Spam and Affiliate Marketing

In the last couple of months I’ve been researching affiliate marketing to see if it was a viable avenue to create some passive income. I’ve learned a lot and although I probably won’t participate in any serious affiliate marketing I discovered a few tips that would help any online business improve its traffic and hopefully the bottom line.

However, another thing that I realized – let’s call it a side benefit –  is where a lot of that pesky spam comes from that we all have to deal with.

Affiliate Marketing Basics

The general idea behind affiliate marketing is that you promote someone else’s product and if someone buys the product using your link you are paid a commission.  The amount of the commission varies, depending on the product, but if you do it right and find a product that is in high demand you can make some decent income. The affiliate marketing universe has thousands upon thousands of available products to promote from gout remedies to information products – but a couple of the highest paying affiliate programs are adult products and drugs.  I guess that makes sense since drugs and sex have been money generators since the beginning of time.  For me, these two categories cover just about all the spam that I get.

Now, I’m the last person in the world who would discourage any budding entrepreneur from spreading her wings and building her empire but…if you are going to participate in affiliate marketing you should do it right. Spamming forums, blogs and other websites that are irrelevant to your market is only going to end up sending you to the spam box. Especially if you use bot programs and other methods to do massive hits to sites.

If I understand the concept correctly, you are supposed to build your site and backlinks by finding relevant forums, etc. in which to disseminate your product promotion. Spamming inappropriate sites will only piss people off and get you nowhere. I understand that those hefty commissions are very attractive and that you figure that throwing your net out in every possible direction will result in big money. But the truth is that all you are doing is counter-productive and not earning you any brownie points or commissions I would imagine.

I think the thing that stymies me is that the folks pulling this type of stunt must know that their ‘comments’ end up in the spam box and therefore they have exerted energy that will cause anyone to profit.  So why do they do it? Even in the case of abandoned blogs where spam does manage to get into the comments section aren’t likely to be read much less clicked on.  And I’m pretty sure Google isn’t giving you better rankings for spamming people so…

Please stop

I know, I know, I’m wasting my breath – I guess I just needed to vent and share my little realization. Perhaps it will make other bloggers feel better to know that spam isn’t personal – it’s just a random act of annoyance.  Still, you’d think with all the information floating around these yahoo’s would figure it out. But unfortunately any idiot with a computer and an internet connection can annoy people with impunity these days.

How about you guys – any elucidating thoughts on the source and cause of spam? LOL.

Writer Chick

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4 thoughts on “Spam and Affiliate Marketing

  1. I can’t add anything except to say I was clearing out my spam filter last night, thinking what a good job Akismet does, and wondering why spammers even bother when there are filters like that at work everywhere. But of course the spamming is probably just as automated as the filtering. Battling algorithms.

    I agree, Askimet does a great job. As to why it doesn’t stop the spammers???? My guess is that they don’t know about it. I’ve had spammers leave the same ‘comment’ several times – I assume because it is not showing up as published. So I’m thinking that even if they know about askimet and other spam filters they believe they are so clever that their spam goes undetected. That and the fact that a lot them use bot programs. Although I have to hand it to the clever spammer who copied and pasted a previous real comment from someone else in – of course they were spammed because they had the residual bagillion links added – but it does trick you at first when you see it. 🙂



  2. I second PiedType’s comment about Akismet, it’s caught the equivalent of a one-to-one ratio of actual comment vs. spam comment on my blog, which is rather incredible. I’m not sure where my spam comes from though, it all seems quite random… how do you track back your spam to figure out how to make it stop?

    Actually, even if you tracked back your spam, *could* you make it stop? If so, how?

    Also, can I just say … 294,000 hits on your blog? How AWESOME! I’ve got a looooong way to go as I currently have about 1600 or so hits on my writing blog, which I started back in March this year.


    Hey Carol,
    Well, if you wanted to track it back you could – at least to a degree. Although usually the email addresses they put down are bogus, often they can’t trick you about the IP address. But it is a long process and usually not worth the effort. Since Askimet and other spam filters do such a good job it’s easier to just empty the spam box and be done with it.

    Yeah, it’s true I do have a few hits but I’ve been at it for five years, so they tend to accumulate after a while. 😉 I’m sure later down the line you’ll have quite a few hits yourself. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by.



  3. Just wanted to stop in and say Happy New Year friend! Hope you are well!

    Hey Kimmy!
    Happy New Year to you too! I have been a bad blogger lately – oh well…Things are good. How’s by you?



    1. Doing well. Have many irons in the fire, but am using that energy to write again. It’s been way too long for me. I’ve got lots to get out!!! LOL! Glad to hear you are well.
      Chat soon. K


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