I'm a Bloggy Writer

Apparently, I am. I was told in no uncertain terms quite recently by another writer that I was a ‘bloggy writer’. Hmm, I thought – I think that’s an insult. I do believe they also threw in the term cynical while they were at it. Again, hmmm – yup, that was definitely an insult.

But here’s the thing even if it is true, why should that be an insult to me? It takes an enormous amount of work of work to put together a blog and maintain a blog, gain an audience and keep that audience engaged. Between my two blogs I have written a total of 850 posts over 25 months – I gotta get some love for that, don’t I? I mean just the sheer volume of it, has to say something about me as a writer, doesn’t it?

Now granted not all of those posts were writing per se – some are vids, some are toons, some are quotes but I dont’ think I’m exagerating when I say that close to 90% is writing – just writing, whether opinion pieces, rants, humor, fiction, poetry, political analysis, satire, or parodies. I’ve written a helluva lot of words over the past two years on these blogs and for the most part I’m damn proud of those words.

In addition to that, I have written thousands more words in my work as a freelancer for websites, ads, business copy, etc. And let’s not even go into the novels. So, I’m thinking I’m nearing a pretty big number when it comes to my overall output of words. Yes, I hear some of you saying but quantity is not necessarily quality. Well, okay that’s true. However, between the two blogs, I have gotten close to 200,000 hits – that has to mean something doesn’t it? I think it might mean that somebody somewhere is reading me. What do you think? Am I right or am I wrong?

And even on the quality issue, the way you do anything I believe if you want to succeed is in this sequence: quantity, quality, viability. In other words, first let’s get the production up, let’s get writing, then let’s work on improving that production without losing momentum, and then finally let’s pick out the best of the best.

While not all bloggers are writers proper it is my belief that not all writers can be bloggers. There is a certain savvy that is necessary to succeed as a blogger and it’s not just a bunch of beautiful words, though those don’t hurt, it is a mixed medium with actual interchange of ideas with others – it’s visual, audio and text. It’s the whole enchilada. And it’s intensive training in my humble opinion for any writer who wants to become good at their craft because they have to run the whole production, they have to learn to write on deadline if they hope to keep their audience and they have to learn to improve to keep their audience and the interchange happening.

Hey who knows, Pulitizer may someday come out with a best in blogging award. If Algore can get one I figure all of us have a chance.

So while being a bloggy writer may not make me a proper writer, it does make me a very productive and fast thinking, fast typing, happy writer. And without these blogs there are so many things I would have never thought to write about, think about and talk about – without these blogs there are so many ideas I would never have been exposed to, so many viewpoints I’d never have known about or shared, so many, many things – so, I’m thinking being called a bloggy writer might not actually be an insult at all. What say you?

22 thoughts on “I'm a Bloggy Writer

  1. With you as a terrific example of Bloggy-Writer: YOU SET THE STANDARD! It’s a high standard and you should consider it a compliment. You are very talented and I appreciate you sharing your words.

    “Suspend the judgements, you silly people who have to put others down to feel elevated in your own esteem…”

    Hey C,
    I think your quote says it all. I mean honestly, what is the point in saying it in the first place? One has to wonder.


  2. Does the person who said this to you have a blog? I imagine not. Has this person ever read your blog? I imagine not.

    People who don’t blog will never be able to understand its greatness until they blog for themselves. Bottom line.

    And, do I think you are a talented writer, or just a blog writer? I know you are a talented writer. I’ve never left here ONCE after reading a post, thinking, “that was a dud”. I’m always amazed at the thought, love, and care that goes into each topic you tackle. I’ve said it before, this is the only blog that truly blows me away. Someone (uh, you) who covers A-Z and every single nook in between. You never miss a beat.

    Even on this one… quantity vs. quality. You’ve got both but I’m just not sure how you do it.

    Point this fucker out and I’m going to shove his “writing pen” up his/her ass.

    LOL Bella, you are so funny. No, I think I will leave that information alone. It’s not really important who said it and in a way maybe it’s good because it made me really look at what that actually meant, which turned out not to be a bad thing at all. I don’t know if I always make the mark, I don’t think any writer does but I do think that any writer who has to put down another is only trying to elevate themselves in some way and that’s just sad.


  3. Curious C is right. They forgot to say what a great bloggy writer you are! And the good thing is that since you are busy and current with your blog writing, you don’t have time to stoop to their levels of negativity and be critiquing and insulting other writers. I’ve noticed some writers seem to spend a lot of time doing this and not necessarily in a “constructive criticism” kind of way. But it’s funny the ones doing it seem to be the ones who aren’t actively writing something of their own or just like to wallow in negativity.

    Hey Teens, thanks. But I think the point of the conversation from their end was not to make me feel good but to make me feel bad. Perphaps to even encourage me to stop writing. However, it had the opposite effect. It’s funny about that isn’t it? How when people say things to make you stop what you are doing only encourages you to do more of the same? πŸ˜‰


  4. Hmmm…let’s see, come up with, research, write, edit and publish quality, entertaining, and thought provoking material 5 days out of 7. AND go out there and market your own material. My name is Urban Panther, and I AM a bloggy writer!

    Right on sistah bloggy writer. Unite! πŸ˜†


  5. I’d take it as a compliment. I know that I would. The majority of my posts are pure crap but I would imagine that my readership exceeds a lot of ‘real’ writers. So fuck ’em and feed ’em fish heads and be proud to be a bloggy writer.

    How about you feed ’em fishheads and I get to watch? πŸ™‚


  6. Two things:
    a) Evyl is right, take it as a compliment, after all, who cares what they talk about you but THAT they talk about you, free publicity is free publicity! πŸ˜‰


    b) It surprises me over and over again (as I’m a slow learner at times) how people have nothing better to do than make others feel worse. And although I hear what C says in the quote, it just somehow won’t make sense to me. Why waste the energy of breath on something that although it may bring a moment of importance surely won’t last and can leave nothing but bitterness behind?

    Beats me.


    Hey Spaz,
    Hmmm not sure there was any publicity involved there but okay. As to the why people have nothing better to do than try to make others feel bad? Maybe they just want everyone to feel as bad as they do? Misery loves company, yes? It certainly isn’t an activity that reaps positive benefits, that’s a fact.


  7. Oh and just to clarify, that was the only thing Evyl was right about in his comment, as we all know that his posts hardly smell. πŸ˜‰

    Yes, we all know and love our Evyl, don’t we? πŸ™‚


  8. Hey, from what I’ve read, your writing is well above average writers. I guess it is a two edged sword to some extent. I see it from your side and Evyl’s too. Exposure to the world by whatever source, though, will give you to a larger audience and they in turn will make their own opinion, thereby increasing your audience, since I think you have the goods and people will come back. I know I have. Keep up the blogging.

    Hey Jim,
    Well thanks – I appreciate that.


  9. I think that you are a wonderful writer. And yes, you have a blog, so I guess by association you are a bloggy writer. And a damn good one too.

    I remember reading somewhere that if someone says something intended to upset you, you should metaphorically throw it straight back at them. And you have. Hope that by the time it got back to them it was a soft tomato and they got it squashed all over their face and that the acid in the tomato eroded their misguided ego.

    Hey Gem,
    Well ironically the writer who said this to me, also has a blog – somehow they managed not to be bloggy apparently a talent I”m lacking. πŸ˜‰

    Yes, I too hope that rotten tomato has landed squarely in that metaphoric face – nothing would give me more pleasure. Well perhaps a couple of things, but it would do.

    Thanks, hon.


  10. Hey WC – I agree, it says more about the speaker’s insecurities, and lack of understanding of the medium than anything else. Basically, the way you build community with your blog, oh, and of course, the fabulous writing and topics too(!), is not easy for any traditional writer to get me thinks. Thanks for stimulating our collective neurons, especially those ones we disagree on … it’s wonderfully, well stimulatin’.

    Hey Gerry,
    Well thanks for saying that, I appreciate it. I suppose you’re right that blogging is about community building to some degree – sure, as writers we want it to be about the writing but I’m not sure you can make it strictly about that because it excludes too many people and honestly a writer I don’t think, doesn’t write to writers – a writer writes to readers and they come in all ages, shapes, backgrounds and descriptions. Thanks again.


  11. “Well ironically the writer who said this to me, also has a blog – somehow they managed not to be bloggy apparently a talent I”m lacking.”

    No, no, no, no!!!!!!!! This is a talent that they must be missing, not you. So, if they’re not bloggy and they have a blog, does that mean that they are only making a half-arsed attempt at it then???? Must do πŸ™‚

    Hey Gem,
    Oh I don’t know, people think what they think I guess. And I suppose different writers have different goals. Perhaps the difference between me and this writer is that I write for anybody who wants to read and am grateful for anyone who does and they write to impress people with their skill? Not sure, honestly. All I know is that writers write and if they don’t speak to the public at large I don’t know what the point would be.



  12. From what I’ve seen, you’re a great writer, period. Your blog skills just are another way of showcasing talent! I just read the post you left on my blog, and was quite impressed. You have a great way of sharing your opinions in a manner that keeps people interested & keeps them reading.

    I like this quote in your post here:
    “first let’s get the production up, let’s get writing, then let’s work on improving that production without losing momentum, and then finally let’s pick out the best of the best…”

    This was timely for me, as I have a project percolating in the back of my mind that I haven’t quite started yet. It could be pretty cool, but I keep putting it off for fear it will go the way of other projects – into that magical black hole of rejection letters. πŸ˜‰ But your post reminded me that it’s important just to get started, to put fears & worries aside, and to not judge my work before I’ve even written it. πŸ˜‰

    Great as always!

    Hey Dube,
    Well thanks for this wonderful comment. Coming from you it means a lot because you are a wonderful and accomplished writer. I know what you mean about the projects percolating in the back of the mind and then sabotaging them before they ever see pen and paper. As writers I guess we have a tendency of overthinking (duh, you think? lol) our stuff but yeah, when I can find that place where I just want to say what I have to say and rejections be damned then it often works out quite well. And the thing too with rejections is we have to always consider the source, don’t we? We aren’t being rejected by the reader so much as by the purchaser – it’s kind of shame that we have to go through that via, isn’t it? If we didn’t, imagine how much better the available published writing at large would be. I think about that often, don’t you?

    Thanks again,


  13. Hi Annie,

    A bloggy writer, I’m wondering what that means and I’m wondering why a person would say that as an insult to you. You know sweetheart I think comments like that come from jealousy.

    I think your amazing, ha! you know I do.I love the way you use your writing skills and express your feelings and thoughts through your blogs.You’ve covered so much, and for me its been a real inspiring journey reading you over this past year and engaging. I love the sense of unity I feel here on your blog, I only hope that one day I can move away from rambeling and write like you do.

    You changed some of my world you know with your blog. For me, you made things seem lighter and easier and brighter and influenced me to move away from my self pitious writing. You showed us beautiful pictures and made me laugh so much.

    Youre so lovely Annie and a Great Writer Chic. You definitely are one WRITER CHIC and thats why us chics love to read you.

    Yes ! Why do people say stuff like that. Argh !! Yikes !! I hope I haven’t offended you in any way.Email on the way.

    Love as always Annie
    The Best Writer Chic Ever.

    Hey Di,
    You’re sweet and thank you for saying those lovely things. I think the point of the comment was that my writing was only good enough for a blog, as opposed to publication or for the the reading public at large? And therefore my writing was pedestrian and common and with little merit – a hack in other words.

    I’m glad that you feel a sense of unity here – my goal for this blog was to bring people together, to talk, to laugh, to engage. It is about dialogue and the exchange of ideas. I’ve said before, my blog to me is like the big country kitchen, with the big round beat up old table that we all sit around and talk. Hence the name, Writer Chick Talks. Perhaps that is the thing this person missed? Although I’m not sure I could have expected otherwise, many writers are introverts and don’t talk, don’t like to, which always strikes me as odd, since a writer’s job is to communicate and I don’t see how those two things can reconcile truly. If you are a writer you are a communicator in my mind – if you fail at that in life how can you succeed at that in writing? I’m not sure.



  14. Hi Annie,

    You do know, I hope, that I will be more than glad to taunt whatever “writer” said that to you into a state of mental collapse. For you, I won’t even charge.

    the Grit

    Hey Grit – you sure do make me smile when you say things like that. I’ll tell you what, I’ll keep it under advisement – if it gets to be a problem, you’ll be first on the speed dial. Otay? πŸ˜‰ Thanks, buddy.


  15. Hi again Annie,

    Great point there about writer and interverts. I so understand that intrevert thing that wirters seem to have, that time and space and solitary to be with thought and word – Yes ! I get that.

    But !

    As you said here you need to engage, to live, to connect, to feel, to be,to communicte to experience other people to be able to get a great angle on your writing.

    I think you need expereince of others to be a great writer coz how would you ever know who you were touching with your words, you wouldn’t you’d just have your own fanciful beliefs and introvertism ( If thats a word ) and that can cause somewhat distorted beliefs and way off key thinking.

    Oh ! Shut up now Diane – I’m not even a writer and I don’t even read. I just read great blogs like this one.

    You have tons of great energy Annie and the way you put stuff out there is so cool. Hehe!! I’m going to aspire to be a bloggy writer.


    WHOO HOO !!!!
    Blogetta Blagger.

    LOL Di is Bogetta Blagger your new handle? It has kind of a ring to it. You know I have to say you really did hit the nail on the head with this comment:

    I think you need expereince of others to be a great writer coz how would you ever know who you were touching with your words, you wouldn’t you’d just have your own fanciful beliefs and introvertism ( If thats a word ) and that can cause somewhat distorted beliefs and way off key thinking.

    It’s actually quite a spot on description of this person. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks, dear.



  16. Hehe!!

    Hi Annie.

    Yes ! Blogetta Blagger, how cool is that for me. My friends here call me Blogetta, its so funny when they call it me, I just added Blagger coz I thought it had a ring to it to.

    My new blog could be called.

    ~~ Blogetta Blagger Blogs Again~~

    Love you

    Hey Di,
    That’s a scream – I love that as a name for your new blog. When are you going to set it up?


  17. I’ve never really thought of myself as a writer at all, but I’ve definitely churned out the words: about twelve thousand individual pieces, some short, some not so short.

    I do believe, however, that I’ve improved over the years, at least to the extent that I can refer to my style without putting the word in sneer quotes.

    Hey CG,
    Thems a lot of words all right. πŸ˜‰


  18. Bloggy writer…

    I’d take that as a compliment. If you are writing what you like, and it also appeals to the blog reading audience, I’d add accomplished to “bloggy writer.”

    Me, I just blog. LOL. πŸ˜€

    Thanks Mrs. V. πŸ™‚


  19. i wish i were a blogger.
    A good blogger like you. It is no easy task to post every day, engage readers every day with what one writes, but you do just that. Also, it is terribly difficult to present topics that’ve not been done to bloody pulpy death.

    i suppose i am a ‘writer’, which for me personally, has not translated well in the blog world. Most readers do not read blogs for stories. i don’t even myself! mostly. But you do this.

    i’m sorry someone was unable to understand that, but you know- everyone’s a critic. And what i’ve noticed about critics is that they usually wish to be adept at the very thing they criticize but are not. Not always, but usually. Also, i am sorry that said person felt the need to attack your character. i hope this person is not one who claims to know you well for if they did, they would know that though you are realistic, you are also optimistic.

    Anyway, you do what you do well. You know that. We all know it. So you know, like whatever. πŸ™‚

    Believe me, you don’t wish you were a blogger – it’s bad for your stomach and nerves. Yeah, I don’t know, I think the intent was to somehow injure me or my self image – make me feel less a writer because I also blog but like you say….whatever. Eh? πŸ˜†


  20. I think all the comments above say everything I wanted to say.

    So, the only thing I can add is, I’m happy to just be writing. Whether it’s the duds, or something better, you gotta do what you enjoy doing, and clearly you enjoy writing. Keep it up.

    I can only aspire to be a bloggy writer myself! Ha ha ha.


    Hey you!
    Aspire, eh? Aw come on, you know you’re good. The rest of the blogosphere will catch up with you. Thanks for the nice words. I’m fine don’t worry.



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