Pain in the Toof

Have you ever noticed that you always get that weird pain, have an accident or your teeth go crazy on a long holiday weekend? Some call it Murphy’s Law – I call it a pain in the arse.

I’ve had a tooth that my dentist and I have been ‘watching’ – that’s funny when you think about it – ‘let’s watch that tooth, shall we?’ What are we expecting it to do? A five minute stand up routine? My laundry? Water the garden?

Anyway, for all the watching and the tooth’s utter non-reponsiveness – it slipped by until it was too late. Zelda and I went out to lunch yesterday. “Just a 15 minute drive up the 5 and we’re there,” she said. Well, 15 minutes to Zelda usually includes an additional 45 minutes of getting lost, making wrong turns and then calling the restaurant to find out where the heck they are hiding. Anyway, we finally get to Red Lobster because I’m jonesing for some seafood. Everything on the menu look scrumptious and it takes another 20 minutes for us to decide what we want to eat and it’s 3:30 by now and neither one of us has eaten because we had this quick errand of taking her old cat to be put down and then finding a replacement cat, which took about 3 hours…

Finally, we order, get our food and yup – ms. toof decides now is a good time to act up. Have you ever tried to eat in one side of your mouth while trying not to move the other side of your mouth? It can’t be done my friends, and every bite was an adventure in gradations of pain.

We finish our meals and head back home. Of course, now it’s 4:30 and the early escapers are on the road, heading out for the holiday weekend – again a 15 minute drive turns into 45 minutes. When I get home, I dial up the dentist’s office, hoping against hope that they are still open. Ah, thank God, they are. But…bummer, nope they can’t get me in until Tuesday. So much for bbq’s, hot dogs, fireworks and really just eating. I guess it’s not that bad, protein drinks for five days. It could be worse – I think.

Anyway, if you notice I’m a little grumpy over the next few days, blame it on the toof. It is the toof’s fault and I can’t do anything about the toof til Tuesday. Bear with me.

Note to the tooth faery: I’ll be expecting quite a bit of dough for this one. Don’t disappoint.


13 thoughts on “Pain in the Toof

  1. ah, poor wc. i think you are right, it is a rule that teeth cause trouble when we can’t get to our dentists. hope the tooth fairy gives you lots of luv.

    Hey Sarah,
    thanks for the sympathy – and yeah, that tooth faery better fess up and pay big. πŸ˜‰


  2. Hi WC,

    There are several tooth ache remedies available at most any pharmacy, and they work fairly well. Of course, you could just drink heavily until Tuesday πŸ™‚

    the Grit

    Hi Grit,
    Yes, and I have availed myself of them. The problem with this tooth it is a back one and whenever I try to eat, it clinks against other teeth and makes some serious owies. It has seemed to calm down a bit but I do look forward to getting it out of my mouth – unfortunately, it is time for it to go.



  3. Isn’t that the way it always works? I usually soak a piece of cotton in Anbesol and bite down to hold it there.

    But the drinking would be more fun and taste better. πŸ™‚

    I agree, 30, drinking is more fun – better though, without the tooth ache. πŸ˜‰


  4. My dad always breaks a tooth just as he is about to head out of the country on some excursion. “Hi Mom, how was your trip?” “Your father broke his tooth just before we left”. Seriously, does the thought of travelling with my mother cause my dad to clench his jaw so hard he starts snapping teeth? *smile*

    LOL UPanther, I sure hope not, for the sake of your mom. Maybe he just has frail teeth or traveling makes him nervous. Some people gnash teeth when they are stressed. It’s a thought…


  5. I have done the one sided eating thing before. It sucks. Hope it gets to feeling better soon.

    Hope your holiday is a good one in spite of the tooth. Remember booze and pain killers don’t mix as well as booze and more booze.

    Evyl my love! I thought you were at secret superhero school. Did you sneak out or finish already? Booze and more booze is the winning combo, I’d have to agree. πŸ™‚


  6. A few months ago I had a filling fall out which left the nerve exposed. It hurt just breathing and the air passing over the nerve. Of course it was a weekend but my dentist is so awesome. I have his cell phone number and I call it and he says “Just be at the office in ten minutes and I’ll meet you there”. He patched it to hold me over until the next week when I had him yank it. That’s why I love small town living. He’s been our family dentist for over 20 years and his son and my son grew up together.

    Did you try clove oil? Advil helps too. I hope it doesn’t bother you too much.

    I love the small town thing too, Joanie – but even in my small town I don’t get my dentist’s cell number. And actually there isn’t anything he could do to it other than pull it. Today, it’s not as bad as yesterday and Thursday. Trying to stick to soft food, which is real boring but oh well. I loved the pics of your town – I’d love to live in a place like that – so sweet.


  7. Oh no! I hate anything that has to do with the dentist. I am terrified, even though I have the sweetest dentist in the world. I wish you luck and I’ll hold your virtual hand while you’re there on Tuesday.

    Thanks for visiting and the compliment on the White Stripes card, BTW!

    Hey Sandra!
    Aw thanks for offering to hold my hand – dentists are scary even though mine is a peach. Just anything getting near the gums and teeth is downright spooky.

    Oh I loved that postcard. Do you restore them? You find some really cool stuff.



  8. Evyl has the right idea. Booze!!!!! Something in the range of 90% proof i would be thinking. Always works for me.Take about 2 nips hold it in your mouth where the offending tooth is for about 3 minutes then swallow. At bed time follow the above instructions every 5 minutes for 1/2 an hour and your guaranteed a good nights sleep. In the morning your head will hurt but the offending tooth won’t.

    Hey A-Pop!
    Yes, I can see how you and Evyl might agree on this topic. In fact, the remedy you describe sounds an awful lot like one my dad used to employ. But seeing as how I am a cheap drunk, I’d probably pass out before I was through applying said remedy. Just a couple more days and I’ll have permanent relief. It’s better now too. Thanks for the tips! I’ll put it in the drawer for later.


  9. Girl, i am so sorry about your tooth!
    i’ve given birth, stepped on nails, had broken bones, suffered burns and lots of painful things, but i cannot withstand tooth aches.

    i wrote a short, short story called Miz Toof once- but it was about a gold toof having chica rather than tooth pain.

    i hope it feels better soon!

    Aw thanks, Chica – but it’s not as bad as it was and come Tuesday, it’s history. Yippee, I can’t wait. And you’re right, there is nothing worse than an aching tooth. Hell, I’d rather sit through opera than have a tooth ache. πŸ˜‰


  10. Tooth pain is the worst!

    And you are completely right about Murphy’s Law.
    It’s the same reason my kids always get deathly sick on the weekend–because there are no doctor’s office’s open!!

    Hope your tooth feels better!

    I would freak if I had children and I couldn’t get them medical care. Makes my tooth sound pretty mild. But no worries, I’m hanging in and worse case scenario, I can get drunk. πŸ˜‰


  11. I hate, hate, hate mouth pain. UGH… Hope the dentist fixes it for you quickly. (And painlessly.) I do believe the tooth fairy owes you one.

    Hey Mrs V,
    Today is the day – yippee. And oh yeah, the toof faery better pay out big.


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