Imagination and Inspiration. What’s Next? – Guest Post by Nuke Gingrich

Hey everybody, here’s a treat – an article by the famous power-blogger, Nuke Gingrich. It’s a goodie. WC

Tolerance,” explained Mrs. Hartsfield, “Means you don’t kill someone just because they believe differently than you.” She was speaking specifically about the news of the day to her 9th Grade Social Studies class, of which I was but one of thirty youngsters who had the privilege of receiving an excellent public education from an excellent public school teacher.

The daily discussions of current events were lively enough to hold at bay the distractions of Spring, which usually seemed to explode around the third week of March, and although expected, always seemed to catch us by surprise. The discussion of “tolerance” came on the heels of renewed animus id Yardin Ulster, the usual suspects wearing a religious facade. I could not comprehend how the two could have deep hatred for each other, my own life experience with Catholics limited to the family living across the street, Jimmy, the youngest, my best friend. That relationship went much deeper than mere tolerance, and was so natural that the thought of seeming enmity between us was limited to those competitive occasions involving sports, and later, cars, and girlfriends. Jimmy, as I recall, was the first to recognize the immutable correlation between the serving of turnip greens at the school cafeteria immediately following grass-cutting day.

A year or so later, my big brother would give me a book called Future Shock which I enjoyed much less than the hours spent examining his secret stash of rock albums, reading the sleeves, the production notes, learning the musicians’ names, and spending hours memorizing the words to the songs. I think, if pressed, I could still do the whole album-side version of “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre, with full orchestration, and four-part harmony …” I don’t think even Toffler realized how right he was in Future Shock. Change, and the accelerating rate of change has exploded on the scene, and caught us unprepared to manage our expectations.

If shock and alarm imply fear, and that’s where Toffler might have it wrong, I think. People are just people. Technology changes, knowledge increases, but people are still people, all knowing the basic differences between right and wrong. And, although Ms. Hollman would tell me some years later in Sociology class that making this conclusion was “imposing a value judgment on others,” I can’t help but think that wondering about the future, and believing in the fundamental decency of people go hand in hand. That is less a limitation, and more a jumping off point, so to speak. A natural yearning to live and let live is the essence of tolerance.

The pace and the scope of expansionist technology increases with each new discovery, and one’s ability to adapt and utilize are limited only by imagination. I saw a commercial recently and blogged about it, “Web 3.0 is closer than you think.” In fact, I think web 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 will flow seamlessly into each other until the day when they are no longer differentiated by generational markers. As they become accepted and intertwined in the way we communicate and conduct our daily lives, the importance of having bold and imaginative people in leadership positions is defined, not by the lowest common denominator, but by the inspirational power to achieve. Imagination, optimism, and tolerance are the reasons that I am politically conservative. They are the reasons that I blog. I believe they are also, the reasons that this unique American experiment will thrive.

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4 thoughts on “Imagination and Inspiration. What’s Next? – Guest Post by Nuke Gingrich

  1. thanks annie. You flatter me.
    Kind regards,

    No, thank you, Nuke. Please, feel free to jump in and respond to any comments, questions, etc. that my readers make. I’m sure they’ll be plenty.



  2. I’m still in shock over the “turnip greens after grass cutting day.” Yikes. LOL.

    I know, that one nearly had me spitting coffee. 😉


  3. Heard on the news today that somebody was suing Google for invading their privacy. Did not catch it all but it seemed the problem was their home being real time.. Not 100% sure about the details.. I was walking through and caught the end of it. Imagine that!

    Loved those links and the information. Wow on the stats of the email daily. Also enjoyed what’s coming down the pipes..:) Of course, The back end and front end and all the technology makes me think, Maybe, just maybe they will have a computer that I can tell it what to do and it will do it! Sure would help this blogger. LOL! 🙂

    Sounds like you had an excellent teacher WC. I’m with teenie on the greens!


  4. I just heard from a classmate that our beloved Mrs. Hartsfield passed away recently. Her favorite “Hartsfieldism”, Your freedom of speech ends somewhere before the end of your fist and just before someone else’s nose.

    Godspeed, Mrs. Hartsfield, we’ll never forget you.


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