Okay, so this weekend was kind of odd and surreal. The weather was like something out of an Emily Bronte novel – in fact, I could almost hear Cathy and Heathcliff whispering to each other – so I immediately went into a sort of hibernation-stasis mode.

To my delight, my friend J was in town and we had dinner and some great conversation and were up til all hours. I caught up on some posts and reading and things seemed, well…okay.

Then I decided to drag my sorry ass out to put gas in the car because of course, I didn’t want to try that on Monday morning. What did my eyes see? Broken tail light glass shattered in the middle of the street. I thought, I better pick that up because I don’t want to drive over that. Which I did…and then some little voice said, oh-oh. I didn’t want to, no, I really didn’t but I walked back to look at the back of my car. There is was – a big gash and broken tail light. My beautiful car has been hit and then they ran.

Bastard, bastard, bastard all to hell! Shit, damn, fuck! I cried a little because my beautiful car had been marred. It was perfect and now it isn’t. No note. No, I’m sorry. No, nothing. Sonofagun!

Roomie helped me retrieve as many of the pieces as we could and is as we speak out there with handyman-guy trying to put the pieces back together. It could be worse, yah, it certainly could be worse – but damn!

Because I didn’t see anything the only thing the police would do is take a phone report for the insurance company. Yeah, like I’m going to tell them about it. Sigh. It’s always something. Crap! Please God, let the tail light still work and just have the cover need replacing. And please God, let my mechanic know some body shop guy who can fix it without it being too painfully expensive. And thank you God, for letting the auto parts place be open so I could buy that stupid red tape to cover it up for now.

I guess that $200 filling is going to have to wait, eh?

Like I said, it could have been worse and I’m thankful it wasn’t too bad. Now, I guess my car is like me – kind of pretty but definitely flawed.


16 thoughts on “Bastard!

  1. Oh your language is far too sedate for this despictable act. I don’t understand how people can do shit like this?? What is wrong with them???
    I really hope you can get it fixed quick and cheap…

    I may be able to get it fixed quick but probably not cheaply. Yeah, you’d think I would have used worse language but it was just sad. My perfect little car…oh well, like I said, it could have been much worse and I can’t stop there from being shits in the world, much as I might like to.

    Thanks, darl.


  2. Oh yes, you told me about this. Poor lady! You know, when I was nineteen I got in a car accident. A man hit me going 50 mph– totalled my car, and ironically, I had just made the last payment the day before.

    Oh my gosh, Kenz you’re freaking me out. I got hit too and it was just two weeks before my last payment. Yes, the car was totaled but it was mine. Great, huh? Doncha just love it when life hands you the irony in a nice, pretty basket. Jeez.

    Were you hurt or was it just your poor car?


  3. WC-

    Traffic came to a sudden halt. I stopped, and I happened to glance in my rearview mirror, seeing that the man behind me was still going full speed. (He happened to be a mailman. Hahaha.)

    The next thing I knew, I woke up with an officer next to me, asking if Mickey was a mouse or a duck. I thought that was the stupidest question ever, until I realized, “Crap– I don’t know.”

    I was alright, though. I had some minor injuries, but nothing that didn’t mend quickly.

    Were you alright?

    Kenz, you were lucky – thank goodness you weren’t maimed for life. Yeah, I was okay too. Although, freeways have given me pause ever since.


  4. Low-life, mo-fo!! How DARE he touch that long awaited little girl! I hope you DO find the bashturd, and then I would wait until later at night, when no ones around, the night is dark, the moon isn’t full and then…..and then…..and then…..

    Cool, when you do want to fly out and help me? ๐Ÿ˜†


  5. Hi WC,

    I had a friend in college who had the same experience, except she found a piece of the offender’s grill at the scene. She kept it and kept an eye out for two or three weeks, until she spotted the car to which it belonged. She called the cops, showed them the evidence and they arrested the owner! Gotta love it.

    Sorry about your loss. Some people are just animals.

    the Grit

    Yeah, we looked for any evidence they may have left behind but no luck. Although we are keeping our eyes peeled. It would be a pretty distinctive truck – lifted – since the hit was so high up on my car and the indentations are distinctive. I’ll let you know if we find the bastard. Thanks.


  6. That’s shitty! I got a big red scratch along the side of Paulina (my car) and had to take it to get fixed as well. People are sketchy. Nobody has the decency to even leave their insurance information. Jerks.

    Yeah, I know. What’s happened to common courtesy among people any more?


  7. That’s my worst fear since I got my new ride. Narrow, dark street is perfect opportunity for a hit-and-run. Sorry people suck like that and had to ruin your evening. Bastards!

    I thought about that too, Lass. You know when you get something new you get extra sensitive to people getting near it. Maybe my energy made it happen. Because of course, it’s the thing I most didn’t want to happen. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it fixed without it being too painful.


  8. Poor, poor car. I bet it cried when it received that booboo.

    But, as they say, cars can be replaced as where you can not. At least you weren’t in it.

    Hopefully someone will find the sorry bastid that did it.

    Yes, my bootiful car was very sad about her scars and near death incident.

    True, I wasn’t in it and for that my back and joints are thankful.

    We’re still looking – hoping I do find them. I really want to ask them why they thought they could just do that and not take any responsibility for it. I really do.


  9. Some people have anger with the world and take it out on others.

    In your case, some people are 12-year-old retards who like to act like pricks and smash people’s cars. I hope it doesn’t cost too much to repair.

    Well, they might be a little older, since it was done with a very large truck. But otherwise, yeah, you’re right.

    I hope it doesn’t cost too much either but right now, I’m still a little afraid to find out. Oy.
    Thanks, DT.


  10. Damn, what is it with you and cars? You can’t seem to catch a break in that area huh? Very frustrating for you I’m sure. Sorry about that. You know I really believe that type of stuff comes back around to you, so that person better look out (from behind that is) ๐Ÿ™‚ Anabel

    I asked myself the same question – but I just think shit happens sometimes. Maybe he will get his just deserts – hope so. Mostly, I’d just like him to come clean. Fat chance, though.


  11. Oh, your poor car! I can’t believe they didn’t even take a few short minutes to write a short note. It’s just plain awful. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    How very frustrating. I hope you and your car are feeling better soon, WC.


    Thanks, honey. You know the strange thing? The incident actually made me bond with the car. Does that make any sense? Until it happened, it didn’t quite feel like my car. Now, it’s definitely mine. Weird, huh?


  12. Karma is a bitch.
    You know that, right?
    Here’s to hoping the slimeball that did this was in the middle of wiping their ass when their arm unexpectedly fell off.
    Two words for you: After Market
    Shop around and find a decent AM light.
    Could save you a few bucks.
    You got that first ding out of the way.
    Better things ahead for your wheels.

    Yup…life’s a beach to be sure.

    LOL – I loved the image of his arm falling off.

    Yes, the first ding is out of the way and I guess I can relax now?


  13. Sometimes…people suck…..sorry about you’re pretty new car……


    Thanks honey. I’m starting to get over it a bit. Roomie is offering to fix it, know…I find that a little scarey. ๐Ÿ˜†


  14. oh man, can i feel your pain! i bought my beautiful yellow sunfire and there wasn’t a scratch on it . two months later i went to put gas in it and someone had apparently scraped it backing out of a parking spot or something. i was devastated. yeah, no one was hurt thank God but how fucking ignorant people can be.

    I know. I think there is a song about it called, The First Cut is the Deepest. I don’t know if it’s ignorance or just being a chicken shit. Hopefully, they will learn their lesson some day.


  15. Ok, seems that it’s confession time.
    We had this shopping truck that used come to our neighbourhood which was like a convenient store on wheels.
    My mom sent me to get some eggs. I knew I should have walked, she even told me so, but I was too lazy, so I took the bike.
    I buy the eggs and since I think I am invincible, I get back on the bike, one hand holding the eggs, the other the handlebars.
    Well, needless to say, I wasn’t invicible. The bike starting to wobble back and forth and since the break was on the side where I was holding the eggs – well, to make a long story short, my handle bar rammed into the tail light of our neighbour’s car. And of course I fell and broke the eggs.
    I went back to tell Mum, who was so upset over the eggs that I didn’t even ‘get to’ tell her about the car. It rained that afternoon and so when the neighbour finally noticed it, there was no ‘evidence’ left. He assumed one of the teenage kids in the neighbourhood had pulled a stunt. He was a bank manager and money wasn’t an issue.
    I was 4 or 5 back then, I never was suspected nor did I ever confess. I suffered more not telling.
    So, maybe it’s time I appologise, to you instead. Annie, I am sorry, I broke your new car. And I know it was an ignorant thing to do, but I never did that again.
    PS. Let me know if you want to send the bill to my parents……

    LOL you big nut – what’s your parents’ address? ๐Ÿ˜†


  16. I think a lot of this has to do with society in general and how you “were raised”. Today, it seems that people are “being raised” to believe it’s always the other person’s fault and they should never take responsibility or blame.

    When i was about 20ish I lived in the small apartment building with an ATROCIOUS parking lot, it was horrible and way too many cars parked in it. I had a HUGE Ford Fairmont and was a “beginner” driver. So one day (I was on my way to my mom’s) I was literally inching my way (out) of my spot back & forth, back & forth, because some clod had parked right behind me, well needless to say, as I (almost) made it, I went to pull forward and hit the car that (had) been parked on my drivers side with my bumper.

    I WAS PETRIFIED!!! I got out and looked at the car, but i didn’t see any marks or anything. But (I) went in to the building knocked on the door (BTW: this person was Indian-spoke english, but kind of broken AND was a man) and I told him what i did and apologized and asked him to come out and look at his car, because I didn’t see any damage, but I wanted him to look just to make sure.

    He was very nice and came out, and agreed that I hadn’t done any damage. But I think what it was (even if I had caused damage) the fact that I took responsibility and apologized that made the difference. I know (personally) that a lot of times if people would just say i’m really sorry (and meant it) other people would be willing to meet them half way and wouldn’t be as upset when bad things did happen. Anyways that’s my 2 cents.


    Great insights, FC! Especially the point about how people seem to believe that no matter what it is always someone else’s fault. That really does seem to be the way many think these days.

    And yeah, in my case, if the guy had owned up and took some responsibility I would have been willing to meet him halfway.



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