15 Awesome gifts for book lovers

There’s no denying, Christmas is upon us and it’s time to get serious about shopping if you’re like me and wait til the last minute. And if you have any book lovers on your shopping list have I found some fun things for you. Following are some super cool, interesting and unique gifts you might want to get for your favorite bookworm.



book pendantVINTAGE BOOKS PENDANT in Ernest Hemingway Quote Box. Super pretty and I wouldn’t kick it out of my Christmas stocking.




old book candleOld Books Candle – If you love your eReader but still miss the smell of old books, this is a great solution.




iphone coverBook lovers iPhone case – pretty, classy and what’s not to love





book mugCoffee mug is great for coffee and stating a deep seated belief




book wall artPrintable art




book bagWhat book worm doesn’t need a cool book bag?





Storymatic is a unique game that helps your favorite book lovers spin their own yarns of mystery, romance and intrigue.

banned book socksBanned book socks keep your feet warm and lets  you thumb your nose and book banners at the same time. Win-win.




Bamboo-Bathtub-Caddy-v2Who doesn’t like to settle into a bubble bath for a good read. This bamboo book/bathtub caddy is probably my fave.




Dashboard-William-Shakespeare-bobble headAnd what book lover doesn’t want a dashboard Shakespeare bobblehead?





library embosser for booksFor the book collector who treasures their favorite books, this library embosser enables them to personalize their favorite reads.




killed_you_off_drinking_glassThese special glasses speak for themselves.





reading bed pillowLove to read in bed? Do it in style and comfort with awesome bed pillow, and yeah, if you’re asking I’ll take one.




book lovers night standNeed something to organize all the books you have to read? This night stand holds a lot of reading material




bedtime stories duvet coverA bedtime story duvet cover ensures you always have something to read at night.



Dorothy_0050a_Book MapThis is so unique, a map made out of book titles, just love this.




book lover triv pursuitDid you know that there is a book lovers version of Trivial Pursuit? I didn’t. And I want one. For 2 to 4 players or



And just for fun, did you know that Santa’s elves have a back up team?
Santa’s real workshop:

3 thoughts on “15 Awesome gifts for book lovers

  1. Some great ideas. The mug looks cool… and the glass… and the pendant… and… oh let’s be honest, I’d probably buy most of these things even if i didn’t “need” them :p


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