Wake Me Up When It's Over…

Okay, so the ‘big election’ that apparently is going to make history is in just a few days. And in honor of that I am stepping just inside the lines of a political post… To say this has been the weirdest fricking election I’ve seen in my lifetime doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about this whole miserable ball of wax. Sorry folks, but as far as I’m concerned, neither side has even come close to getting it right, from the issues to the candidates it has been in my humble opinion one big fucking joke.

To say I’m pissed about the whole damn thing doesn’t begin to cover it. I’m pissed that we’ve been offered the choices (if you can call them that) we have and that stupid shit like universal healthcare, gas costs and gay marriage seem to be the most important things on the agenda this time out. When the hell did we stop caring about things that really fucking matter? Have we really just completely spiraled into total apathy and stopped giving a damn about anything real? Anything?

No matter what happens it won’t be good for any of us or for the country. I simply can’t drink the cool aid for the right, the left or the middle. They are all a bunch of losers and we have only ourselves to blame for letting people like this get anywhere near the Oval Office. Believe me, we will all live to regret it. I only hope we’re still alive to regret it. I’m not joking here, not at all.

I have a friend who keeps saying the only hope for this country is a clean slate. That literally the country needs to implode and I guess we’re talking revolution here – for things to right themselves. I’m beginning to think he may be right. We are so far afield of anything the Founding Fathers wanted for this country and its citizens and forget the Constitution because clearly our representatives have no clue what it says much less what it means.

My advice? Stock up on MRE’s, warm clothes and survival gear. iPods and cell phones aren’t going to be of any use and you might as well start weaning yourself off Starbux too. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking for a private island for me and my friends. Maybe we’ll be able to wait it out.

So…no matter who wins, we all lose. Wake me when it’s over. And please God, can it come soon!!

15 thoughts on “Wake Me Up When It's Over…

  1. Dear Annie,

    I agree with you and am gravely concerned for our country; I have been for some time. Unfortunately, the direction we’re going is a foregone conclusion and is the result of our shifting the political structure from that of the original republic (rule of law) to a true democracy (mob rule). I wrote an essay about this about a year ago if you’d care to read it:
    “America’s Downfall: Democracy!”
    I feel with each passing election, the stakes are so much higher. The legend goes,

    “To Rome said Nero: “If to smoke you turn
    I shall not cease to fiddle while you burn.
    To Nero Rome replied: “Pray do your worst,
    ‘Tis my excuse that you were fiddling first.”

    As with Rome, America will crumble at its own hands, a death by democracy.

    – JOS

    Hey JOS,
    I will have to read your essay. Yes, the stakes are higher and everybody seems clueless. Mob rule is right. Cripes, where did we go wrong?


  2. Hi Annie,

    If worst comes to worst, we’re used to taking in refugees. We get a dozen or more every time a hurricane threatens New Orleans. Besides, if we have to ride out long term difficulties, it’d be mighty nice to have someone with a green thumb around to help with the food supply.

    Oh, and don’t get your hopes up for the election being over soon. This one could be worse than Bush vs Gore πŸ˜‰

    the Grit

    Hey Grit,
    Well, we’ve got guns and some carpenter skills too – so it might be a good mix. You don’t happen to have your own island, do you? πŸ˜‰


  3. You took the words right out of my mouth. I don’t write about politics but I certainly think about it. I find it almost too scary to think about. It seems no matter who wins it’s not going to be good. Can I come live on your island?

    Hey Joanie,
    You got that right. Sure, you and all yours can come – we’ll need someone who can stand sentry and your cane will come in mighty handy. πŸ˜‰


  4. Yup. I can’t wait for Tuesday to be over. At least then we can get on with it.

    Hey D!
    Yeah, one can hope anyway. Grit may have a point – it may end up being worse than the gore v bush snafu. Let us pray. 😦


  5. If I said I wouldn’t vote for a politician who spoke evil of another then my ballot would be blank. So what to do. . .

    Yes Annie, I’m concerned that in my lifetime I’ve seen the development of so much apathy for our country. People have no regard for the foundation of this democracy.

    I wondered what it would take to turn this country around, but I’m afraid what it will take is going to cost lives on our own soil for the first time since the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. I’ve got a lot to say about a lot of things, like I believe everyone, and I mean everyone, once graduated from high school have a mandatory two year service time in the military like some of the European countries enforce. There’s absolutely too much selfishness on the part of Americans to think the country will go on without doing their part to preserve it’s core. Serving my country made me realize that there is something bigger than me out there and it instilled a sense of need to do my part to continue what the forefathers instituted. I fly and American flag on my property every day. I have served, my son is fifteen years out in serving his country.

    I’m tired of politicians. I’m tired of the rhertoric. I’m tired of personal agendas. I think elections should be limited to no more than six months, not 18 months of backstabbing and lying about what they’re going to do, knowing they aren’t going to lift a finger to it if elected.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now.

    Hey Jim,
    It does seem that those who have served in the military have a special love and understanding of the country. I don’t know about the mandatory service angle but has seemed to work for other countries. I, in the alternative, would like to see a mandatory reading and understanding of the Constitution of each citizen – at least that would be a start. As another reader commented, most Americans don’t know that America is a Republic, not a Democracy and therein I believe, lies many many problems.

    The good news, however, seems to be that there are a lot of us crotchety grumblers who have no compunction about reminding people of this fact and pointing out things like you and others have done. If it all goes to the dogs, we will find a way to turn things around eventually – at least those of us who realize things are headed that way. God help those who think the politicians will take care of it though.

    Thanks for your thoughts and I didn’t see it as any kind of soap boxy thing. You know?


  6. You know what really sucks we had to push the clocks back so we get to have another hour of the bullsheet

    I know what you mean, Ger. You have to wonder if they set this up so we’d get all confused and time-drunk and forget to vote or something? πŸ˜‰


  7. You know, when I said “democracy” I thought maybe I should have said “republic”, but I let it go. You’re right the U.S. is a republic. I am willing to compromise on the mandatory “military” service as long as each citizen serves this country in some fashion that will instill some degree of belonging or patriotism. I just finished writing Scene 17 in my musingsofanoldman blog where I had my first feeling of patriotism and obligation to serve my country. I gained a sense of belonging to something while I was in boot camp. Once that was established I never lost it. If you see my latest post you’ll see I always fly and American flag in my yard.

    Hey Jim,
    No worries, I understood what you meant. I too, fly an American flag – maybe we’re just a couple of dinosaurs or maybe we’ll be a part of the few that survive the big implosion, eh?


  8. Were screwed too I think.

    You know,

    I’m going to sound really stupid here but is this vote thingy to see who gets in to your white house? Is the vote for The President of America or what.

    I’ve heard some talk but I can’t remember what I’ve heard.

    Hope all is well in Annieo Land.

    PS. Can I come to the island please.

    Hey Di,
    Yup, this is for the big enchilada, the key to the White House – President of the U.S.

    All is well in Annieo world. πŸ˜‰

    Of course you can come to the island, we need a resident faerie dancer. πŸ™‚


  9. Whatever candidate can bring the world of the film ‘Robocop’ from the screen to the world of reality, they will get my vote.

    If I was an American that is, and I’m not.

    Well you can always promote the idea for your side of the pond, eh?


  10. I’ve just seen it on the news and reminded myself that I needed to listen. OMG ! I’ve missed all this somehow. What happened to Geroge Bush. I’m going to watch the process tonight, Shucks ! I missed the build up.

    WOW ! From what I did see earlier its going to be very intresting. Oh ! I wonder whats going to happen to us THE WORLD.

    Yes ! A Faerie Dancer on Annieo Island would be a nice way to live. Hope all goes well for you Americans.


    No worries, Di – President Bush is still the president. The way it works is that the election is held the first Tuesday of November (every fourth year) – within usually 24 hours, we know the election results and the “President Elect” is announced. The new president will not be sworn in until the third week in January of 2009. As to what will happen to the world…I guess that depends on the people living in it, we all make a difference, don’t we?

    All righty then, faerie dancer it is. πŸ˜‰


  11. Hi Evyl,

    I don’t know; it might be fun. You should try and stay open to new experiences πŸ™‚

    Hi Annie,

    No island, but I do have a small lake, 10 acres or so, so I suppose it would be possible to build a private island in the middle of it. Actually, now that I think on it, the idea holds some promise. I’ll get back to you.

    the Grit

    All righty then – since I may be in the neighborhood when it all goes in the crapper, set a couple of extra places at the dining table in the bunker. πŸ˜‰


  12. im about pissing in my pants scared to see the end result. it’ll be ugly either way.

    Well dear, as far as I’m concerned, the ugly has just been confirmed. Wake me in four years, will you?


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