A Bucketful of Wishes

My chum Teeni, the meme queen, has tagged me to do the bucket list – it has its source in a movie by the same name (I think) wherein Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson make a list of the things they want to do before they kick the bucket. Not having seen the movie, I’m not sure, but I suspect they were only allowed eight items or that’s all they came up with – so in the meme, we only get eight items. I probably could have come up with more but I will behave and just stick to my top eight.

1. Sky dive. I realize this may surprise a few people, especially anyone who knows me because I am not the dare devil type. Hell, I don’t even like to drive that much. And part of the reason is because of my chicken-ness and a desire to overcome that. Moreso though, I want to know what it feels like to fly and I think skydiving is the closest you can come to that without involving massive machinery.

2. To write something breahtakingly beautiful. Perfect. So that if I were to die the next day I will have left one thing of worth behind.

3. To fall desperately in love with a man who is also desperately in love with me for some reason. Then have lots of sex – just kidding – well, maybe not – I’ll have to think about that…

4. To go Ireland and visit all the wee villages in County Cork, see if I can find any trace of my ancesters, look up the O’Riordans, the Flanigans and McCrory’s. Drink fresh cream in my coffee, Guinness in a small pub, sing rebel songs whilst sloshed on Guiness and eating multiple pickled eggs, see Stonehenge, and maybe a faerie or leprachaun or two.

5. Publish, several books if possible and hopefully to an eager audience. Boring but the dream of any writer.

6. Eat massive amounts of crab, lobster and shrimp on the Cape in the summer with some very dear friends from both near and far. And jam a lifetime of friendship into a week if at all possible.

7. Find my cabin in the sky. I don’t literally mean a cabin, but my ideal place to live the rest of my life. I have had an image in my head since I was a little girl of this place; it is peaceful, beautiful and lush, and gives me a quiet energy that is restorative, where I can write inspired pieces and feel happy, safe and loved.

8. And last but not least to be able to meet each and every one of my virtual/blogger/internet friends. I envision some wild reunion or meeting hall or something, all of us there, laughing our asses off, exchanging phone numbers, recipes, photos, invitations to visit. Being happily surprised by how different we all are from what thought and yet how much the same. Lots of food, lots of bbq’ing, lots of talk, adventures, laughs. Just the best time ever. I wonder if could rent a town for a week? Something to think about.

Okay, that’s my bucketful of wishes – and there would have been more but I think that’s a pretty good list.

I’m not one to tag, so I will leave it to anyone who hasn’t yet done the meme (and there may only be a few left) to grab it and run with it. Thanks Teens, I really enjoyed this one.

15 thoughts on “A Bucketful of Wishes

  1. i don’t know why, Chica, but i am not surprised by your wanting to sky dive. You seem adventurous to me. That is something i could not do. Bungee jumping was as far as i go, and i can’t even believe i went THAT far!

    Ever since i was 8 years old, i’ve wanted to visit Ireland. Sounds crazy. But when i learned the Hail Mary in Gaelic, i was gone. And i loved how the nuns spoke. As i grew, i learned more about Ireland. A friend of mine mentioned that Portugal meant Port of the Gaels and i thought maybe that’s why- somehwere way way way back in my lineage are Celts.

    i’d love to spend 2-3 years on a green-topped cliff near the sea there and write and paint.

    i really like your list. i may consider doing this, but i’d have to think and think to whittle one down to eight. i don’t know if it’s possible! i want too much!

    Hey Chica,
    Now that’s funny…me, adventurous. Zelda will tell you that I’m a big chicken, so I guess I better make sure you never meet Zelda… 😆 The very thought of sky diving makes my heart pound and I get dizzy and start to have a panic attack. Bungee jumping – now see that’s brave cuz you’re depending on a big rubber band not snapping and dropping you like a rock to the earth’s surface. Yikes.

    Ireland has always held a magic for me too and it wouldn’t surprise me if you had some roots with the Celts – if you’ve ever heard the term ‘black irish’ (typically describes the olive skinned, black haired, blue-eyed Irishers, of which my father was one) then you know that this came out of a mixing of Spanish and Irish blood.

    2-3 years on the Old Sod would do me fine too, and would you mind if I shared that cliff for writing and painting? 😉



  2. Hi dear Annie.

    I love wishes. Hehe!! I have a bit of a wish thing going on, things I want to achieve before I’m getting eaten by worms.

    I love to hear other peoples wishes. I find silent wishes take a bit longer to come true. Let the universe our Mother Earth and the collective energy take care of our wishes.

    I wish for you dear Annie all you wish for. Not unrealistic wishes as far as I can see. I would say some of your wishes have already come true. You write perfectly beautiful stuff that will turn into books that will give you money for your house and Ireland.

    Meeting up with all your blogging friends is such a realistic and easy wish. Sky diving is an easy wish to find a bloke, pay some dosh and up and down you go.

    Meeting a man and experiencing returnable love and having loads of sex if you want it, should be easy – I’m going to wish that for you more than anything. Not easy is it. I think you may need my wish for you in this area.

    Thank you for your wishes Annie and sharing them with us. I quiet like these litle memes. I’ve never done one in my life.

    Love & Wishes
    Di X

    If I ever meet you I’ll eat lobster with you. Smiling. We could all eat lobster. Beter save up eh !

    Hi Di,
    You make me laugh. Yes, maybe you’d better start wishing for my love life, God knows I could use all the help I can get. And I really love your line of thinking with the book, the money and Ireland. That too would be a wonder, wouldn’t it? Okay then, see you on the Cape and have your lobster bib ready. 😉

    Annie xo


  3. I’m so there for you on #6 – I’m not ON Cape but close enough. and that will also take care of my participation in #8 — so FUN! and I’ll buy your book, eagerly.

    Gee, thanks, C – how close are you to the Cape. My brain is spinning an idea here… You will? Buy the book I mean? Maybe I’ll just go down to the local Kinko’s run off a few hundred copies and start selling it here. It might easier than looking for fricking agent and publisher, eh? LOL and if that goes well, I might see if anyone would like to buy my grocery lists as well. 😆


  4. Lobsters I no where I cna get lobsters have a friend that does lobstering on the North Shore.
    I took some friends on a ride a couple years back and came home with 75 lobsters 50 were for a friends party and 25 were for me and 4 other friends to chow down on. The 50 lobsters for my friend were really cheap he got them for $2.50 a lobster the 25 for me were cheaper (free ) 😉

    Yeah, I want some of those lobsters, Gerry. LOL. I’ll trade you some one pound tomatoes. West coast’s finest. 😉


  5. Is it Cape Cod your talking about because If it is I may actually be going and very soon if it’s anything to do with me.

    I have a lovely little story which is strange and wonderful. Wanna hear it.

    You know that little beautiful Joans of everythings Funs to Mums. Well that lovely lady was showing off her town and it was in Cape Cod. I was amazed as I have a friend that lives there. I have been looking for her through facebook and myspace to no avail.

    She’s lives in Provincetown, Key West. She’s absoutly beautiful. No ! She is. I know I say that about all my friends but all my friends truly are beautiful inside and out. Anyway if was so nice to see where she lived – well the area from Joans Video.

    Quess what ?

    She phoned me a couple of hours ago to tell me she was home for 2 weeks I couldn’t believe it. She’s coming to see me this week. I’m so excited. I’m going to make some plans to visit her in Cape Cod. Spooky….spooky.

    How wonderful is that. Lobster bibs at the ready. I don’t like all that sucking and cracking that goes on with lobsters, can I have mine dressed please. Hehe!!

    I’m smiling as I can see that my wish that I will wish harder for you might have come across as you need the wish because your a desperate woman. Hehe!! Not the case.

    Smiles & Wishes & Sex

    Are you kidding? You’re coming to meet my buddy Joanie? Of Joan of fun? I am so jealous. Boo hoo, I want to come too. Oh darn, I wish I was on the east coast.


  6. WOW!! Everyone should come here at the same time. I love #6 or # 8, either one. You, Di, CuriousC. Teeni, we could all meet up and eat lobster and Teeni could have vegetarian lobster ( I don’t think that really exists).

    The only way I would sky dive is if the plane was on the ground.

    I was tagged to do this one and will do it in a couple of days.

    Hugs & Jugs

    I think we’d have way too much fun. Sure we could make Teens some veggie lobster – I’m sure some chick peas and flavorings would do the trick. Though it might be hard to dunk it in drawn butter. 😉 I’m afraid the soonest I’m hitting that part of the country will be next year.

    But you can always call me and put me on speaker while you’re having the par-tay. 😉


  7. You know, Chica, my sister (in Oakland, CA where i’ll be in four days!) went Indoor Skydiving and said it was a blast.

    i would never have pegged you as a chicken and i still don’t. When i bungeed, i stood on the platform for a good twenty minutes, psyching myself and questioning my sanity! 😉 i think the idea of free-falling is an exciting one, and i could picture you (the way i’ve imagined you) screamlaughing, your hair a corona about your flushed face just feeling free. But i can also imagine you, or everyone for that matter, struggling to actually jump. 😆

    Oooh Chica,
    Indoor skydiving? I’ve never heard of that. How high up do you go? Or is it just for big babies like me, like you’re jumping out the first floor window? Or off the front porch stoop? LOL.

    I’m not a chicken overall, I’ve bounced drunks out of bars and worse (actually much worse, which I may tell you about one day) – I’m plucky. But when it comes to things like jumping out of planes then the feathers start to sprout. It’s funny because I have a similar vision – it’s just the going up in the plane and jumping out part that gives me the panic attack. Chances are if I do, I’ll be 90 and strapped Zelda, bitching at me the whole way down. LOL.


  8. Man, Annie – you think of the best things – I’m so glad I tagged you in this meme. Sure you could rent a whole town, why not – they do it for the Olympics, right? So we’d just do it and call it the Blogolypmics – I truly love that image in my head of all of us together bbq’ing. What fun! Also, your cabin in the sky sounds wonderful – I think mine is next door to yours – not too close but close enough that if you needed a cup of sugar or something you could easily walk the little path between properties. 😉 Oh, and let me tell you – artichokes are the vegetarian’s lobster, in my opinion. They can be steamed like a lobster, then picked apart and dunked in butter like lobster – heavenly. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thanks, Teens – this is one meme I really enjoyed doing. Contemplating. It was a thought-provoking exercise. Hell, yeah, the Blogolympics. Oooh, we have to start planning. Nothing would make me happier than to be your neighbor in the cabin in the sky neighborhood – and I don’t eat sugar but I”m sure on occasion I might need some veggies or something. 😉

    I love artichokes, especially with butter or mayo. Yummy! But wouldn’t just try a little lobster. It is so super delish, I’m sure you wouldn’t regret it. 🙂


  9. I would have to say I learned more about you WC in that post and comments, than I have since I started to follow your blog over 6 months ago! Is it just me, or does it seem uncharacteristic of you to be so revealing? 🙂

    I really love your bucket list, makes me think about that little thatched roof stone hut by the ocean in Ireland … ah, but I could not begin to imagine what beautiful writing you would create in such a bucolic setting!

    Did you ever see the movie “Waking Ned Divine?”. It’s a hilarious film set in a little Irish village … oh gosh it’s good!

    Also, you have Black Irish in ya!? Funny story … I have the strangest nose … and one night I was in Kingston, Ontario, which had many Irish immigrants in the 1800’s, and in this bar, I see a man and woman talking with the *exact* same nose as mine. Being a rather excitable person, I rushed over and enthusiastically started to talk. Turns out, they were brother and sister, and hence the common feature set. Well, eventually I raised the nose topic, and they said “it’s the black Irish nose Gerry”. So, do you think we might have that in common my Dear WC? (Not the nose, but the Black Irish!) 🙂 I definitely have the blue eyes. My great-grandparents immigrated from Ireland to Newfoundland … and that’s my connection to that wondrous land!

    Anyhow, great list! Also, I highly recommend ‘The Bucket List’ if you get a chance to see it … great movie.

    Hey Gerry,
    You’ve been reading my blog for 6 months? Seriously? Wow, I had no idea – I thought it all started with the woman posts that got everybody all fired up.

    I was taken aback by your statement:

    I would have to say I learned more about you WC in that post and comments, than I have since I started to follow your blog over 6 months ago! Is it just me, or does it seem uncharacteristic of you to be so revealing? 🙂

    I guess I didn’t feel it was all that revelatory – when you boil it down, it’s pretty basic, love, home, success, peace, family and a little excitement thrown in for good measure. Over the course of the last two years much if not all of this has come out in one way or another – but maybe it seemed moreseo to you because you haven’t read my other 450 posts, eh? LOL.

    Yes, saw Ned Divine and it wad divine. And I’ll tell you if I had thatch-roofed cottage in Ireland it would be a dream, I feel such a connection to the place and I really think it would feel like going home to me. The first novel I ever attempted took place in Ireland during the 18th century and it rolled out of me like something I knew backward and forward. Unfortunately it was pretty bad as novels go and I lost the manuscript decades ago – I’d love to remember the story and rewrite someday, maybe I will in that little cottage on the sea, eh?

    Yep, I have me some black irish in me veins. And I do have my father’s nose (damn his eyes!) and it is a bit odd. Wouldn’t that be funny, at the blogolympics, we recognized each other by our schnozzes? That’s hysterical.


  10. Okay everyone, now that you have your list of “somedays” – what are you going to do to make them happen?

    Are they wishes, dreams, or goals?

    A wish is a daydream, a dream is an unfulfilled desire and a goal is something achievable.

    Which one on your list of 8 things to do will you start pursuing today?

    Easy, Alex…I just got up and haven’t had nearly enough coffee yet – you must be a morning person. 😉

    Are you offering to be my life coach, will have to eat peas? And to answer your question, with the exception of sky diving – I am pursuing these things. Right. Now. Although, I don’t think that was the purpose of the exercise – I may be wrong but the idea here was to sort of separate the wheat from the chaff and really consider the things that you feel are important, which is why I liked it so much.

    Anyway, good points, all. Thanks for coming by – how goes the new site? 🙂



  11. LOL. Definitely I would have some lobster with you all! I’m only a VAGUEtarian and the beauty of that is I wouldn’t be breaking any rules or committing any sins by having some. It’s been a long time since I’ve had lobster. I have had crab not long ago though but in crab rangoons at the Chinese restaurant. Yum. 😉

    Oh far out, Teens. Yummy. God I love lobster, I really really love it. Crab rangoons sound pretty darn tastey too. Well, if you’re going to wait to have lobster you definitely should have it on the east coast Maine lobster is to die for.


  12. What type of book or books do you want to write?

    Hey Girl!
    How the heck are you? I write suspense stories/novels. I have a page here, called, my book, if you care to look at it. Why do you ask, do you happen to know an agent? I hope, I hope, I hope. 😆


  13. “I was taken aback by your statement” … did I throw you for a loop? hehe.

    “… it’s pretty basic, love, home, success, peace, family and a little excitement thrown in for good measure …”

    Yes, to my point, those “basics” … well I just never saw you so condensed into one post before. Yes, I suppose if I go back and read the other 450 posts, I would get a better sense. No worries, nice to see ya’ giving up a little. 😉

    Keep writing and loving WC.


    LOL – condensed? Now I feel like a can of Campbell’s tomato soup. 😉

    Yes, it would be quite a bit of work to slog through all those 450 post (actually probably more, I’ve lost count) and you’re welcome, I guess. LOL.



  14. what a fantastic list of wishes and you definitely should skydive … it was one of the most beautiful experiences i have had. frightening and all but oh my gosh, so incredibly beautiful, words cannot express …

    meeting bloggy friends tops my list as well 🙂 i just did 100 things to do before i die list and the bloggy friend world tour is on it, tee hee

    I know I saw that you had sky dived – it made a little jealous. LOL. I must go see your list. 100 things that’s an awful lot, but I suspect it’s a wonderful list. And I am definitely going to find a way to meet you for coffee, dear girl. Believe it.


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