Chuck Wants a Title

book untitled

So Chuck is at it again. His flash fiction challenge is to come up with a title which  will be used in a future flash fiction challenge.

The problem is I can’t just come up with one. No, I can come up with titles all day, all night, all the time. Which is not to say that any of them are any good. Still, it’s a fun game. Here is a smattering of the titles I’ve come up with:

  1. Knock on Any Door
  2. Negative Space
  3. Aces Wild: The case of the missing poker king
  4. A Tale of Two Murders
  5. Banjo and the Worm Hole
  6. Murder by Moonlight
  7. Dance of the Mystery Underpants
  8. Between the Lies
  9. Magnolias at Midnight
  10. Secret of the Magic Crypt

And so on…

My favorite is Banjo and the Worm Hole.


If you don’t like any of these, maybe you should think of your own and go on over to Chuck’s to post it/them.




2 thoughts on “Chuck Wants a Title

  1. Great titles, Annie. I’ve seen his post too, and was thinking how hard it would be to decide on just one title. I’m hoarding a little collection myself, as we all do… Albatross is one of my favorites. Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday.

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    1. Hey Ramona,
      Yeah Chuck can come up with some interesting challenges, that’s for sure.
      I don’t hoard titles ever. Usually I can’t stop them. But I’ve also been known to drive myself mad looking for the perfect title for a story.
      Albatross…wasn’t there a Henry Miller play by that name? It is a great title. 😀 Happy Sunday to you.


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