Like most writers (probably) I have often read there is benefit in keeping a dream diary. I suppose the point is inspiration or just to get in touch with your inner images, thoughts, intuitions? And I have done dream diaries from time to time but mostly when I was much younger and much more impressionable.

In search of inspiration (as writers are wont to do) I stumbled upon this free writing course on the internet. In fact, I stumbled upon several but for some reason this one spoke to me. If you are looking for some good information on story structure as well as inspiration, I recommend you check it out.

One of the first things Steve recommends is starting a dream diary. So, I figured what the heck, let me try it. And I have been jotting in it every morning since I started it – although, I’m not sure what ideas or inspirations I might derive from it because seriously my dreams are not that interesting…

Saturday – I dreamed of a sorority where people had special powers and rooms were facades.

Sunday – I dreamed of battling confusion and fighting for a cause (unknown).

Monday – I dreamed about social security and how it was killing people.

Tuesday – I dreamed about NASA redistributing wealth and a teacher with magical powers that she was teaching writers.

Wednesday – I dreamed about marching men in black masks and a naked Bill Clinton adapting to something.

Thursday – I dreamed my room mate turned his house into a bar and grill and inn. It made me mad because it endangered my email address. And apparently the FBI was onto him.

Friday – (last night) I dreamed about dancing and a cat with magical powers and there was a room I wanted to get into but couldn’t.

In looking these over, it seems there is a central theme of magical powers, disappearing rooms and things not being what they seem. Hmmm….what kind of writing might that inspire?

How about you, what do you dream about?


3 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. I wrote a while back about my dreams at


    (sorry, I’m too tired to look up how to code that as a link)

    I don’t recall off hand what my recent dreams have been about or if there’s a pattern of any kind. All I can say is I dream in very realistic colors and can’t distinguish the dreams from real life when they are happening. I envy people who know when they are dreaming and can wake themselves up and “escape” from unhappy or scary dreams. Lucid dreaming, I believe it’s called.

    Hey Girl,
    I usually do know when I am dreaming but I can’t always wake myself up. It’s almost as if I am directing the dream and can do commentary but can’t ‘cut’ the scene. The challenge for me is even really remembering my dreams – even immediately after waking the dreams are vague images and thoughts. Which is probably defeating the purpose of keeping the diary…oh well.



    1. It doesn’t necessarily defeat the purpose if, even through the vagaries (is that a word, Annie?) you remember the feelings they left you with. Your dreams are fascinating! Thursday made me laugh out loud.

      Are you familiar with the Kinetic Family Drawing, or the Person, House, Tree Drawing? I mention them because it’s commonly accepted that drawings depicting lush green leafy trees and plush grass indicate creativity and imagination, and it feels like your dreams of special, magical powers should fall into that frame. And a room you wanted to get into but couldn’t– metaphoric writer’s block? Whatever it really means, I LOVE the image.

      Anyway. My dreams are so different. I’m fascinated by yours.

      Hey Clancy
      Yeah mostly I do remember the feelings not so much what happened. Odd eh? I looked up vagaries and found this:

      vagary [ˈveɪgərɪ vəˈgɛərɪ]
      n pl -garies
      an erratic or outlandish notion or action; whim

      So yeah I guess it is a word hehe.

      My dreams are fascinating? Gee do you get out much? 😆 Thursday’s dream was funny because I was mad at my roomie for most of the day until I realized it was based on a dream.

      No, I never have heard of kinetic family drawing, or the person, house, tree drawing – but I like that you think my dreams belong in that category. You may be right about the unaccessible room too – could be…

      I think everyone’s dreams are different – maybe we should have a dream day where we write posts about our dreams (literal not figurative) – that might be quite the funhouse post, eh? Aside from that there is nothing stopping you from sharing your dreams with us…hehehehehe




  2. Goodness! Even though you saw a theme, the VARIETY is astounding! Very creative. Put it ALL in one book. 🙂

    Hey Care!
    Oh…I miss you my old chum. All in one book – I think only drug abusers would be able to make any sense out of it. LOL.



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