The Yeah-Whatevers

Lately, it seems I’ve gotten myself a bad case of the ‘yeah-whatevers’ know what I mean? It’s that space you have to get yourself into to protect yourself from the insults and injuries of modern living.

You know like you spend hours over a post and finally get it up and nobody comments. You shrug – ‘yeah, whatever.’

Your readers feel like pimping their posts in your comments section – ‘yeah, whatever.’

You spend $1300 to fix your car only to have it blow a valve 3 weeks later – ‘yeah, whatever.’

Your family decides it’s your turn to get dumped on and criticisms fly across all modes of communication – ‘yeah, whatever.’

Sanjaya makes it to the top 12 on Idol – ‘yeah, whatever.’

You work your ass off for your company all year only to be given sea sickness for  your Christmas bonus – ‘yeah, whatever.’

The old lady next door sells her house to a flip-em dude who is doing round the clock cosmetic changes on the house so he can sell it in a month – forget about any peace and quiet on the weekend – ‘yeah, whatever.’

No matter what you do or don’t eat, your ass just keeps getting bigger and bigger – ‘yeah, whatever.’

Your dog has become some neurotic old lady of a dog who barks non-stop at some invisible interloper, ‘yeah, whatever.’

The only filling you need to get re-done will cost you $189, ‘yeah, whatever.’

Gas is over $3 a gallon just as your commute to work has tripled, ‘yeah, whatever.’

Heroes is on hiatus again, ‘yeah, whatever.’

You basically just have so many nifty things to be depressed about you can’t even pick a favorite, ‘yeah, whatever.’

I’m trying though – I really am trying to get out of this funk. And no I am not bringing in the dah noise with dah funk. I’m trying to find things to be cheerful about. Like my birthday (oh boy now I’m even older) and the prospect of a new car (can’t wait to have yet another monthly payment and more insurance) my new wardrobe (cuz now I’m fatter than I was) but it’s not easy.

Pray for me. Or join in the fun of your own ‘yeah, whatevers’ At least the weekend is upon us. That’s good right?


14 thoughts on “The Yeah-Whatevers

  1. Or your mother calls 4 to 5 times a day to discuss the SAME things over&over&over&over&over again…no matter how many times you say “I’ve got to go” she just keeps talking&talking&talking&talking about the SAME THINGS she called you about at 8am this morning and its 11PM now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL! Oh poor girl, mom driving you up the wall? Well, it will only get worse (yeah, whatever). Hey I just read that Tay-Tay’s album went platinum – have you noticed how they have gone out of their way NOT to mention that on Idol? Yeah, whatever….. 😦


  2. The “yeah, whatevers” are one of those funks that just aren’t funky. (Hahaha. Get it?) You’ll get through, I know. We all do sooner or later. Let’s just hope sooner, and if it’s later– yeah, whatever.

    I need to go on a shoe buying frenzy or something. I love shoes and haven’t go shoe crazy for a while….yeah, I could do that. 😉


  3. At least the weekend is upon us.
    I work Saturdays so there’s my ‘yeah, whatever’.
    You’re bigger than all of this, Annie (no, I don’t mean the ass thing either).
    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and kick some ass, girl.
    I’m still laughing about the ‘Sanjaya’ comment.
    If I ever see the kid on the street, I’ll kick his ‘too white’ teeth in. The kid has more teeth than a box of combs.
    Prayers already sent.
    later gator,

    Oh wouldn’t you love to see some sort of huge discoloration accident to that kid’s teeth? I mean, my gawd, what does it take to get rid of him? At least they got rid of his female counterpart (Samonella Jones or whatever….) but people were shocked, shocked, I tell you! Oy! Yeah, see the weekend is your working time – for sure, yeah whatever…. Hang tough my brotha! 😉


  4. What a perfect description:

    “that space you have to get yourself into to protect yourself from the insults and injuries of modern living.”

    For me, the “yeah, whatever” place is where you finally get past needing to supress the urge to pack an uzi and mow everyone down. 😉

    I’m almost there.

    Here’s one: The mini van breaks down just as GS cookie sales begin. ‘yeah, whatever.’

    Totally! And hey, don’t get rid of that uzi yet. 😉


  5. Hi WC,

    How about, instead of demolishing the dilapidated house across the street, the owner manages to find yet another fool to rent it. This one happens to run an appliance repair shop, and has littered the yard with dozens of refrigerators, washers, and driers from which to harvest spare parts.

    Personally, rather than the “Yeah, whatever” response, I reach for the bottle of scotch.

    the Grit

    Oh yeah, my friend Zelda has a guy like that in her neighborhood. He slides open his garage door every weekend and has some dumbass appliance for sale. Unbelievable. And scotch is a fine remedy for that – but if you utter a few ‘yeah-whatevers’ you just might feel better.


  6. Well, look on the bright side- it can only get better from here.

    That is, if you disregard global warming, Iraq, Aliens, and the fact that they overuse the “Wild Hogs” commercial.

    Well that is an awful lot of overlooking – but I believe if I can borrow Grit’s scotch it may be possible. 🙂


  7. laughing about the teeth discoloration.
    Excellent reply!
    Sends me to bed happy….

    LOL – me too. But if you’ve ever been to any of thos AI message boards you’d know that if (god forbid) he should have some cranberry juice type accident where his teeth were concerned it would be a MAJOR thing. There would be Earticles everywhere about it. Message threads would be cropping up on all the boards and TMZ would be throwing out theories as to how much it affected his chances for winning. Then vote for the worst would have a huge pic of him with pink teeth plastered on their home page. Sad but true.

    Hey…I told you I was obsessed last year. I know all the obsessional pathways to Idol. Believe me.



  8. Hey that post reminds me of one I wrote a little time ago on MY BLOG, it’s located at… 😉

    a laugh, a laugh 😉

    You are too funny my friend. Almost spit my coffee on the screen.


  9. Hmm… my January and February were so traumatically awful that it took until the end of February or beginning of March to recover. I took a dive so much lower than “yeah whatever” that “yeah whatever” started to look pretty good.

    Cancer roared through family and friends, and I thought if I heard of one more cancerous incident I would blow my stack– it started with my cousin dying and attending a January funeral, then my one roomate’s father was diagnosed with lieukemia and given 6 months, then my dog (a true family member) died from sarcoma, and then my other roommate’s father was found to have lung cancer and is geting chemo. “Uncle!!” “Uncle” is what I was crying out for the month of January and February.

    Now, I just figured that perhaps…hearing about something of a magnitude so fiercely worse than the niggle-y stuff that just whittles away at all of us — might brighten things up a bit. You know, the tale of the hurricane makes the thunderstorm that just took out your satellite dish seem not quite so bad. And then having reached the bottom of the pit and climbing up to the rung of “yeah whatever,” well…life is just going so much better on that rung. You know what I mean?

    Let’s keep climbing. I’m sure further up the ladder something good awaits us.

    ~ PG

    Gosh PG, I feel terrible – I had no idea things had been so rough the last couple of months for you. I wish I coulda helped. Call me if you need anything.


  10. Well the bad news is that all of this is what you go through and then you die
    not that that helps in any way doesn’t help me either so sometimes all you CAN say is ‘yeah, whatever’
    sounds like to me you need something to change in your life in a positive way, I’m going to send you some happy thoughts, let me know when you get them and if they work, because you may have to send them back to me here soon…….. hang in there.

    lol – well thanks for that. you go thru it and then you die ah…yeah…whatever…LOL. Yes, I’ll let you know if the good thoughts survive the trip. Thanks for sending them.


  11. I’m feelin’ ya. It seems that seems get to a point that ‘yeah, whatever’ is the safest response. And I’m really pissed about Heroes being on hiatus.

    Oh I am totally pissed about Heroes! And the crap they put on instead sucks! Those dawgs!


  12. I don’t get the “yeah whatevers” I get the ah fuckit 😉

    I guess ‘yeah, whatever’ was my way of saying ‘ah fuck it’ Know what I mean jellybean? 😉


  13. I go on a diet just as Girl Scout cookie sales begin and Cadbury Caramel Eggs are in the stores. “Yeah, whatever.”

    I start working at a new place just in time for them to lose their lease and start a going-out-of-business liquidation sale. “Yeah, whatever.

    I came into work today and they were out of diet soda in the fridge. “Yeah, whatever.”

    They maybe took Men in Trees off the air?? “Yeah, whatever.”

    The bed frame I bought at St. Vincent de Paul (an awesome wrought iron canopy) was a couple of inches too tall and the canopy supports go into the ceiling fan in my room so I can’t use the new bed after all. “Yeah, whatever.”

    The first nice spring day, I left my front door open for some fresh air in the house. A neighbor’s male cat snuck into my livingroom and sprayed his horrid scent in the front entryway. So much for any lovely “fresh air” that day (and for several more days after that). “Yeah, whatever.”

    ~Ms CP

    Oh Ms CP – I had a couple good guffaws on this one. Heck we should have done a co-post on this one. Especially the bed and the cat spray – my heart goes out to you, hon. BTW, there is a product called Nature’s Miracle that should help with the spray situation. It really is a miracle, believe me.

    Thanks for the laughs. 😆


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