There are no words

Only tears

There is no wisdom

Only pain


spiraling out of control


Flying like petals on the wind


No comfort

No answer

No solution

The time is now

For stillness

For opens arms

For understanding

For gathering our humanity

Into a loving embrace

Turn off the noise

And open your heart

Listen to your brothers and sisters weeping

Turn to that

And give them comfort

This is not about you

Or your causes

This is all our tragic loss

Feel it

Let it enter your heart






Much love and blessing to the victims and their families. I weep for you.


6 thoughts on “Orlando

  1. Infinitely sad and devastating for the families. May God be with them.

    America must look inwards and think about where we are going as a nation as people.

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    1. I agree. We need to talk to each other instead of at each other. What I found most disturbing was the rush to capture the narrative for this cause or that. These were human beings slaughtered for no reason. That should be our focus.

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