Madeline Not-Too-Brite

I thought this was hysterically funny in a really pathetic way.
Though it dovetails nicely with Clinton’s meltdown and recent current events.
😉 WC

2 thoughts on “Madeline Not-Too-Brite

  1. Next time instead of calling AAA, I’m calling Madeline.
    Do you have her number?
    And is her name Albright or Notsobright?
    Just curious…


    Yes, she certainly has a future in roadside assistance. I believe her number is 1-800-idliver – 😉


    PS: Interesting note – YouTube was blocking access to this particular vid – I had to join and prove I was over 18 to view it. Apparently, now that a rucus has been raised they have removed the blocking. Interesting though, you can watch vids of teens dry humping in front of a webcam but can’t see anything that criticizes the Clinton Administration. More on YouTube later.



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