Why? – Theme Friday

It was a day of bad – jangled nerves and threatened tears. Too much hurry and what’s the rush? Short, hot tempers. And nothing went right. And the wrong sunk down to my bones and into my blood.

And when the message came I was alone. In a dark night that wept rain, leaving everything slick and oily with grief. And before she answered the phone I knew he was dead. I only called to ask why?

Copyright 2011

Christine wonders why? And Clancy wants to know why?

4 thoughts on “Why? – Theme Friday

  1. You say so much with so little.
    “The wrong sunk down to my bones.”
    Very nice.

    Thanks Clancy,
    This was the day I discovered my father had died.


    1. I was afraid of something like that, Annie. It felt a little too real to be fiction. Awful sorry about it. I was left wanting to hear about all that went wrong, and the rest of the story.


      1. No worries, dear. It was something that happened a very long time ago. Some wounds just stay fresh – I’m sure you know what I mean. Thanks, hon.


  2. That line clancy referenced was what got me. These are the whys which hurt the most. A moving view.

    Indeed they do.


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