Here it Comes!

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Look you guys, this is no longer about Republican/Democrat, Libbie/Pubbie, Rightwing/Leftwing – this is about our rights and the Constitution. Our government has decided that they must force us to carry health insurance and how much health insurance and and if we are not good little boys and girls then we must be punished.

If we decide to ‘disobey’ we will be punished with the help of the IRS and the Justice Department. Oh yes and the ‘fines’ start at about $250 and go up to $250,000 (you read that right) and prison terms (yes, you could go to prison if you don’t have health insurance) are from 1 to 5 years. For not obeying this bogus ‘law’ about having health insurance. At this stage I’m kind of wondering where the ‘free’ in this free health insurance comes in. I’m thinking not so much.

If you don’t believe me, check this link and this link (especially this one – it’s a letter from the committee explaining to the IRS how punishment and fines will be adjudicated if disobedience becomes a factor) from the committee forcing this bogus and unconstitutional piece of garbage through. I didn’t make this up – it’s right there.

The House has passed this and it’s going to the Senate. And if they cave, we are going to be forced, forced to obey this enslavement to the state. They are not happy enough with the fact that they can tell us when and if we can smoke, wear seat belts, pay taxes for our own property, consume water and how much, what to drive and how often we can drive and what quantity of gas we can use and if we dare say no, then label us as whackjobs or extremists – now they have to make sure that we obey this bullshit for our own good because you see we simply aren’t bright enough to take responsibility for ourselves and figure out what we need or want, and believe me the gps chip is coming soon to a neck near you.

You can sit back and think I’m paranoid and maybe scratch your heads about why I don’t want poor uninsured children to get proper healthcare, or old people or folks who just can’t make ends meet, because after all they are just trying to help, right?

Are they? Really? Let me ask you something, when you help someone, do you threaten them with pain, penalties and imprisonment if they don’t accept your help? Does any sane individual do this? I dont’ think so.

You may also think, people must want this or Congress wouldn’t be doing this. Well think again. Let’s get outside the box and consider why Congress would be pushing this bill so hot and heavy. My theory goes something like this: For decades Congress has been robbing Peter to pay Paul – they’ve been using social security and then medicare as a slush fund to pay for things – programs, bridges, roads to nowhere, you name it. Because they are Congress, they don’t have to stay on budget like the rest of us, no they just print more money and use money earmarked for something else for whatever they please and then still run a tab.

In a nutshell, they’re out of money and places to get it from. They have bankrupted Medicare and they know that’s going to be obvious very, very soon. And that would be very very bad for them – imagine the public outrage.

So, how does one solve something like this? A problem of this magnitude? Simple, you force every citizen to participate in medicare but you call it something else. Something more warm and fuzzy, national health care. You promote it as a caring, loving, benevolent act on the part of the government. They’re just looking out for you. That’s all. Then you write a bill and several versions of it that no one could possibly understand (including and especially those who are voting on it) and push it through no matter what.

You get your PR guys out there forwarding the idea that anyone who doesn’t want this incredibly caring and benevolent thing for their fellow man is a nutjob, racist, hater and mental patient and just keep repeating the message until it’s tantamount to a hypnotic command.

And soon, god-willing-and-the-creek-don’t-rise, you’ve got it all buttoned down. Once it’s through it will take an enormous effort to undo it (income tax started out as temporary folks, and shows no sign of being recinded), years, possibly decades, if ever. And then it’s done. And so are we.

The irony in all this is of course, that the very people who made this all possible by voting in our current president are the ones who will be paying for it and in a very big way – not just in dollars and cents but in the erosion of their own personal freedoms. But maybe people just have to learn the hard way. Okay, rant over. Have a nice day.


PS: If you don’t believe me, perhaps a constitutional expert will give you some perspective.

One thought on “Here it Comes!

  1. They have no fuzzy feelings for you, buddy.
    They just want to meet some standards… You know that there are african countries with better health insurance than yours?
    And you will not be forced to get national healthcare if you get yourself some private stuff. Would be idiotic, but if you will…
    And you would be even more idotic, if you refused to get any at all.
    Forcing seems to be necessary. With people like you, I believe it surely.

    Well hey there, Lizard Lord,
    First of all, I’m not your buddy, buddy.

    Second of all, whatever ‘standards’ they want to meet, rest assured they will be lower standards. You see, I’ve worked in the health care industry and am very familiar with Medicare standards and while it may be a step up for some, believe me, it’s a step down for most. Never mind the fact that they often don’t pay the doctors at all and have for several years running reduced their payout and there seems no change in that trend coming any time soon. So…government run health (e.g. medicare, are following me, idiot?) isn’t going to suddenly get good because there is more of it – they’ll simply be more of it.

    Third of all, African is capitalized and which country are you referring to – exactly? And how do you know what the quality of my health insurance is in order to compare it to this heretofore unknown African country which has better?

    Fourth of all, yes, I will be forced to get healthcare, whether it’s private or government run, it will be a violation of the law if I don’t have it. Therefore, any choice in the matter doesn’t exist. Therefore I will be forced. Do you see how that works?

    And fifth, I don’t think you’re in any position to determine the degree or un-degree (if you will) of my idiocy since you don’t know squat about me, my life or what I do. But if I don’t want health insurance, if I don’t want to pay somebody hard earned money because I might get sick someday then that should be my choice.

    And finally, ‘forcing seems necessary with people like you’ – really? So you’re one of those people who think you should force me to do something that you know is good for me, for my own good, because I’m too much of an idiot not to? Excuse but who died and made you the fucking king of the universe? You want to be a willing slave to the state, be my guest, but I’m not going willingly into that good night my friend.

    Thanks for dropping by and really, you don’t need to again.


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