One thought on “So, We Wanna Be Like Canada?

  1. Hi, this is very interesting! I am Canadian, and just wanted to say a few things – hopefully you’ll indulge me?? : )

    I had the unfortunate experience of having my daughter have a seizure while we were in the US on vacation. After being rushed to the emergency in an ambulance, we received an instant MRI, blood tests, lumbar puncture and every kind of diagnostic test. We were amazed not necessarily at the service and professionalism (which was on par with Canada), but at the speed with which it all came together. My daughter was fine and we were released 8 hours later.

    We went back to our vacation spot touting the US system, until we received our bill – $4,800USD. Which I guess is fairly priced – I have no idea. My daughter was fine, her seizure likely due to a simple fever. But what if I was a local – earning an average wage with no insurance? It would take me years to pay that off.

    Being that we had travel insurance, we were okay – but if we were that local family without insurance, would I have second guessed calling the ambulance? Would I have kept her home thinking we couldn’t afford a trip to the hospital? When the doctor sent her for the MRI, would I be asking the price, rather than immediately doing the right thing for my little girl? Those are questions I never have to ask here in Canada. We go to the doctor when we are sick. When we are pregnant, we are monitored, ensured we are eating healthfully and that our baby is healthy. When we are injured, we are rushed to the hospital. And we can ALL do that – without question, without second thoughts. We live our lives knowing that our country will look after us.

    I know our system has its failings, believe me, we all know and we all like to complain about it. But I would take our faulty system that looks after everyone equally over any other.

    Thanks for the opportunity to view this video and for letting me post my rant!

    All the best – Michelle

    Hi Michelle,
    I actually do have a response but I’m dawg tired tonight. Do you mind if I come back and answer this later? Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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