I would like to say thank you


acknowledgmentI know that it is traditional to include an acknowledgment page in your book – thanking all those who helped along the way. And if my brain hadn’t been Swiss cheese these last few weeks, I’d have had the presence of mind to add one. My bad. Please accept my apologies.

So, I would like to use this space to thank the many people who have helped me in my journey of writing a 3-book series.

Kelly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the endless reads and the total willingness to read it yet again. Your encouragement, enthusiasm, and support made this possible. I doubt I could have gotten through the insanity of writing three books without you. Thank you.

Jody. Your insight into story, plot, and character helped me write better books. Much better books. And made me want to write better stories as well. Your help with the research on Book 2 was also invaluable and more helpful than you’ll ever know. Thank you.

William. Your feedback has been valuable and has served to keep me enthused about the prospect of publishing these books. I hope you’re right and people will like them. Thank you.

Lyn. Not only did you help to ensure all the tees were crossed and the i’s dotted, your insight and feedback on the storyline and character arcs were perfect and much appreciated. Thank you.

Jess. I love, love, love the covers you did for my books and hope everybody thinks they are as awesome as I do. Your patience and persistence with me while I changed my mind a bazillion times makes you pretty close to a saint in my book. Thank you.

Bob, Pam, Pam F., Debi, Debba, Marli, Michelle, Mom, Rick, Becky, and Cora your encouragement has meant the world to me. Thank you.

DL Perching, your awesome promo and Twitter ‘support’ and friendship, though new has been awesome and I look forward to being at the forefront when your book comes out. Thank you.

Ri DelRio – your Twitter madness and encouragement is something that gets me out of bed and running to my computer every morning. And I’m not kidding about the picture. Thank you.

Readers. All you folks who come to my blog and read my posts, like them, comment on them, tweet and share them, I can’t thank you enough either. There is nothing that means more to a writer than to know someone wants to read what you write. Thank you.

Indie Writers. Many of you, I read your blogs. You inspire me. You make me believe that I can do it too. You make me want to reach further and higher. Your generosity of advice, tips, tricks, and just plain old cheerleading the indie song has helped me tremendously. I’m amazed by how open and supportive you guys all are and I thank you.

So…being the dunderhead that I am, I’m sure I’ve left someone out. And I’m sorry in advance if I’ve done that. But truly I am grateful to each and every one of you who have given a word of encouragement, advice, shared a laugh and read, listened to me whine, reassured me – all of it and any of it. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you, all.