An Egg, Idiocy & Time's Blog Picks

Okay, first of all, you have to watch this 60 second video:

I actually tested this out and it really frickin works! Who knew after decades of trying I could peel an egg perfectly after a mere 60 seconds of instruction. And it’s fun too. No…seriously go really watch the video instead of trying to divine what the heck I’m talking about.

This little item about the new stimulus plan gave me a chuckle – particularly the line:

Oh, and then there’s the mandate to the FCC that instructs it to create (within one year, mind you) a “national broadband plan to ensure that everyone in the US has broadband access.”

Yes and finally Time Mag gives its picks for top 25 blogs and 5 worst or overrated blogs. Unfortunately, no real surprises in their picks – I kind of wish they’d step outside their liberal commie box and actually check out blogs off the beaten path rather than just keep feeding the blog franchises that are already huge, you know? Am I jealous? You bet.

Happy Thursday.

5 thoughts on “An Egg, Idiocy & Time's Blog Picks

  1. i am so going to try that egg trick 🙂 hope its not like blowing up those long skinny balloons though, my asthma doesn’t like them 😉

    darlene´s last blog present retreats

    Nope, not nearly as stressful as that and it’s fun too. 😉


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