Life is too Short

Life is too short….


dance my friends, dance.


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  1. Bwahahahahah I’m surfing through my dashboard at all my favorite sites and this scene pops up and I get the giggles that won’t stop. Thanks!!!

    Hey Free!
    Happy to oblige. I just couldn’t resist this unbridled enthusiasm.

  2. LMAO, WC! Jim Carrey must have elastic bones to do that. It’s been ages since I’ve seen Ace Ventura. I’ll have to find the DVD now. ;)

    Carrey is one funny dude – and I was so happy to see this tiny little dancing movie of his. He definitely has the right idea. ;)

  3. Awesome! And so true! Thanks for the giggles, Annie. :D

    Hey Teens!
    Well you know me – maybe I should rename the blog “We Be Giggles ‘n’ Shit” :lol:

  4. :lol: I’m dancing, I’m dancing!

    Very nice Annie! Thanks for the smile!


    Yay Jen! I only wish I could have had a little music soundtrack for this little ditty – how fun would that be?

  5. It took awhile, but my slow connection finally got it all together and I can see them getting down, now! I’ll have to rent the movie.

    More coffee helps, Lolly, it really does. ;)

  6. i’m doing the hustle! :)

    Okay, that made me laugh and then instantly that song, ‘do the hustle’ popped into my head. ;)

  7. Carrey dances just like me. Go figger . . .

    Yes, but do you have a tutu like his? I think the outfit makes the dance, personally. :lol:

  8. The “fast moving zombie ape” in your sidebar is fascinating (and funny).
    I gotta get me one.

    I found him when I was widget cruising. Just click on him and I think it will take you to the page where I got him. Very fun, eh?

  9. Happy New Year WC!!!

    The butterflies were/are beautiful and Ace/Jim is my hero! I think he is quite talented. I have always admired him!!!

    Hope your weekend went well!!!


    Hey Lucid!
    Happy New Year to you! Loving that Jim Carrey dance. ;)

  10. Got a good laugh from the dancing. Personally, though, I’d rather just sit and smell the roses (thanks for providing those, too). BTW, I love your cardinal. Cardinals always brighten my day!

    Hey 30!
    Happy New Year. Yes, the smelling of the roses is the best. And love cardinals too – so utterly beautiful, aren’t they?

  11. I really enjoyed your blog. I wrote a post over at my blog about dancing a while back. Yours summed it up perfectly.

    Hey Maribeth, what’s your url? I’d like to see your dancing post.

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