I choose not to. Because, for me, in the end, it serves no purpose and does nothing to make me feel better nor offers any solution. Yes, we’ve been going round and round for the last 30 (maybe longer) years and it is maddening because most rational people can’t understand why things just can’t get settled one way or the other. In normal day to day life, that kind of thing couldn’t really continue or people would keel over and die. But in politics and a few other fields it seems to thrive – conflict. And maybe I am naive, but I do see a difference and just as you have a right not to vote, so have a right to vote and voice my opinions as well.

    While it is easy to see how the glass if half empty and not so easy to see it as half full – I still choose the latter. Because if for no other reason, it enables me to see what is good in life and to treasure and appreciate it. And I still believe that I and others can make a difference – one vote, one opinion at a time. And likely I will always feel that way.

    While I’m happy to have you visit and appreciate your readership – if I or my blog offends you – you have no obligation to continue. And truth me told I have no obligation to explain myself.



  12. Smart a$$. LOL In Iowa we’re just lucky we aren’t watching reruns of Captain Kangaroo.

    Did I mention TODAY is Super Tuesday?????? Have I mentioned I’m excited? Did I tell you I’m gunna be watching the results tonight? Cuz if not, you should know, I’ll be tuning in (rabbit ear antennas and all). πŸ˜‰

    Rabbit ear antennae, eh? Wow, I remember those. Where I live you could get reception for an infomercial on those – too many dang mountains. Well, hope you have a ball, Free. Get your popcorn and scorecard ready – and let us know what happens. Hey you could live blog it, yes? I’m sure you’d do a better job than MSNBC anyway.


  13. No, I think you misunderstood me. I wasn’t referring to you in particular bullying or insinuating anything. Just in general, in my experience. People are always so quick to shut you down when you tell them you no longer vote. But what they don’t realize is that they’re talking to a fellow taxpayer, so their point is sort of moot.

    Conflict is de rigueur in politics because it keeps the machine rolling. Sort of on par with war being good for business, and being a profitable endeavor. Orwell’s “War is Peace” decree in “1984” is fantastic. It’s true. But I think ultimately a politician’s objective is self-preservation. It’s not really “seeing the glass half empty,” it’s just the truth. Politics has always, always been dirty business. It’s the mother of all lobbyists: trying to make us think we make a difference with our vote, when in reality we’re insignificant cogs in a giant political machine. Of course, this can degenerate into a discussion on the perceived virtues of the Electoral College, but I’m sure you don’t want your space and time taken with that. I think you’ll find that the most fervent political animals, the men and women obsessed with the discipline and most well-versed in operating within the system at all levels (from local to national), are despicable human beings.

    Okay, glad we cleared that up. πŸ˜‰


  14. Hi WC,

    I voted early, which turned out to be a good choice as the Memphis area is under a “you are about to be screwed” warning by the National Weather Service. Besides, the lines are usually shorter. My choice was Alan Keys, as, since Thompson gave up, I really couldn’t stomach any of the other candidates. As to Mitt, while he talks a good game, he’s too smooth to trust. Better than the liberals, but still not to my liking. I’ll do a write in vote for my dog, Wild Man, before checking the box next to McCain’s name.

    On the subject of universal health care, we tried that in Tennessee. The program is known as Tenn Care, and was highly lauded by Bill and Hillary. It has been an absolute failure, shifting our State from consistently running budget surpluses, without resorting to an income tax, to depleting our emergency fund, slashing normal services, and having yearly attempts to raise taxes as our politicians desperately try to make this stupid program work. An interesting example of just how poorly run it’s run was from something like four years ago when an audit by an independent agency found that some where around 20,000 dead people were still on the rolls and their doctors were continuing to receive payments from the State to provide for their care. It’s also interesting to note that, as for the new Medicare plans, many doctors that are considered the good ones, refuse to accept patients on Tenn Care. My MD explained this to me as, if you think HMO’s are slow to pay, just try getting a check from the Government.

    the Grit
    Hey Grit
    Yeah, precisely. So, you voted for your dog, eh? I should have thought of that. I am a non-partisan (in California, they call it decline to state, cute, eh?) and the Repubs won’t let us non-stated’s vote so I voted on the Dem ticket and punched my card proudly for Dennis Cucinich – I always did love Froot Loops. πŸ™‚


  15. Nahhhhh I like it to keep being a surprise over and over…ya know like…now who won California again? Oh YEAH ~ that’s right! It’s the experience in the moment that makes me feel alive.

    So you aren’t going to watch? 😦 But, but, but….

    Nah, I don’t like to watch it – too many commercials and other bull-oonee. I keep track on the internet and by radio. But you have fun, I can feel your enthusiasm from here.


  16. Is Romney the best looking guy?
    Not to want to diminish your political knowledge, it is just that I saw a documentary about 2 years ago how the visual aspect blinds many people, forget which president (before Bush that was – not sure what happened there πŸ˜‰ ) they talked about the most but it seemed he ended up being the worst president ever.
    Anyway, not being as well versed as you and not having to vote, I ‘buy’ Huckabee the most for some reason……..

    I don’t know – I guess it’s a matter of taste – he is nice looking.

    Blinds my my perception – heck Spaz, nobody is that good looking. πŸ˜†


  17. I’ll probably vote for McCain, but I’ll be holding my nose as I do it. It’s really just a process of elimination:

    1. Hillary: I’d rather cut my arm off with a dull butter knife.
    2. Obama: As you pointed out, basically a much more likable version of Hillary. Hillary must be
    pissed. She gets a chance to make history as the first female president, and who does
    she draw as an opponent? The first credible black candidate in history. She’s probably
    thinking, “What the hell happened? I thought I’d be running against Biden!”.
    3. Romney: He used to be my governor. Sort of. It’s kinda hard to say since he was never here.
    4. Huckabee: Sounds like “Huckleberry Hound.” Acts like him too. Seems like a decent enough
    guy, but he really doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence.

    So that leaves us with McCain, the 21st century’s answer to Bob Dole. I agree, there’s a lot NOT to like, but who else is there?


    It’s funny you should mention Bob Dole – and for as much as I admired his heroism, the Republicans were nuts to run him against Clinton. This is like deja vu all over again, eh? Cripes.


  18. i wish i could say i was into politics but frankly i’m just not. I know when the time comes though, you will keep me fully informed, and i love you for that!

    LOL Reggie – I’m not sure I can keep you fully informed but you’ll definitely get my opinion on it. πŸ˜‰


  19. I admire people who can find the humor in a catastrophe… as they say there is a little truth in all humor. As far as who I would vote for this in a sorry time for our country as we have so many qualified candidates who have not stepped up to the plate to run for president. It seems like every year it gets to be a bigger joke politically, so I thought I would do a write in this year.. I think my vote goes to Goofy of Disney World… he obviously has as much going for him as the other candidates. Great blog I enjoyed it!

    Hi Rachel and welcome,
    You know, you may be onto something there with your Goofy vote. Though, this whole election/campaign cycle has been so weird that I think I’m going to wait to see what else happens. Surely, all the surprises and shocks haven’t even begun to surface. Now that the media has gotten their pick for the conservatives, let’s see how long it takes before they start creaming him and tearing him down. I have the slightest ember of hope that Romney will come back, since he suspended his campaign, he did not close – so there may be a set of circumstances under which he could come back? I always think of the Howard Dean Yeeeehhaaaah thing – that knocked him out – I suppose lightning could strike twice, couldn’t it? πŸ˜‰


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