Soon, you too can write like a genius and other cool reads of the week

A new font based on Einstein’s handwriting will let you write like a genius – Always wanted people to see you as a genius? Well you’re in luck, a new font is being developed so that you can write like Einstein. Actually pretty fascinating article.

Change by Donald Maass. Discusses how change can stir emotions in your readers.

When Your Scene is Dragging: 6 Ways to Add Tension by Anna Elliot. Good, sound ways you can add tension to your story/scenes.

Self Published Books Are Crap? Jim Heskett rightly points out that broad sweeping statements are crap.

Kathryn Goldman provides quick notes on contractual matters for authors and other creatives. Not an article but very helpful.

Oooh, can’t wait to get my hands on that genius font. Have a great week everybody. 😀 WC

10 thoughts on “Soon, you too can write like a genius and other cool reads of the week

  1. Yep, that font is going to be a real life-changer, Annie! Except, in my handwriting, will still not look very genius-like, I’m sure. Sigh. Great Monday post!

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      1. Yeah, I know what you mean. 😀 I actually like doing this link posts – 1 because hopefully it helps other people and 2 I don’t have to search my bookmarks for them. Right? LOL

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Yes! And I think it would be easy for you too. Just go to your posts instead of your bookmarks. LOL

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