I See Dead People…

No…I really do. In fact, I see them everywhere. They are in the grocery store, pushing carts into yours. If they hit your cart, they roll back and try again and like the energizer bunny they just keep going and going.

Driving cars. The ones gripping the steering wheel so hard the white of their knuckles serve as reflector strips on a dark street. They hook a sharp angle into your lane. Can’t hear the horn, can’t hear the brakes screeching, can’t hear your threats and cussing. I mean, what more proof do you need?

In fact, I’m beginning to believe that there are more dead people around than live ones. The kid on the skate board riding smack-dab middle down the street doesn’t seem to notice your 2,000 lb car hurtling toward them. The teen-aged mothers dragging screaming toddlers across the street as the mini vans zoom by. The 7-11 clerk who takes your debit card, swipes it and thrusts it back at a person, apparently seen only by their zombie eyes, standing to the right or left of you. Questions on your part are met with a vacant stare. Responses can only be illicited by uttering phrases like, ‘$10 on number 2′ – ‘pack of Marlboros’ – ‘two chili dogs.’

Need more proof? Go to the DMV, call the phone company or ask a gas station attendant for directions. Or just for fun, ask a traffic cop why he stopped you? Like the terminator, his vacant eyes drift over you, around you, behind you but never at you. I mean, what are they looking for? Other dead people they can maybe date? Yep, dead, every one of them.

It’s a fricking Twilight Zone out there folks. One could even ponder if dead people are blogging. How hard would it be. Pound on the keys and hit publish. We’d never know….would we?

I do, I really do…I see dead people… ;)


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  1. Ok, so my question is; What in our society has created so many apathetic, vacant people? Is the world we live in so empty? Or are we just lazy?

    Wow, I was just making fun of the lack of social graces. I didn’t think this would prompt any serious discussion. Perhaps we should have a dialogue about it later?


  2. Nice to see you have a sense of humor. But you’re talking (at least in part) about people who “chronic” problems (problems whose outcome is death). Yet, in the meantime, they’re in pain (I don’t know of a death that doesn’t involve pain). I’m reminded of the commercial “depression hurts”. And so, I find it more difficult than you apparently do to “poke” fun (nice image, btw). So, while your attitude seems more healthy (for you, at least), I’m not sure you aren’t laughing at your own demise in the process. Nonetheless, you make an important point. I hope someone finds a cure.

    Hi Phil (love the name btw)

    Actually, no I’m not talking about people who have chronic problems. I’m talking about the general lack of social graces that I encounter in everyday life. It was meant to be a bit of levity – not a statement on the mental and emotional state of society at large. 

    As for laughing at myself, I think I’d rather do that than feel sorry for myself. And yeah, I have to agree laughter is more healthy than introspection.

    Thanks for your comments.


  3. I have to agree that seeing the humor is sometimes the comic relief needed to come through hard times.

    Even when there is pain and suffering, and BTW, we are all dying, just in differing stages of arriving at the body’s final demise, finding the humor provides relief. My dad is 90, has Alzheimer’s or some sort of dementia. Thank God he still has his sense of humor, because that’s about all that’s left for him at this point. He can still laugh and to that degree, he’s still alive.

    What’s more, since he doesn’t remember past a few
    minutes ago, he isn’t feeling the loss of his former state the way I am. I have to tell you, finding the humor in our situation is what keeps me from crying. So by all means WC, find the humor
    and let us all enjoy a bit of levity. Life is better for it.

    Thanks Lyn. Maybe it’s hokey but I think that laughter really is the best medicine for all the things that ail us. And it does get you through the tough times.

    You know, you might want to check out my friend Michael’s, webring Memory Lane he too has family suffering from Alzheimer’s. He frequently writes short memoirs about his mom who recently passed, on his other blog Smoke & Mirrors.  You can find links to both on the main page under the blogroll.



  4. Dead blogger do exist. They are the ones that give you the nice ghost message. “xcvssl sdfs sljk”. I think that translate to Great Article. :)

    I’m afraid to ask if that’s a secret code. LOL. Thanks for reading. ;)


  5. And I thought I was the only one who sees dead people!! I take that back the one’s I run into a brain dead!!

    What I hate are the ones who eat all the veggies in my garden. Oh wait…maybe that’s the wabbits.


  6. I’m so pleased this is a worldwide phenomenom, here was me thinking that it may have just been an Aussie thing :)
    Cheers, Kelly

    LOL Kel, I’m glad it’s a relief for you. It’s definitely a universal thang. ;)


  7. sshhhhhhhhhh be very very quiet I’m huntin’ wabbits!!!

    You’re not any relation to Elmer Fudd, is you? :)


  8. I think it stems from an over abundance of political correctedness, it’s just gone way too left field now, people have shorted out…..
    peace FC

    Excellent point FC! You may be onto something. ;)


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