Grey Rain – Theme Friday

Wipers count out a one-two beat.
And the mist rises off the road like
some long-ago ghost that haunted my childhood dreams.

Brake lights—eerie red eyes flying
in wide shriek against gauzy air and formless shapes.

Slow egress to the safety of home.

copyright 2011

Christine’s rainy day and Clancy’s puddles

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  1. I’ve seen that prehistoric ghost! And the monsters that form from fog. Hurry home!

    [ Glad we’re back. :) ]

    Hey Clancy,
    I’ll bet you have seen that ghost. I’m glad we’re back too. Feels right, eh?

  2. The red lights especially striking on a grey rainy day. I’ve always despised riding in the rain- and the freeway!

    I can hear the squeak of the windshield wipers- hypnotic.

    Very good! Feels like home.

    Hey Chica,
    I had a feeling you’d like the brake light metaphor – yeah, feels like home.

  3. Welcome back Ladies.

    Yay Theme Fridays again.

    Missed you all.

    Its been raining grey rain here – grey black and white – no colour – Lets colour the raindrops with the golden rays of Miss Sunshine. Yay !

    Love Di

    Hey Wonderful Di!
    Yes, it is so good to resume Theme Friday. We are loving it. I think though I will let you colour the raindrops since you are so good at doing things outside the lines. ;)

  4. Wow!! Beautiful communication… I feel like you were there with us on Friday, traveling the gauzy air of our highway trip in the grey rain.

    Thank you for your talent and the insights your share :)

    Your Fan,

    DJ Houston,

    Well howdy Jan!
    So nice of you to drop by. Who knows, I may have been driving right next to you. Scary much.

  5. Hey, me likey this!
    And the pic goes so well with it. Is it yours also?
    It’s the perfect poem for the weather we’ve been having.

    Just perfect!

    Hey You!
    Long time no see. How’s it going?

    Yes, I did take the pic also – had plenty of shots given the monsoon we had last week. LOL.


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