Rights Grabs and Other Informative Reads



How to Spot a Rights Grab. Helen Sedwick gives us the ABCs of rights grabs – an absolute must-read for writers.

‘Highly creative’ professionals won’t lose their jobs to robots, study finds   Will you be replaced by a robot? Not if you’re ‘highly creative’ according to study.

Publishing’s Digital Disruption Hasn’t Even Started  Gareth Cuddy observes that traditional publishers who think eBooks are over may be sadly surprised down the line.

Top Ten Most Common Short Story Names  Neil Clarke muses about the top ten most common short story titles. Who knew?

Giving books to kids before summer break can stem reading losses  Science Daily cites a study that shows giving kids books to read over summer school break can help keep reading skills going.

Happy Monday everybody.



2 thoughts on “Rights Grabs and Other Informative Reads

  1. A very interesting new collection, Annie. The first article especially – what a find! The last one grabbed me as well. Amazing job in putting this together for your readers! Happy Monday 🙂


    1. Hey Ramona,
      Happy Monday. Yes the first one really got my attention this weekend when I saw it. And it’s full of good, useful advice too. When it comes to legal stuff I think most of us go deer in the headlights – so having a post that spells things out clearly is great.

      I thought you might enjoy the piece about kids and reading since you have a boy of your own. Nice to see a study has validated what teachers and parents seemed to have known all along.

      Have a great week.



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