How Hot Is It?

Words drip, sweat and
mix metaphor with similie
syntax liquid in its oozing
ekes with panted breath
fire combusting from
sun parched ideas
into molten lines
of nonsensical sentences
shrieking for waves
of cool, clear thoughts
floating on frozen
dacquiries and donning
umbrellas to shield
the mind from mean
summer smog-choked
concepts and dream of
winter’s words and
woolen coats whose pockets
are filled to the brim
with stories that
warm the heart.

Copyright 2007

8 thoughts on “How Hot Is It?

  1. Oh Annie, this is wonderful!
    ‘sun parched ideas’ – love this!
    MORE poetry please, gifted one 🙂

    Thanks Simonne, I kind of like this one myself. At least the God-awful heat was good for something. 🙂


  2. I love it when you get all literary.

    It’s a summer shower-I love every moment of it and am always sad when it’s over.

    Oooh, I love it when you talk writer to me. 😆


  3. ‘Nonsensesical sentances, shreieking for waves of cool clear thoughts’.

    What a beautiful poem. Er!! You write poetry to. I quess writer’s do that sometimes and do it well might I add.
    Hugs WC.

    Hey Di,
    Yes, I write many things. You’ve no idea what is in my bag of tricks. 😆


  4. Hot? Pshh . . my outside thermometer only registered at 131 today.
    I quickly grabbed my coat before heading out!

    Dang girl, that’s hot! Just like you. hehe.


  5. The heat is finally breaking up here a bit. Napped through a thunderstorm (rain! rain!) yesterday, awakened every so often by thunder. Lovely.

    Gawd, how great does that sound. I would love to take a nap while it was raining outside. Sounds heavenly.


  6. Sounds like someone from California.
    “and dream of
    winter’s words”

    I really liked that.

    Yes, winter’s words sound mighty refreshing about now. But then, as soon as it gets here I’ll be missing summer again. 😉


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